If you are into beach bars, cheap drinks and hooking-up with drunk tourists, you might find that Nha Trang nightlife is the best in Vietnam.

I spent about a week there on holiday, during low season, and that gave me plenty of time to party in every single bar and nightclub in town.

The best thing about Nha Trang is that compared to other cities in Vietnam like Saigon or Hanoi, the rules are more relaxed. Venues stay open late, dress codes are rarely enforced, and the general vibe is definitely more friendly.

Prices are also very cheap, especially during low season. With a $50 budget, you should have enough to book at least a 3-star hotel, eat in nice beachfront restaurants and drink plenty at night.

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The drawback of Nha Trang, as you've probably read elsewhere, is the huge proportion of Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese tourists compared to other nationalities. I really don't have anything against them, but I noticed that they tend to stay together, maybe because of the language or culture, and rarely mix.

As a result, visiting a nightclub in Nha Trang can become quite a social experiment. You'll look at other people party but you won't always feel part integrated. Of course it depends where you go.

The objective of this review is to give you the best advice on where to go for nightlife in Nha Trang if you are visiting for a few days.

Hotels in Nha Trang Near the Nightlife
Nha Trang is a medium-sized city with almost 400,000 inhabitants. Most of the tourists are logically staying near the beach front.

The area with an active nightlife is limited to the city center. If you want to be walking distance from nightclubs AND the beach, I recommend you to book one of the following hotels:

If you book in advance, you can get a 5-star hotel in Nha Trang for 100$-150$. The best one is probably the brand new Intercontinental Nha Trang, from which you can walk to most nightclubs in Nha Trang (Zima Nightclub and Havana Club are across the street). There is also the stylish RuNam Bistro on the ground level, perfect for a date.

Sheraton Nha Trang is just next to it, but it is more expensive and older. It has a quiet rooftop lounge called Altitude.

The nearby Best Western Premier Havana is another excellent choice. It has one of the most amazing nightlife venues in Nha Trang, the Skylight 360° Rooftop Bar.

Novotel Nha Trang is great 4-star beach front property, usually less expensive (100$ for the cheapest room).

Liberty Central Nha Trang is just 100m from the beach and close from the busiest area for cheap bars and restaurants. It is also walking distance from the Sailing Club and Louisiane Brewhouse, the two nicest beach clubs in central Nha Trang.

There are hundreds of small guest houses and backpacker hostels in Nha Trang. To be near the nightlife and the beach, you can check any property located near Booze Cruise Bar or Why Not Bar.

What you should know about hotels in Vietnam
Many small and family guesthouses in Vietnam are not guest-friendly, meaning you won't be able to bring another guest to your room if he or she was not part of the original booking.

Dating in Nha Trang

It is easy to meet foreign girls and prostitutes in Nha Trang clubs and bars, but more difficult to meet normal Vietnamese girls. This is normal as most of them are rather conservative and not the party type.

The best way to meet those good girls is to use dating websites and apps. You can subscribe to Vietnamese Cupid before arriving (the price is around 25$ per month). If you have a decent looking profile, you should manage to organize dates with several girls upon arrival. This can really help you make your stay more enjoyable.

Best Bars and Nightclubs in Nha Trang
Most of the best bars and nightclubs in Nha Trang are within a few hundred meters from each other, on Tran Phu Street. It's very easy to do a pub crawl just by walking. I suggest to start your night out by going there and choosing the bars you like the most.

You can also go to one of my recommended nightlife spots in Nha Trang:

Sailing Club is one of the most famous F&B venues in Nha Trang, day or night. It is the equivalent of Potato Head in Bali. During the day, it is your typical beach club, not luxury but definitely upmarket. You can get a beach cabana/lounger without any minimum spending. Prices are higher than elsewhere: Cocktails cost between VND160,000 and VND200,000 and local beer VND70,000. For the food (curries, pizza, pasta, burgers, wraps, salads, sandwiches), you'll spend on average VND250,000 for a main course. The crowd is really mixed. You have families, couples, young people, etc. Most are Russian and Vietnamese.

In the evening, it become a hot party spot with live music or DJ. You'll see more backpackers then. Saturday nights are the best with their weekly beach party. Other days can be quiet and you'll only see a few people dancing. It's a good place to meet girls but beware as there are also some freelance prostitutes.

