Bogota is Colombia's capital and largest city (8 million people). It is much less touristy than Cartagena or Medellin, probably because of the weather (a bit cold and rainy) and the traffic situation.

In terms of nightlife, though, Bogota is certainly the best place for partying in Colombia (and even in Latin America according to The Guardian). You have at least 50 nightclubs, hundreds of bars and countless live music venues where you can dance salsa, champeta, vallenato, kizomba, zouk or tango, etc.
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In this Bogota nightlife review, I will rank my 20 favorite bars and nightclubs in the city. I will also give you a list of tips to prepare your night out: Best hotels near the party, how to meet girls, how to stay safe, how to get around, etc.

If you still have questions, please just leave a comment at the end of the article.

Bogota Nightlife Areas + Hotels

Zona Rosa/Zona T
Bogota nightlife is highly concentrated in a party area called Zona Rosa/Zona T. On a map, Zona Rosa goes pretty much from Avenida 79 to Avenida 85, and from Carrera 11 to Carrera 15. Zona T is a smaller part of Zona Rosa, basically the pedestrian area next to the shopping mall Andino.
If you come to Bogota for partying, I strongly advise you to stay in Zona Rosa as this will mean you won't need a taxi to go back home. This is a very safe neighborhood where you will be comfortable to walk at any time of the day or night.

The main problem is that the hotels there can be quite expensive. The two best affordable choices are NH Bogota Boheme Royal (70US$ per night) and Hotel Saint Simon (57US$ per night).

You also have two 5-star hotels, Sofitel and the Four Seasons, but they cost over 200US$ per night.

Airbnb is a possible alternative. They have at least 50 apartments in Zona T. A few that I found interesting are: 39$/night, 45$/night46$/night, 50$/night, 90$/night (3-bedroom) and 135$/night (2-bedroom).

If you don't have an Airbnb account yet, you can register using the following link: Promo Code Airbnb. You will get up to 35$ off your first booking.

Another recommended location with plenty of bars and clubs is Chapinero. This is a middle-upper class neighborhood, popular with students, with a lot of affordable restaurants. It is slightly less safe than Zona Rosa, but more authentic. It is also within 15-20 minutes from the historic city center.

On a map, it goes from Calle 44 to Calle 74 and from Carrera 4 to Avenida Caracas:
A great budget hotel in Chapinero is Colonial Inn, which costs around 30$ per night and is located near a large bus stop. A bit more expensive, Scala 68 (60US$/night) and Holiday Inn Express (90US$/night) are both next to Zona G (Zona Gourmet), an area full of trendy restaurants, cafés and bars.

Travel Tips to Enjoy Bogota Nightlife

Bogota's weather is quite stable all year round. The average temperature is 20°C (68°F) during the day and 9°C (48°F) at night. It rains a little bit almost every day, particularly during the wet seasons (March to May and September to December). This means that you'll usually need to bring a jacket with you when going out.

Mobile Phone
It is really useful to have the internet with you at all time while in Colombia. Personally, I bought a Claro sim card with 2.2GB of data directly at the airport in Bogota for just above 40,000 Colombian Pesos (COP) - 13USD. If you don't buy it at the airport, you can find shops easily on the streets or in malls. Recommended providers apart from Claro are Movistar and Tigo.

Going Around
There is no metro/subway in Bogota, but they have buses with dedicated lanes. Called Transmilenio, I was using them quite often during the day as they go quickly to most of the major sights in the city. It is comfortable, except during rush hours (5PM to 8PM) when you will be squeezed with hundreds of other commuters. You can buy a Frequent User Card (3,000COP) and top it up with credit. Each ride will then cost you 2,200COP (0.70USD). To find your way, download the Transmilenio App for Android or Apple.

After 11PM, there are no buses available so you'll have to take taxis or Uber. The cost is reasonable, about 5$ for a 20 minutes ride in the evening. Avoid walking at night when going out of clubs, except in the Zona T/Zona Rosa.

If this is your first trip to Bogota, you may feel apprehensive because of its past reputation as a drug and murder capital. This is no longer the case, but you still need to be careful.

To make things simple, safe neighborhoods are in the North. In Zona Rosa, Chico, Virrey or Parque 93, you have almost nothing to worry about, even late at night and even when you are alone in the streets.

Then the situation gradually deteriorates as you go to the South of the city.

In Chapinero or La Candelaria (tourist area), it gets more tricky. During the day, it is safe as long as you stay in busy streets. At night, do not walk home by yourself going back from nightclubs, even for short distances.

Further South is supposed to be even more dangerous and you should avoid going there alone for no reasons.

Wherever you are, avoid tempting wannabe thieves and pickpockets. Do not show your cameras, cell phones, wallets, jewelry or valuables.

