Meeting a girl in Vietnam has never been easier thanks to the Internet. Plenty of dating websites and apps have been launched in the past 10 years, giving you access to thousands of single Vietnamese girls from all backgrounds.

For guys, Vietnam is like a treasure chest. Just upload a few decent pictures of yourself, write an interesting profile, and you are normally guaranteed to match with hundreds of pretty and smart girls.

There is a catch, though:

95% of Vietnamese girls are looking for serious relationships, so forget about easy one-night stands. It may happen from time to time, but that's not the best country for that (check my article Best Countries to Meet Girls in Asia).

I've used all the dating apps and sites available in Vietnam. In this article, I'll tell you which ones work the best, whether you are an expat, a traveler, a Vietnamese, or even someone who's never been in the country.

Should You Pay for A Dating Site?
All the websites mentioned below are free, but you generally have to pay to access special features.

If you are new to Vietnam or if you are only staying for a few days, I strongly recommend you to pay as it will allow you to get matches much faster. It is also the best way to talk to the prettiest and most interesting girls on those sites.

For instance, with Vietnam Cupid, the free version limits you to chat with girls you've matched with. By becoming a member, you can instead send a message to whoever you want on the site, even girls who haven't seen your profile yet. (For Guys 30+ Living Outside Vietnam)
On most dating sites, girls are often reluctant to meet with guys who are not living in Vietnam. They will think that they are only looking for one-night stands, and not ready to commit.

On VietnamCupid, things are a bit different. There, the majority of male users are foreigners living abroad. So girls on the site are not surprised if you tell them you are based in the US, and they won't mind chatting with you.

If you are planning a trip to Vietnam in the next few weeks, VietnamCupid would be my first recommendation.

The website has a LOT of active female profiles. Usually, there are at least a thousand girls online at the same time, but the number can reach 2,000. On the other side, there aren't that many males, so it is quite easy to get a reply to your messages.

I also notice that Vietnamese girls there do not mind a large age difference. Even if you are above 40, you can still find someone in her 20s willing to be your girlfriend.

You can sign up to Vietnam Cupid for free, then upgrade to a paying account if you see some interesting profiles. The prices start at 9$ for a yearly plan or 25$ for a monthly plan.

➝ Between 1000-2000 online Vietnamese girls
➝ High ratio of girls to guys
➝ You can search for girls elsewhere in Asia or in the World (Very useful if you travel around)
➝ A large diversity of girls who can usually speak English
➝ Foreigner friendly
➝ Detailed profiles make it less superficial compared with Tinder

➝ Without paying, you can only chat with girls you've matched with
➝ Only desktop site

OkCupid is the second website I used the most in Vietnam. I was generally matching with plenty of girls there, even though after a few days there were very few new profiles.

What I liked was that all my matches were normal girls (not prostitutes or scams) with a day job and a fair level of English. They were a bit older than on VietnamCupid, though. Very few initiated a conversation, and when I told them I didn't live in Vietnam, they would lose interest.

Another advantage of OkCupid is that you can change your location pretty easily in the settings, and this feature is free (at least for now). This is quite useful if you are traveling.

OkCupid is probably one of the most detailed dating apps available in Vietnam. You can write a lengthy profile, add tons of information about yourself, and if you are looking for someone very specific, you will be able to filter your search precisely. This can be interesting for those who have a non-binary gender identity.

Finally, what I also like is that you can answer hundreds of different questions about your personality, and see how someone else answered those questions. This will give you a match percentage that can be a good indicator of your compatibility with that person.

➝ Mostly free
➝ Both an app and a website
➝ Possibility to be very detailed in your description
➝ Excellent search function, ideal for people with specific taste
➝ You can predict your compatibility with someone using the "match percentage"

➝ You can only swipe a limited number of profiles per day

Bumble (For upper-class girls)
Bumble is one of my favorite dating apps because girls have to message the guys first. That saves me from having to find a pickup line other than my usual "Hi, how are you". Another feature is that you need to reply within 24 hours, otherwise the match disappears.