Louisiane Brewhouse is a similar venue but more quiet and relaxed. Both belong to the same group.

Address: 72-74 Tran Phu Street
Phone number: +84 58 3524 628
Website: sailingclubvietnam.com
Open everyday from 10am to 2am

Vietnamese club, similar to the kind you would find in Saigon. Loud dance music, people getting drunk until they pass out. They have events like sexy dancers and singers. If you live in Saigon, it's not really worth visiting as there is nothing new here. Dress code: Avoid shorts and flip-flops. They have some sort of sexy lady companions.

Address: 38 Tran Phu Street (in front of Best Western Premier Havana)
Phone number: 093 585 54 42

Yasaka 008 Night Club
Located in Yasaka Saigon Resort and Spa, this is another Vietnamese-style nightclub. It's very loud with aggressive lighting. It's supposed to be luxurious but feels a bit dodgy. Sexy dancers.

Address: 8 Tran Phu Street
Phone number: +84 58 382 0090
Open every day from 9pm to 3am

If you enjoy Vina House, there are more nightclubs for you such as Paradise Club or Dom (a bit more hip-hop).

Best Rooftop Bars in Nha Trang
With several high-rise building, Nha Trang has some great rooftop bars. They are generally crowded from sunset until 10pm. They are not party places unless there is a specific events. It's best to visit them in the late afternoon when there is still day light as the view can be disappointing at night.

Skylight 360° Sky Deck & Rooftop Beach Club
One of the most popular spots in Nha Trang, Skylight is well-worth visiting at least once. You have a VND100,000 entrance fee for the beach club (VND150,000 on weekends) that comes with a free drink.

They have a swimming pool but the lounge chairs around it are often taken. It's more pricey than average so expect to pay VND150,000-200,000 for cocktails. There is a DJ playing lounge/chill out tunes on normal days. Weekends are more happening, you can check for events on their facebook page.

Address: 38 Tran Phu Street
Phone number: 058 3528 988

Open everyday from 8am to 2pm and from 4.30pm to midnight

Altitude Bar
On the 27th floor of the Sheraton Nha Trang, the design of Altitude suffers from the comparison with Skylight. It is expensive (5$ a beer) but you can visit it from 5pm to 7pm daily to enjoy their happy hours (buy 1 get 1 free). Ladies night on Saturday will get girls free signature cocktails from 8pm to 9pm. Live Music Wednesday and Thursday.

26-28 Tran Phu Street
Phone number: 058 3880 000
Facebook: Altitude Bar
Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 5pm to 11pm (closed on Monday)

Backpacker / Cheap Bars in Nha Trang
Nha Trang attracts many backpackers doing their Southeast Asia tour. As usual, they gather in just a few streets, namely Nguyễn Thiện Thuật and Tran Quang Khai.
90% of the backpacker bars in Nha Trang are within the green area

There are at least 20 bars there, with little to differentiate one from another. My advice would be to just walk around and pick the most crowded.

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  1. hi do u know where to find russian freelancer in Nha Trang??

    1. Maybe in Zima but I'm not sure...

  2. Yeah I would like to know as well? Anyou one got a spot, number or website to share?

  3. Whoever gave you information that "Hai Au" is budget is wrong. Payed 1,100,000 dong for massage with handjob with average attractive girl. Full service would have been 1,900,000. That is nearly western standard prizing.

  4. After 5 days in Nha Trang I want to give an update:

    Confirmed that prices for sexual services in massage parlours have increased significant. It's about 700,000 dong for handjob, 1 million for blowjob (offered at Hoa Da) and 1,500,00 million (about 65 US$) for full sex.

    A warning about the guys on motorbikes, who will unavoidable approach you if you are a male guy walking around at evening or night. They will ask if you want "bum bum". Don't even start a conversation with them. Out of curiosity I asked how much, but they where very unclear in there answers (due to their bad english) and said that I should take a look at the girls and when I don't like what I see I could go without paying anything. Stupid me followed this guy to a nearby tattoo studio where about a dozen young girls appeared. Thess'e girls just looked terrified - so of course I refused any further discussion and went out. The guy followed me instantly for about 10 minutes demanding, that I pay 100,000 dong for looking at the girls. So, beware of the motorbike guys offering you "bum bum". In my opinion these are criminals and really bad people. Remarkably enough, there is no police seen anywehre in Nha Trang at evening and night. The only police forces I saw were doing traffic control during daytime.