What to Expect at Night in Bogota
This is what you should know before heading out for party in Bogota:

Working Girls
Yes, there are prostitutes in Bogota, but proportionally less than in other cities in Colombia (at least in the bars and clubs I've been to). You can read at the end of this article my comment about the red light area of Santa Fe.

Price of Clubbing
Many high-end bars and clubs in Zona Rosa will charge an entrance fee on weekend. It is usually very reasonable, between COP20,000 and COP50,000 depending on the event.

Typically, cheap bars will charge COP5,000 for a 33cl can of beer, COP10,000 for hard drinks or cocktails. In upper-class venues, you can expect to pay COP10,000/15,000 for a beer, COP25,000/30,000 for a nice cocktail, COP300,000 for a bottle of premium alcohol (Black Label, Jack Daniel's, Grey Goose, etc).

If you are on a budget, you can share with your friends a bottle of locally-made Aguardiente. It is usually cheap (COP50,000 to COP80,000 for a bottle).

When to Party:
Wednesday and Friday are the biggest nights out. Surprisingly, Saturdays can be quiet as many Colombians will stay with their families on Sunday. Some clubs are open until 5AM, but generally, the peak clubbing time is 2AM.

The DJs of most nightclubs will play a mix of popular Latin and EDM tracks that can include reggaeton, pop, salsa, merengue, champeta, bachata, etc. It's always music that makes people want to dance. Your nightlife experience will be greatly improved if you know how to move at least a little bit. It's also the best way for you to approach girls.

Dress Code:
In Zona T, avoid wearing sandals and jeans. They are rarely accepted. Plus they make you look like a tourist. Remember that the weather is cold at night so it's weird not to be wearing pants.

Meeting Normal Girls in Bogota
The best website to meet Colombian girls
As a tourist, your best chance of dating a Colombian girl in Bogota is to anticipate. It is called "pipelining", meaning you need to talk to a few girls online first, days or weeks before landing in the country. You can do some phone or video calls from abroad, with the idea that when you arrive in Colombia, things can go faster. Ideally, you'll find a nice one who can even pick you up at the airport and accompany you straight to your hotel.

In my personal experience, Tinder doesn't work well for that as most girls there do not want to date tourists or short-term visitors. I prefer ColombianCupid. This dating site has thousands of Colombians girls, many of whom do not mind long-distance relationships.

Some of my friends use instead. This Sugar Baby website has over 8,000 gorgeous Colombian girls in Bogota only, but most of them expect money or gifts to go out with you. That's quite straight-forward, so it may be more suitable for guys who are only looking for a short-term companion while in the country.

You can also meet some girls in nightclubs or bars. The best ones for that, in my opinion, are Armando Records, Vintrash (on Tuesdays), Octava, Dembow and Andres Carne de Res.

Two things that will greatly help you seducing Colombian women:
- Learn some Spanish (use Mondly App to help you)
- Learn to dance (if you can't dance, avoid clubs with Latin music and choose EDM ones instead)

Bogota Nightlife: Best Bars and Clubs

Fantastic club with electronic music (techno, tech-house, deep house, acid jazz, etc) in the main room (600 pax), and Latin beats in the smaller one. It is housed in a renovated warehouse which gives the perfect underground vibe. They regularly have famous international DJs (Ben UFO, Legowelt, etc). Open until 5AM. Entrance fee from COP25,000 up to COP50,000.

The best techno club in the city, with a total capacity of at least 900 clubbers. Big names electro DJs will almost always play here when they visit Bogota. Recently, they welcomed famous artists like Robin Schulz, Guido Schneider, John Acquaviva, Hernan Cattaneo, Cassius, Guy Gerber, etc. Door policy can be strict so dress well and don't act drunk. You can download their app and register to help you enter. Cover charge COP30,000. After-hour club: It closes late at around 8AM. Friendly atmosphere but a bit too masculine, unfortunately. Many foreigners (expats and tourists).

Similar venue: Vagabond

A gigantic nightclub, presumedly the largest in Latin America with 13 different rooms and a total capacity of 5000 people. It is officially a gay club and, as such, you will see male gogo dancers/transexual singers. Yet, there are also a lot of straight visitors in the crowd, including tourists. You can listen to almost every style of music: Salsa, house, EDM, techno, reggaeton, pop-rock, etc. Cover charge a bit expensive (COP60,000) but it gets you free drinks (open-bar) until 2AM. It's best to visit when completely packed (Friday, Saturday, special days like Halloween or Carnival). Beware, the hottest girls in Theatron are most-likely dudes.

Large club with a futuristic design built on 3 floors (techno, electro, house, EDM, Reggaeton). Nice terrace on the rooftop. Entrance fee around COP30,000. Beer at COP20,000. Mid-to-upper class crowd.

