The capital of Peru and the 3rd largest city in Latin America after Sao Paulo and Mexico, Lima has a huge nightlife scene. I was very surprised to discover that there is an endless number of bars and nightclubs, not only in the center, but in all the districts and suburbs of this sprawling megalopolis.

You will find a bit of everything: High-end nightclubs filled with socialites, retro 80s and 90s discos, cheap backpacker watering holes, swanky beach clubs, trendy rooftop bars, packed salsotecas, and even several red-light districts.

To help you make the most out of your nights out, you can read my Lima party tips below. If you still have questions/remarks, please write a comment.

Summary of Lima Nightlife
This is a long article. Here it is summarized:

- Where to stay near Lima nightlife: Parque Kennedy in Miraflores, for instance in Hotel Las Palmas (55$ per night, rated 8.5)
- Busiest party streets: Calle Berlin, Calle Manuel Bonilla, Calle Francisco de Paula Camino, and Calle de las Pizzas. All walking distance from each other in Miraflores.
- How to meet girls online: LatinAmerican Cupid, Bumble, Tinder
- Best nightclubs for tourists: Bizarro, El DragonNoise, La Noche
- Best high-end nightclubs: MIA, La TribuResident
- Best bars: Open Tapas Bar, La Cachina
- LGBT nightlife: Lez4Lez and Capital G (Lesbian), Downtown ValeTodo (Gay)
- Red light areas: Calle de las Pizzas, Centro Historico, MegaPlaza Mall

Lima Nightlife Areas + Hotels
Each icon represents a bar or a club
There are 2 safe areas that I advise in Lima if you want to be near the nightlife and in a strategic location to visit the city.

If you are new to Lima, Miraflores is definitely the best area for you. It is an upscale neighborhood with tourist attractions, restaurants, bars, clubs and shops.

But beware, Miraflores is a large area. Most of the party happens near Calle Berlin, near Parque Kennedy and near the seedy Calle de Las Pizzas (I'll write about that street later). The hotels I recommend are Hotel Las Palmas (55$ per night, rated 8.5) or Hotel Estelar Miraflores (100$ per night, rated 8.5).

If you are a backpacker, you can stay in one of the party hostels nearby such as Loki, Kokopelli, and Pariwana. They all have fun rooftop bars with cheap drinks and a crowd of young travelers.

Barranco is less touristy, less expensive, with a more relaxed vibe. It is popular with young people, students, and some expats.

Again, not the whole Barranco neighborhood is interesting. To be close to the best nightclubs and bars, you should stay near the Parque Federico Villarreal or the pedestrian street Sanchez Carrión.

There aren't many hotels there so you can choose an apartment on Airbnb instead. Here are a few good ones: 80$/night, 60$/night, 45$/night, 40$/night, 35$/night, 34$/night, and 30$/night.

If you don't have an Airbnb account yet, register using this link Voucher Airbnb 35$ and you'll get a 35$ discount on your first booking.

Other Lima nightlife areas:
There are several other neighborhoods in Lima with bars and clubs. You can visit them for partying but I don't recommend sleeping there.

- Chacarilla: The mall Caminos del Inca has some exclusive nightclubs targeting upper-class Peruvians: MIA, La Tribu, Verâo (only during summer), Mute, La Basilica 640 and Rumba.

- Centro Historico, near Plaza San Martin: This is considered a sketchy and unsafe neighborhood with an underground nightlife. There are some stripclubs, brothels and hostess bars such as Lujuria or Toto's Bar. You'll also find the largest nightclub in Lima (La Casona de Camanà) and the techno club El Centro.

- South of Lima (Boulevard de Asia Mall, Punta Negra and Punta Hermosa): The southern coast has some of the trendiest nightclubs in the city. This is where the local elite parties, but only during the summer months from early January to the end of March. Some of the popular venues in the south are Resident Club, Joia, Nikita, Mala Mia, CM, Floripa, Amadeus and Hacienda.