Girls on Bumble are generally the most educated. In particular, you have a lot of Vietnamese girls who have studied abroad in the US, the UK, or Australia. This is also the app with the most foreign girls.

They tend to be demanding, though, and many will not be interested if you are just a traveler.

➝ Many upper-class girls with good education
➝ Many foreign girls
➝ Girls have to send the first message

➝ You can only chat with girls who contacted you
➝ Not too many profiles available (Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby)
If you are wealthy and you are looking for a really hot/smart girlfriend, is a great, yet controversial, option. As the leading sugar daddy/sugar baby website in the world, it has a large selection of sexy Vietnamese girls who want a relationship with a rich guy.

➝ Very pretty and hot girls that are easy to date (if you are willing to sponsor them)
➝ High reply rate to messages
➝ Works well even if you are traveling to Vietnam for a short time
➝ Straight-forward, you know what to expect from the beginning

➝ Still a limited number of profiles in Vietnam

Tinder (Disappointing if you don't pay)
There are now so many guys using Tinder that I don't recommend it for Vietnam. 5 years ago, I would get on average 20-30 matches a day (out of 50 possible likes), while today I'm happy if I get 5-10.

I'm not 100% sure I can explain this change. Maybe I got older. Or maybe there are too many guys who boost their profiles. This feature costs about 3-4$, and it makes a profile appear more frequently within an area for about 20 minutes. Unfortunately, this means the profiles of those not using a boost will appear less frequently.

I would be happy to pay, but I see that girls can be quite slow to reply to messages, and when they do, they rarely engage in a meaningful conversation.

➝ A large number of users
➝ Free to message girls you've matched with
➝ Easy to use
➝ Interesting paying feature but expensive: To upgrade to a Gold profile and buy a few boosts, you'll easily need 35$ per month.

➝ No hookup culture in Vietnam
➝ Impossible to see which girls are online
➝ You need to match with a girl before talking to her
➝ You cannot like more than 50 girls per day (or you must pay)
➝ Girls on Tinder generally want a guy who lives in Vietnam: Not an app for tourists.
➝ Low response rate or low-quality discussions (many girls are just looking for Instagram followers)

You can also read my article: 10 Reasons You Are Failing at Tinder
If you are only looking for sex (and preferably with open-minded girls), Adult Friend Finder is the best website around. It targets libertine men and women who are into casual hookups, partner swapping, BDSM, cuckolding, swinging, orgies, etc.

There are naturally much more guys than girls on the website. Yet, one of my best friends uses it and he successfully met a fair number of girls. It also works very well if you are a couple looking for other couples.

Note that the website might be blocked by the government. In that case, you'll need to download a VPN to access it. If you don't know which one to choose, I've recommended a few here: Best VPNs to Unblock Websites.

➝ Number 1 site for finding sex partners
➝ A high number of members all over the world
The free version lets you see the profiles of other members

➝ 10/1 guys to girls ratio
➝ Expensive

Skout is a bit like OkCupid, except with more ads and a poorer design. If you don't mind it, the main draw of this website is that it is free to message whoever you want.

➝ Mostly free
➝ Both an app and a website
➝ A good number of matches

➝ A limited number of girls online
➝ Confusing design and functionality
➝ Many prostitutes and fakes
➝ Many issues with the website: Photos not loading, impossible to change the location

Badoo used to be great: It was free with plenty of girls from all backgrounds. Nowadays, I don't use it often as I rarely match with anyone. I suspect that there are too many guys who are paying for premium features ("Get Shown More", "Rise Up to First Place", "Get Featured", etc) so that as a free user, your profile remains invisible. There are also way too many prostitutes and fake profiles.

➝ Lots of girls online
➝ Fun, colorful website interface with large photos (but also slower to load)
➝ Both a website and an app with geo-localization
➝ You can send messages to 5 girls per day for free and you "like" as many as you want
➝ Cheaper than other websites

➝ Too many fake accounts, scams, and prostitutes
➝ English proficiency of girls is average
➝ Too much competition from other guys => Low reply rate and match rate

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