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Living in Jakarta: Best Neighborhoods for Expats (2021)

By Tibs →
I previously wrote about the best areas to in Jakarta for tourists . You may want to read this article as well to get a first introduction to the city's neighborhoods. I wouldn't say that there isn't one best place to live in Jakarta, as the criteria for each person will be different. The most important factor when deciding where to stay should be the distance between your home and your work or, if you have children, between your home and their school.

Why You Need Travel Insurance in Indonesia (2021-COVID Update)

By Tibs →
When I speak with tourists visiting Indonesia, I am often shocked to learn that they don't have proper travel insurance or medical evacuation insurance. Among long-term residents, there are also many who do not have health insurance, particularly those without a working permit (typically the digital nomads). The objective of this article is to convince you that spending a few dollars per day on insurance is not a waste of money, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can get cheap insurance ( as low as 3$ per day if you take a yearly subscription - check here ) that will at least save your ass in case of a serious illness or accident. If you cannot afford it, then you probably should not travel to Indonesia. Why you need travel insurance in Indonesia While you certainly need insurance everywhere, there are even more reasons to get it when you travel in Bali , Jakarta, or the rest of Indonesia: You are exposed to more risks When y

Best Things to Experience In Jakarta (2021)

By Tibs →
Many tourists hate Jakarta because they visit it the wrong way. They check the things to do in a guidebook or on the internet and then try to do as many as possible in a short time. Since they are not familiar with the city, they get stuck for hours in traffic, walk in the heat from one sight to the other, and spend more time bargaining than actually talking with Indonesians. I am not saying that Jakarta is perfect, but if you know what to do, you can definitely have a good time. Below is my list of the most recommended things to do or experience in Jakarta, starting from the best. An alternative title for the article could probably have been "How Not To Hate Jakarta". Your suggestions are welcome, please just write a comment at the end. You can also read  Is Jakarta worth visiting?  for more information. Try Indonesian food Every time I come back to Jakarta from Europe, the first thing I do after landing is to eat some Indonesian food. It is a very underrated cu

How to Getting Around in Jakarta? - Transportation Guide (2021)

By The Jakarta Team →
Article updated in May 2021. It is a challenge to get around in Jakarta. The city is huge, its streets are clogged by traffic jams, and the public transportation system is underdeveloped. But don't despair yet. Knowing the different options available for transportation can save you some time, money, and energy. This is why I wrote this article which is based on my experience living in Jakarta for over 10 years. Hopefully, it will be useful to you during your stay!

When Is The Best Time To Visit Jakarta?

By Tibs →
Are you wondering what is the best time to visit Jakarta? There are several factors to consider before planning your trip: - Weather in Jakarta: What are the best and worst seasons? - When are public holidays in Jakarta? How do they affect the city? - Is it OK to visit Jakarta during Ramadan? - At what time of the year can you get the cheapest prices on flights and hotels?

10 Best Gifts Ideas For Your Indonesian Girlfriend or Wife

By Tibs →
If you have a local girlfriend or wife, you certainly know that Indonesian girls absolutely love receiving gifts. In fact, I would say that being generous is one of the surest ways to keep your relationship strong and happy. The list below will give you 10 ideas of gifts that all Indonesian girls would love to receive. I've included links to trusted websites you can buy them from. Flowers

How to Send Money From Indonesia to Another Country?

By Tibs →
Update 2021 : When I wrote this article, it was not possible to send money from Indonesia to another country using Transferwise (now Wise). The company has improved its offer and this option is now available. You can check here for more details: Wise .  While it is relatively easy to send money from abroad to Indonesia , it can be more complicated to do the opposite: To send money from Indonesia (IDR) to another country with a different currency. Since my salary is paid in rupiah on an Indonesian bank account, I often have to send money back to France and I’ve used several methods to do so. In the article below, I will give you my best recommendations based on my personal experience. I’ve ranked the options from best to worst, depending on the speed of the transfer, its convenience, and its cost. If you feel I’ve forgotten something or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write me a comment. Transfez This is by far the easiest way to send money f

Cheap Travel to Bali: 16 Ways to Save Money

By Tibs →
Enjoying a budget holiday in Bali is possible if you are well-prepared and well-informed. The following guide is a must-read for any visitor wanting to get the most out of her/his dollars without sacrificing quality. I've lived 3 years on the island, enough time to know the best tricks and tips to save money on what is unnecessary. My goal is to help you make the right decisions regarding your flights, your hotels, your meals, your transportation, and the attractions you visit. If you have any questions about your trip, you can leave a comment below or contact me directly: 1) Choose Your Season Carefully