- The Independencia district in Lima Norte is also rich in bars and nightclubs, some of which are brothels. Most are located within a short distance of the MegaPlaza Mall such as Madame, Vintage Disco, Bellakeo, La Murga and Zum Club. Tourists are extremely rare in those venues.

Travel Tips for Lima
Don't assume that Lima is a tropical city with a year-round warm climate. This is only true in the summer months, from mid-December to mid-April. Then, the temperatures reach 28°C on average during the day (82°F) and 18°C at night (64°F). It is also less humid with few clouds and almost no rain.

Winters in Lima can be quite cold, with around 18°C during the day (64°F) and 10°C at night (50°F). It is humid, cloudy and foggy, which makes the city a bit depressing. You will certainly need a jacket during those months.

Lima nightlife is more interesting during the summer months as there are more nightclubs open, especially in the southern coastal areas.

Peruvian Sim Card
If you have an unlocked phone, you can buy a local Sim Card quite easily in the city center (it's more expensive at the airport). The top providers in Peru are Claro and Movistar. A cheaper alternative is Bitel (from what I heard, it works well in the major cities). Bring your passport with you for the registration. The cost is about 5$ for a Sim Card and 8$ for 1.5GB of data (valid 2 weeks).

The local currency is the Sol (shortened as S/). As of the 22nd January 2019, 1 US$ = 3.34 sol and 10 sol = 3 US$.

Going Around
Taxis do not have a very good reputation in Lima, yet I never had any issue with them. I was only using the drivers with well-maintained, new cars, and I was always negotiating the price before hopping in. You can calculate that going 5 kilometers on a map will cost less than 15 sol, or 5 dollars. Add an extra 30% in the evening.

Uber is available as well and it is about 15% to 25% cheaper. I was using it at the beginning but I got annoyed by the waiting time and switched to normal taxis. It can be useful to evaluate the price of a taxi ride.

There are also many inexpensive buses going around the city. The price is 1.5 sol. Since it can be confusing to know which one goes where, you'd better ask for locals to help you.

Overall, try to reduce your need for transportation by staying in a strategic location such as the ones I mentioned before (stay near Parque Kennedy).

The neighborhoods of Miraflores, San Isidro (business area) and Barranco are reasonably safe during the day and night. Crime might happen, but there are no reasons to worry more than you would at home. Just don't flash your jewelry, cell phones or money and you'll be fine.

For the other neighborhoods, for instance, the historic center, they are fine during the day as long as you're cautious. At night, avoid them or use a taxi to go from one place to the other. In any case, trust your instinct: If you feel uncomfortable somewhere, turn around.

What to Expect at Night in Lima
This is what you should know before heading out for partying in Lima:

Working Girls
Prostitutes are quite common in the bars of the Calle de las Pizzas or in the Centro Historico. They are sometimes called "bricheras", which are girls who make a living from dating or sleeping with foreigners. For most of them, the ultimate goal is to marry an American or a European and to improve their socioeconomic status. For a one night stand, they may charge 200$, 100$ or 0$: It all depends on their mood and on how much they like you.

Price of Clubbing
Naturally, there are big differences between the cheap backpacker bars and the high-end clubs in Boulevard de Asia.

Low-class venues will generally not charge an entrance fee. The 330ml can of beer costs around 8 sol (2.5$). A mixed drink will be slightly more expensive, 10-13 sol (3$-4$), and a cocktail will be 16 sol (5$).

Upmarket bars will often charge you 20-30 sol for entrance on weekends (6$-9$). In the top nightclubs, it can reach 50 sol (15$). Beers will cost 14-20 sol (4$-6$), mixed drinks 20-30 sol (6$-9$), and cocktails 23-40 sol (7$-12$). Talking about cocktails, the one you should try in Peru is Pisco Sour.

Overall, Lima is not dirt-cheap for partying but it is affordable. For a fun night out on a weekend, prepare to spend at least 50$.