    But let's talk about bars and clubs. The Havana Club (mainly vietnamese customers) were guarded by three angry looking vietnamese guys. It seemed they didn't want to let any non-vietnamese people go in. I arrived at about 9 pm and they told me that they will close at 10 pm, suggesting that I do not enter the club. I did not, instead I went to Sailing Club. Prices are moderate there, I paid 120,000 for a huge plastic cup with vodka/orange. Mostly dance music is played by the DJ. Crowd is mixed old/young/asian/western. Many security guys inside, the beach view is fantastic.

    I went to the "Above" bar at top of the Liberty Central hotel. It was "LadIes Night" with live music at about 10pm, but there were barely two dozen people, mostly staring at their mobile phones. Boring people looking bored. After 20 minutes I left.

    So, this was my small update to this report of Nha Trang, visited in March 2017.

    1. is there other hotel offer full service besides hoa da?

  5. Anyone have an update on Russian freelance girls in Nha Trang? I found a site and the guy demanded my full name, hotel room number, deposit and the asking price was $400 USD per hour. Crazy amount.

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  7. I went to Quoc Te twice yesterday. Both providers were attractive enough. The first was probably upper thirties and the other was probably lower thirties. The for the older one, BJ was 1 million (I didn't try to haggle). For the younger, FS was supposed to be 1.5 million, but she accepted 1,300,000, because it was all I had. Both were good experiences with pleasant attitudes throughout. Pretty much GFE with the younger.

    Today, I went to Hoa Da 4. 400,000 was tacked on at the front desk automatically. My provider was very nice and plenty attractive. She offered Bj or HJ, but I just asked for HJ. Her service was good and unrushed. She quietly mentioned that I could tip her more if I wanted at the end, so I gave her an additional 200k. (Grand total was 900k.) Attitude is huge for me, so I really feel like I got lucky while I was here (in more ways than one).

  8. Find the late night HOT TOC barber shops that are front for blow job hand job and full sex depending on the girl.
    the are found along the main industrial road running parralel to the beach some way back.
    I got a blow job from a cutie for 250000 and you can grope all you want.

  9. Lucky you, 250000 , what a bargain. Was she pretty? What is the address? The one thing I am afraid when I visit girls are those hidden webcam. Ps: be careful if you meet 2 girls on motorbike (in Saigon), one will robbe you when the other get you washed in a motel. So if they want to wash you, take all your belongs with you in the bathroom :)

  10. what a bargain 250000. the other girls at Hoa Da might be luxury pretty girls. PS: be careful when 2 girls on motorbike try to stop you on the street. when you get to the motel, one will robe your pocket while the other wash your willy. In this case just take all your belongs to the bathroom :-)

  11. Any one have names of these barbers or the street name?

  12. I went to Quoc Te I chose the super vip for 850k got full service for 1.5 went out with masseuse after work. she told me that it was her first time doing it and that she normally don't do that. so I thought I got lucky went back a second time got another masseuse same service same price for the full service . maybe I got lucky again went back a third time the same super VIP at the same price, but this time the girl was awful she wouldn't let me kiss her neck or anywhere near her face. she didn't want to be with me at all. so I knew there and then that any girl would do full-service. after that I just kept on requesting the second girl she would even come to my hotel at night. on my last night there I did a threesome with her and her friend. cost me twice as much

  13. where to find hot girls for full night in NHA TRANG

  14. do they have ktv like nightclubs where the girls can sit in the room with u. drinking and singing. then back to the hotel with her

  15. Normal price for a dicksuck is 150000 all over Vietnam. Don't pay more and push up the price please. No need to tip either

  16. Quoc Te Nha Trang worst fucking massage I’m history, late 30’s lazy overweight avoid it !!!!

  17. Quoc te... First time I was lucky and got fs around 1.2 in total as I had no more (reduced price at 400k ticket) and girl got bad. Second time saw two ugly girls on stairs. Asked for a slim girl.. Short fast girl came, asked for another girl and ugly fat girl came. Dire. Had a bj for 500 and had to close my eyes 😞

    1. Any updates on recent experiences/prices/etc ? Need long time (overnight) in Nha Trang in February & March or just a fit 1 to hang around with for a month or so. I've got a month for any tips please ? TIA