An iconic restaurant, bar and club that you should try at least once. Several floors with a beautiful, unique décor. There are two locations: One in Chia, about 45 kilometers from the city center, and one near Zona Rosa. The Chia branch is better, but you'll still have a lot of fun in the second one. You can go there for dinner around 8PM, order plenty of drinks, then join the party. Crossover music. There is a cover charge on weekends of around COP15,000-COP20,000.

One of the busiest nightclubs in Bogota, even during weekdays. This is a recommended spot if you are new to the city as it is popular with foreign visitors. It is very big, with two main rooms (electronic in the rooftop, Latin crossover in the patio). They also have live bands. Entrance fee usually COP30,000 unless they have a special event. The crowd is rather diverse, including middle and upper class, students and executives. Get their early to avoid queuing.

A messy yet festive club with a young, middle class, local crowd. DJs play crossover music, mostly reggaeton. Lots of pretty girls. Entrance COP20,000.

Vintrash is famous for a weekly event called Gringo Tuesdays where foreigners (backpackers, tourists, expats) and Colombians meet to practice their Spanish/English. It is followed by a party starting at 9PM, where everything is made to encourage customers to socialize (games, foosball, beer pongs, etc). In the end, it is always fun and I recommend it if you are new to the city. The bar in itself has an exotic vibe, with 2 floors and the DJs will usually play reggaeton. Free entrance from 5PM to 9PM, COP20,000 after that.

Small, upscale bar featuring electronic music/deep house/indie rock. It is owned by a group of Colombian celebrities, including the actor Andres Juan. Beautiful yet pretentious crowd.

Another similar bar is Hotel Quinto Bar

A new club with an upmarket crowd. Strict door policy: If possible come with at least one girl. Music is mostly electronic on the rooftop. They have a second room with crossover. Hot girls but they are rarely alone.

Latino Power
This club located in Chapinero is a great location to listen to live Colombian artists. Various genres are played: Indie Rock, Funk, Ska, Champeta, etc. Alternative crowd. LGBT friendly. Entrance fee varies according to the event (usually COP20,000 to COP30,000).

Rooftop bar in Zona Rosa reputed for its reggaeton nights. Can be loud and tiring. Good to meet girls.

4.40 Music Hall
A laid-back medium-sized club where you can eat, sing and dance. Live bands and DJs play a bit of everything as long as it is festive (salsa, rock, top 40, merengue, bachata, etc). The crowd is older than average (over 35 years old). Popular with large groups celebrating special events. Owned by the successful Evedesa group which is also behind Furia, Marquez Bar, Hotel V Bar, Black Sheep and Bungalow Rooftop.

Deja Vu Bar
Do you find Chapinero or Zona Rosa too touristy/boring? There are some cool clubs in Bogota that are completely unknown to foreigners. Deja Vu is one of them. It is cheaper than average, very hot (sexy dancers, male gogos, some prepagos/prostitutes), and quite friendly as long as you can speak some Spanish.

A trendy rooftop bar, popular with the local elite. Located just above 4.40 Music Hall, tiny entrance. The same group also owns the Furia (also upper class, crossover music).

Colombian Music Clubs and Bars
The clubs I listed above all have crossover, electro or reggaeton music. To experience a more local side of Bogota nightlife, you can try one of these bars and clubs:

Matildelina Bar
Famous bar to listen to and dance to vallenato music. This slow-paced genre comes from the Carribean coast of Colombia and it is characterized by the use of accordion. Large stage with a band all night long. If you like it, you may also want to try: La Trampa Vallenata

This club specializes in music from the Pacific and Atlantic coast, such as Marimba, Zouk, Champeta and Electrocumbia. They also serve traditional drinks like Arrechon or Viche. Popular with the NGO/Embassy expat crowd. Lots of girls.

Casa Quiebra Canto
El Bembé Salsa Club and Restaurant
Famous bar to dance salsa. A bit touristy. For a more local place, go to El Bembé or El Goce Pagano.

Best bar in Bogota to dance Champeta. Live band. Small dancefloor easily crowded. Another similar venue is El Pico.

Adult Nightlife in Bogota: Red Light District
The red light district of Bogota is located in Santa Fe, between Chapinero and La Candelaria. I only visited during the day, out of curiosity, and you can see plenty of strip bars, brothels, clubs and massage parlours. There are also many street prostitutes.

The largest club there is La Piscina where you can get anything a man can dream of: Lap dance, topless striptease, threesome, etc. They welcome couples as well. You can ask a taxi to drop you there directly and then go back home by taxi again. Do not wander alone and drunk in this area at night!

Another club famous for prostitution in Bogota is El Castillo Vip, in the North of the city. It seems to be a bit more luxurious, yet the same services are offered (massage, sex, striptease, stag parties, etc).

I'm not sure it is very safe for a foreigner to hang out in those venues. If you really want a girl, it's probably better to just look online on a website like

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