When to Party:
Like many tourist cities, you can go out almost any night of the week in Lima except Sunday and Monday. A recommended schedule for weekdays is the following: On Tuesdays, go to Sargento Pimienta. On Wednesday, go to Bizarro. On Thursday, go to Help! or Eka Bar. On Fridays and Saturdays, go anywhere you want.

Most clubs will play either EDM or Latin beats (in particular reggaeton). There is not a strong techno scene in Lima, unlike in other cities in South America like Bogota (Read my guide Nightlife in Bogota) or Sao Paulo.

Door Policy:
You can usually avoid paying the entrance fee if you ask to be on the guest list prior to going to a club. Just send them a message on Facebook and it should be fine. You will probably need to arrive in advance, though, before midnight or 1AM. You can also use the website PassLine to register for free.

You should always bring your ID with you.

Wearing pants and proper shoes is mandatory in almost every club.

Meeting Normal Girls in Lima
Dating girls in Lima can be more or less difficult depending on your expectations. If you target middle-class Peruvian girls, you should have no issues. They are friendly, reliable, fun and many want a foreign boyfriend. For these girls, I would recommend online dating to filter out the "bricheras" and semi-pros.

If you are targeting the rich Peruvian girls from European descent, it will be more difficult but not impossible. Being handsome, rich, expatriate, fluent in Spanish and a good dancer will help you tremendously. To meet this kind of girl, online dating will not work well. Instead, you should visit classy nightclubs like Lima Bar, MIA, Resident or Nikita.

For online dating, some apps that worked well are Bumble and Tinder. You'll probably get a fair amount of matches, but the interest of girls will decrease if you say you are a tourist or a short-time visitor.

I found that LatinAmerican Cupid was more effective. The girls on this website want to marry foreign guys, and they won't mind if you live abroad. You can use it to "pipeline" 5 or 6 girls, meaning you'll chat with them or make a few video calls before arriving in Lima. This way, when you meet them in real life, you've already established a romantic connection and you won't waste your precious time on pointless dates.
LatinAmerican Cupid was the most effective way for me to meet Peruvian girls
Finally, Lima also has many foreign girls, who are tourists or expats. In particular, you will find many Venezuelans.

Best Nightclubs in Lima to Party

La Tribu (Chacarilla)
Currently the best techno/minimal/electro nightclub in Lima, it is 15 minutes away by cab from Miraflores (inside the mall Caminos del Inca). Recently, it has welcomed international DJs like Oliver Huntemann, Marc Romboy or Oliver Koletzki. Modern venue, rather large, with an upmarket foreign and Peruvian crowd. Much more guys than girls.

Mia Club (Chacarilla)
Popular, upmarket nightclub with a stylish crowd and plenty of hot girls. The music is crossover (Reggaeton, merengue, salsa, EDM, etc).

Same building as La Tribu. The owner is also behind Rumba and Verao (only during summer).

El Dragon De Barranco (Barranco)
El Dragon is a versatile party venue that hosts all kinds of events, from live salsa music to house DJs. The atmosphere inside can change a lot from one day to another, depending on the type of music and/or the artists who are performing. Not really a pick-up place as you have much more guys than girls. Cheap prices. Entrance fee around 15-20 sol.

During the summer, the owners of El Dragon have opened a temporary club called DS (Dragon del Sur) in Punta Hermosa.

Bizarro (Miraflores)
One of the busiest nightclubs in Miraflores. Large numbers of foreigners from all the hostels around, especially on Wednesdays. Many Peruvian girls, it's a bit of a hook-up place. It has two floors with two kinds of music (EDM/Latin). Overall, a bit low-class but fun if you want to get drunk with travelers. 50 sol entrance fee. Close at 3AM on weekends.

Hop Bar Mutante (Barranco)
This is a once-a-week party that happens every Friday in an old theater. Alternative crowd. Music is old-school, hip-hop, R&B, latin beats. Relaxed and friendly.

