Bali is a fantastic destination for single guys who want to meet girls. As soon as you arrive, you can download some popular dating apps and you'll be surprised by the high number of matches you will get.

Another great way to meet girls in Bali is to visit bars and nightclubs, especially if you are staying around Kuta, Seminyak, and Canggu. I wrote extensively about the nightlife in those areas, most recently here: Bali Nightlife.

In the following article, I will focus on the most recommended spots to meet girls. I've made sure to mention a diversity of venues so you are certain to find exactly what you are looking for.

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Best Nightclubs to Meet Girls in Bali

Shishi (Seminyak)
One of the busiest nightclubs in Bali at the moment. It has a restaurant and two floors of music (hip-hop, RnB, and EDM). Guest DJs weekly.

The best night is on Wednesday when girls can drink and eat for FREE. On that day, the ratio of girls/guys is probably around 60/40. The entrance fee is 150K for men.

Beware, there are quite many prostitutes and professional girlfriends as well. Since it is indoor, you can also expect to breathe a lot of second-hand cigarette smoke.

Male crowd: Mostly westerners
Female crowd: Mostly Indonesians, some westerners
Age of clients: 25-40
Dress code: Casual

La Favela (Seminyak)
La Favela is another classic of Bali nightlife, and also a great spot to meet beautiful ladies.

Don't visit it too early as it is also a restaurant. Things get more interesting after midnight when the dance floor gets packed and steamy. The music is mainstream with essentially Top 40 hits from the past 50 years.

Male crowd: Mostly Indonesian with some foreigners
Female crowd: Mostly Indonesian with some foreigners
Age of clients: 25-40
Dress code: Chic holiday wear

Atlas Super Club is the biggest club in Bali and it is next to Atlas Beach Club, on Jalan Berawa (Canggu).

It is decorated in an industrial style, with the upper part above the mezzanine made to resemble the inside of a clock. Despite this retro design, it has a modern and impressive sound and lighting system, probably one of the best in Bali and on par with what you could find in the best nightclubs in the world.

Mostly, the DJs play EDM and all the latest bangers. They also have famous international DJs about once or twice a month, such as Timmy Trumpet, Steve Aoki, Blasterjaxx, Krewella, etc.

Do check their Instagram before heading there to know about their latest events and promos.

Male crowd: Mostly Indonesian with some foreigners
Female crowd: Mostly Indonesian with some foreigners
Age of clients: 20-35
Dress code: Casual wear

Old Man's (Canggu)
A massive outdoor bar just 100 meters from Batu Bolong beach in Canggu. Its crowd is mostly European, both for guys and girls. Many backpackers due to the affordable price of drinks. Lots of flirting going on but you may find yourself in the wrong spot if you are above 40. The music is fun, very danceable (top 40, disco, EDM, etc).

Male crowd: Mostly westerners
Female crowd: Mostly westerners
Age of clients: 20-30
Dress code: Laidback, come as you are.

Small nightclub with usually good electronic music (Techno, deep house). It has a modern design and it is a bit dark, making it conducive to meet new people.

Free entrance before 11.30pm. FDC 150k after that.

Male crowd: Europeans
Female crowd: Indonesians (with some prostitutes, though)
Age of clients: 25-45
Dress code: Formal

Motel Mexicola is one of the most happening bars in Seminyak, every night of the week. Maybe because of its Mexican theme, it is a magnet for women, mostly Australians, and Indonesians.

To maximize your chances, I recommend you to sit on one of the communal picnic tables in the main room. There, you will never be too far from a group of women sipping margaritas.

Free entrance. Check their Instagram for events.

Male crowd: Indonesians from Jakarta/Surabaya, Australians, other foreigners
Female crowd: Indonesians, Australians, other foreigners
Age of clients: 20-45
Dress code: Holiday

Just across La Favela, Red Carpet Champagne Lounge is a pickup spot for guys interested in older women (above 35).

The place is often full, with tables very near to each other, so it's easy to befriend your neighbors. Despite its name, Red Carpet isn't really posh: It is laid-back and almost decadent. A fun place to get drunk!

Free entrance.

Male crowd: Western tourists and expats
Female crowd: Western tourists, expats and Indonesians.
Age of clients: 35-60
Dress code: Chic tropical wear

The busiest club in Legian at the moment, it features EDM and Rn'B DJs every day. It is popular with Indonesian girls, mostly Javanese who came to work in Bali and live in Denpasar. Free entrance on most nights.

Male crowd: Indonesian, some foreigners
Female crowd: Mostly Indonesian
Age of clients: 18-30
Dress code: Casual

Mirror is a nightclub where most customers are rich Asians (and particularly Indonesians from Jakarta). You will enjoy it if you are looking to meet with young hi-so girls (high-society).

As long as you don't look like a backpacker or a tourist, you can be successful inside. It also helps if you book a table and order bottle service.

There is a first-drink charge of IDR250,000.

Male crowd: Indonesian-Chinese from Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Denpasar
Female crowd: Same as above
Age of clients: 20-30
Dress code: Pants and shoes compulsory for men
This minimalist nightclub is one of the most happening in Bali now. Underground atmosphere (one of the rooms is actually called "the bunker") and trendy crowd. Music is hip-hop or techno.

Male crowd: Europeans, Indonesians
Female crowd: Same as above
Age of clients: 25-35
Pick up possibilities: Average
Dress code: Formal but relaxed

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  1. Not sure when the last time you went to La Favela was but definitely in 2018 high season more like 30% + Javanese prostitutes now.

  2. Visiting Bali in April or May stay there for 25 days. Intrested to have a English speaking girl for company. Please advise.

    1. So you want to dump the girl after 25 days you left Bali?

  3. Just walk on street! they will find you.


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  5. Great review, thanks!

    I've checked, just the free version for now (that only allows to look at girl's profiles and photos).

    I was pleasantly surprised to see so many hotties, especially young ones in their early 20s. Since I'm only in Bali for a short time, it seems like a good way for me to get a companion during my trip.

    Unfortunately, the membership fee is quite expensive at 80 euros. I can afford it, but before paying, I'm wondering if anyone has tried it and if they would be kind enough to give a quick feedback.

    Does it work well? Do the girls reply to your messages? Are they interested with short-time arrangement?

    For your info, I'm 42, white, average looking (but slim, tall, and I have all my hair).

    1. From my experience yes, they replied and have good convo also. Some of them looking for short term, there is lots of arrangement you can find depends on what you want, you will find it

      I hit ssome girls from seeking

  6. Went to La Favela September 2023. Mostly foreign tourists, a fair number of fat ugly Indonesian girls who were mostly unfriendly and too busy smoking to bother with. I went to most of the clubs recommended as places to pick up girls and they were nearly all half empty with almost no local girls. Don't bother, go to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, anywhere else basically.