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How to Get Around in Jakarta? - Transportation Guide (2021)

By The Jakarta Team →
Article updated in May 2021. It is a challenge to get around in Jakarta. The city is huge, its streets are clogged by traffic jams, and the public transportation system is underdeveloped. But don't despair yet. Knowing the different options available for transportation can save you some time, money, and energy. This is why I wrote this article which is based on my experience living in Jakarta for over 10 years. Hopefully, it will be useful to you during your stay!

Jakarta Nightlife: Top 10 Nightclubs

By Tibs →
Note: I updated this review of Jakarta's best nightclubs on May 2021. The following is a ranking of the most happening nightclubs in Jakarta at the moment. If you are new to the city and you don't know where to start your night out, I recommend going to either one of two areas with clusters of bars/clubs: The first one is in Mega Kuningan, with popular venues like Basque/Moonshine/Flow/Loewy and the other one is in SCBD, within the Fairgrounds complex (home to Fable and Swillhouse). The line between a club and a bar can be thin. Some places are great for dancing and drinking but I didn't include them here because I considered them to be bars. Check my guide of the  Best Bars in Jakarta  for more party recommendations. If you think I forgot to mention a venue, please leave me a comment! Tips About Clubbing in Jakarta: Here are a few things you should know before heading for a night out: - All the nightclubs in Jakarta are expensive . Expect to pay IDR150,000

Best Online Dating Apps In Indonesia (Updated 2022)

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Whether you are holidaying in Bali or working in Jakarta, online dating is by far your best chance at finding someone special in Indonesia. It is now very common for Indonesians of any age or background to use dating apps, and the most popular ones have tens of thousands of members. Among my friends living in the country, the majority of them have met their partners online and it is no longer something to feel shameful about. To quote a famous pick-up line: No, you no longer need to pretend you've "met at the zoo" when you introduce your boyfriend or girlfriend to your parents. As dating apps became mainstream, the quality and the diversity of the profiles have improved as well. Gone are the days when dating apps were full of creeps and freaks. Nowadays, you can definitely find a potential wife or husband, someone attractive, smart, with a good job or career with whom you can build a serious relationship. That said, if you are a newcomer to the online dating scene in Ind

How to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Jakarta?

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Celebrating your New Year's Eve in Jakarta is actually not a bad idea, especially if you compare it with the alternative of going to Bali. Bali during New Year is crazy expensive (expect hotel prices in Kuta to triple at least), overcrowded even by Jakarta standards, and worst of all: Rainy. In the past few years, for all the reasons above, I've decided to stay in Jakarta for the holiday season, including Christmas and New Year. I find the city to be much more livable than usual during the day (much less traffic) and there were great parties almost every night before and after New Year. The city also organizes several fireworks that you can watch from your hotel room, from the street, or from a rooftop restaurant . If you are in Jakarta for New Year, voluntarily or not, these are the best ways to celebrate: Things to Do in Jakarta for New Year's Eve Watching the Fireworks Fireworks in Ancol on 31st December The official locations for the NYE fireworks a

When Is The Best Time To Visit Jakarta?

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Are you wondering what is the best time to visit Jakarta? There are several factors to consider before planning your trip: - Weather in Jakarta: What are the best and worst seasons? - When are public holidays in Jakarta? How do they affect the city? - Is it OK to visit Jakarta during Ramadan? - At what time of the year can you get the cheapest prices on flights and hotels?

Jakarta Nightlife: Best Bars and Clubs

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This Jakarta nightlife guide was updated in May 2022. I removed many bars and clubs that have closed down because of COVID-19, and I added a few as well. If you are a first-time visitor, you might also be interested in my  Jakarta Travel Guide . Nightlife Areas There are so many nightlife areas in Jakarta that it can be confusing even for residents.