In the same location, you also have the club Loola.

La Casona de Camana (Centro Historico)
A huge club with 4 rooms: Reggaeton, techno, rock and 90s music. Rather affordable (15 sol entrance) but not very sophisticated. Beware of the surroundings. Closes at 6AM.
Sargento Pimienta (Barranco)
A bar that's more like a mini-concert venue. Different live bands and music styles every night of the week. It is worth going to their salsa parties every Tuesday. Hipster and student crowd. Affordable prices. Closes at 4AM.

La Noche (Barranco)
3 bars in this classic venue of Lima nightlife. Live indie/rock/pop/latin/jazz bands every night (except Sunday). Student/intellectual/bohemian crowd. Check their Facebook for events. The entrance fee varies from 0 to 60 sol.

El Centro Bar (Centro Historico)
On the second floor of Vichama Club (House), this is one of the few places in Lima with techno events. The surrounding area is not particularly safe so it's best to come in a taxi/Uber. 10 sol entrance fee for guys. Underground atmosphere.

Kaos (Barranco)
Very crowded club with reggaeton. Upmarket crowd. You will normally need to be on the guest list to enter. You can contact them on Facebook in advance for that. No tourists.

Fuga (Barranco)
Small minimalist club with Berlin-style techno and electronic music. Intimate/alternative vibe. LGBT friendly. Quite many foreigners. Drugs sold on the spot. No dress code.

Noise Discoteca (Barranco)
This is a weekly party, every Friday, that usually gets pretty packed. The club is huge, probably the largest in Barranco. DJs and live bands play Latin hip-hop and reggaeton. Expect to queue before entering.

Kimbara VIP (Lince)
Popular local disco with live salsa music and dancers. No tourists. If you are a good dancer, it's extremely easy to meet Peruvianas there. About 10 minutes away from Miraflores, in Lince neighborhood.

Help! Retro Bar (Barranco)
This bar with live music is quite basic, with an elevated stage and a large dancefloor. Local bands play every night, usually rock/pop, followed by a DJ. You should go there on Thursdays after visiting Eka Bar.

Best Bars in Lima to Chill

Open Tapas Bar (Miraflores)
Classy bar/restaurant, crowded on weekends with 30+ executives and expats. It's a good place to start your night out if you are part of a group.

La Cachina Bar (Miraflores)
Popular bar with an international crowd and reasonable prices.

In the same street, you can also try BarBarian and Eka Bar. Just 5 minutes further, Botika Bar is also recommended.

Lima Bar (Larcomar)
A chic elite bar that replaces Gotica Club. The venue itself is clean, well-designed and expensive. Not that many customers. Opens on Friday and Saturday only until 6AM.

Sukha (Miraflores)
About 5 minutes by foot from Calle Berlin, this dark restaurant/lounge/bar is a copy of Buddha Bar. Nice design and atmosphere. Live music or DJ, usually slightly upbeat tunes. Good for bringing a date.

Ayahuasca Bar (Barranco)
Very famous bar housed in an old mansion. There are many rooms and terraces, each with a different décor. Rather classy. Not really a party place but a must-see for tourists. You can drink a Pisco Sour there early in the night and then move to other venues in Barranco.

South Lima Nightlife (Asia, Punta Hermosa, Punta Negra)
South Lima, in particular in the suburbs of Punta Hermosa, Punta Negra and Asia has a crazy nightlife. However, the venues there are often only opened during the summer months (typically from December/January to March/April).

Boulevard de Asia (100 kilometers from Miraflores) has several nightclubs almost all next to each other. This is a wealthy area where most residents are "white" Peruvians with European roots. You will see some amazingly pretty and sexy girls there, but they are not easy to approach if you are a tourist.

The popular venues in the South of Lima change every year so it can be hard to keep track. The event organizer Loop Superclub often throws the best parties. It's best to check their Facebook page before going South to make sure you choose the right spot.

Here are some recommended clubs as of today:

Resident Club (Punta Negra)
Only open on Saturdays until 7AM. Huge party full of trendy/beautiful people. It is located inside a fake castle. Ask in advance to be on the guest list and come early. It's best to book a sofa with a small group. Officially, you must be at least 25 to get in. Entrance fee is a whopping 250 sol (includes drinks).

Nikita (Asia)
Open on Friday and Saturday until 6AM. The most famous club in the Asia area (with CM-Cafe Del Mar). Expect to queue before entering. Music is EDM/Reggaeton.

Floripa (Punta Hermosa)
Brand new club (opened 2019). Very large with a beautiful bar in the middle. Trendy.

Joia (Asia)
This club is a bit cheaper. You can manage to get in for 50 sol (or even free if you are on the list). Young crowd. They have live music and/or the usual EDM/Reggaeton. If you go with a group of 10, you have sofa packages starting at 2500 sol with 4 bottles included.

If you are over 40, you can try the nearby Amadeus Club instead.

Yakua Club (Punta Hermosa)
Not the best club in the area, but it has pool parties on weekends that can be interesting before partying elsewhere.

Red Light Districts in Lima

Bars in Calle de las Pizzas
The street Calle de las Pizzas has more than just pizzerias. There, you'll also find several hostess bars and strip clubs where prostitutes and bricheras hang out.

The most famous one is Tequila Rock 80s:
Strip Clubs and Brothels
While I haven't visited any, there are many strip clubs and brothels in Lima. Most are out of the city center, sometimes more than an hour away.

Here are some names:
La Cucardas
La Nene
El Templo

Massage Parlours with Plus Plus
Many erotic spas and massage parlours in Lima are located in the suburbs. The closest from the tourist area is Emporio Sauna in Miraflores. It is an upmarket venue where most girls are from Venezuela. It is open until 2AM and it has complete facilities (jacuzzi, pool, sauna, hammam, theater, etc). Entrance fee is 50 sol and a 1-hour massage is 350 sol (250 sol for half hour).

2 comments to '' Lima Nightlife: 20 Best Bars and Nightclubs (Updated) "

  1. Thanks for this Lima nightlife review, it was really helpful! I stayed in Lima for 2 months and I just wish to add a few things based on my experience.

    Regarding where to stay in Lima, the best options are indeed Miraflores or Barranco. Personally, I chose Barranco, even though Miraflores is much more happening, more safe and more modern. I prefer the vibe of Barranco which is more laidback and more Peruvian. Also, I was living just 200m from the cliff and there is a nice park where you can walk with a view of the sea. I would take a Uber to go to Barranco for only US4$.

    Weather: I was in Lima in October. Honestly it was a bit cold at times, and the city can be a bit depressing (grey sky). If you can, it's better to visit between November and March.

    Girls: I slept with 4 girls, all of whom were much hotter than the kind of girls I normally sleep with. It was fairly easy to go on dates with them, get drunk, and bring them back to my place. I could have been with much more women but I was a bit picky. Tinder/Bumble are ok but there are a lot of fake profiles (girls who just want you to follow them on Instagram). I have an account on and there were some real hotties there as well. I didn't use it though as I was staying for a long time in Lima. For a short time visitor, it is probably the easiest way to score.

    Clubs and bars: Personally, I would almost always go to Calle Manuel Bonilla near Parque Kennedy. They have over 10 bars there including La Cachina which is great for talking with girls. For clubs, Bizarro is great but expensive. You can check instead Wahios on Calle Berlin (another street with many bars). Lots and lots of girls there. Another popular spot that isn't mentioned in this review is Tayta bar (live music and reggaeton). In Barranco, you can go to the street Sanchez Carrion which has many bars and clubs, including some seedy ones . La Noche and Ayahuasca are my two favorite spots in this neighborhood (good for bringing dates).

    1. Edit: "I would take a Uber to go to MIRAFLORES for only US4$"