If you have a local girlfriend or wife, you certainly know that Indonesian girls absolutely love receiving gifts. In fact, I would say that being generous is one of the surest ways to keep your relationship strong and happy.

The list below will give you 10 ideas of gifts that all Indonesian girls would love to receive. I've included links to trusted websites you can buy them from.

Flowers are the most romantic gift you can make, for any type of girl and for any occasion. Red and white roses are the preferred choice unless your girlfriend is a bit more sophisticated and requires originality. You can buy them at the cheapest price in flower markets (see my review Traditional Markets in Jakarta) or you can buy them online directly. A bouquet costs around 25$ and it will be delivered on the same day with a personalized note. I used it a lot when I had a long-distance relationship and it was very practical.

→ Ideal to show that you care
→ Price range: From 10$ to 100$
→ Delivery in Indonesia: ProBunga

Perfume, Makeup, and Beauty Products
A classic gift if you don't want to take any risks. You are always sure to make your woman happy with beauty products but always choose a famous brand.

If you are a frequent traveler, it is always easy to buy a fragrance bottle at the duty-free shop before arriving in Jakarta. The prices are much cheaper than anywhere else and you get to choose the smell you like the most. In Indonesia, you can buy from Sephora Indonesia or from department stores like Sogo, but expect to pay around 30% more.

→ The perfect gift if you want to be 100% sure she'll like it
→ Price range: From 50$ to 150$
→ Delivery in Indonesia: Not recommended for perfumes to avoid counterfeit products but you can buy safely from Sephora Indonesia for make-up and other beauty products.

Chocolate, Candies, Cakes and Snacks
This is an inexpensive gift to make, especially if you buy them in your home country. Chocolate in Indonesia is 2 to 3 times more expensive than in Europe so it is considered a bit of a luxury here. I always bring as much as I can from France and then give them around. It's a very easy way to make people smile!

Since Indonesians love eating sweet food, an alternative is to buy any kind of sweets that come with nice packaging (for instance a heart-shaped box).

→ Ideal for Valentine's day
→ Price range: From 5$ to 20$

Photo Frame/Album or Video
A more unique way to show that you care if you are 18, penniless, and deeply in love. It sounds a bit cheesy, yet it will very certainly be a hit if your girlfriend is young.

If you really don't have any money, you can make a short video or slideshow online and send it to her as well.

→ Perfect gift for younger girls
→ Price range: 0$ for a video, 4$ for a frame, 20$ for an album, 0.50$ to print a photo
→ To buy online and get delivered in Jakarta: You can print photos on Pictalogy or Snapy (Indonesian). You can make a free slideshow/video on Smilebox.

Romantic Trips
The perspective of going on a romantic trip is extremely exciting to most Indonesian girls. Not only because they have few opportunities to go anywhere alone, but more importantly because it will give them plenty of opportunities to update their Instagram with new pictures.

Even if you don't have money, you can at least go to Bandung or Bogor. With a bigger budget, Bali, Belitung, the Thousand Islands, and Lombok are great choices. Singapore and KL are also quite cheap and easy to reach from Jakarta.

→ Smart gift if you already have a wife
→ Price range: From 50$ (weekend in Bogor) to 5,000$ (weekend in Velaa Resort in Maldives)

Anything Cute and/or Cheesy
This is a bit vague but you probably understand what I mean. Asian girls love cute accessories or toys, especially if they are somewhat romantic. It can be dolls, teddy bears, cups, pillows, watches, sunglasses, t-shirts, pencils, cards, etc as long as there is a funny face or a romantic sentence on it.

→ Easy gift - Just go to a store like Miniso or Daiso
→ Price range: From 5$ to 30$

Designer Clothes, Bags and Shoes
Why not give her designer lingerie?
Guys who buy designer clothes and accessories are either very rich, crazy in love, or dating above their league. Whatever your reason, you can never go wrong as long as you buy genuine stuff either from abroad or from any of the luxury malls in Jakarta.

→ The "dream" gift for most girls
→ Price range: Starting from 200$ up to several thousand dollars

Spa or Salon Treatment
Have you ever met a girl who didn't like going to the spa?
You can either buy a treatment that your wife or girlfriend will do alone or buy a couple's massage. Several venues allow it in Jakarta and I've listed them in my review: Best Luxury Hotel Spas in Jakarta.

→ The perfect gift to change someone's mood
→ Price range: 20$ to 80$

Phone, Laptop, and Tablets
It is almost a tradition for the boyfriend to pay for his girlfriend's phone in Indonesia. This is why you'll see so many girls who earn less than 300$/month with the latest 800$ iPhone. Once the phone is taken care of, you may start to hear things like "I really need a laptop for my work" or "My teacher wants us to buy a laptop". This is the sign you're in for a little present.

→ Must-buy gift if you are dating a gold-digger
→ Price range: 300$-1500$

Sexy Stuff
Offering lingerie or sex toys is actually more of a gift to yourself and that's why it is such a good idea. Lingerie can easily be found in any mall, for instance in La Senza or Victoria's Secret.

→ The perfect gift to yourself
→ Price range: 30$ to 200$
→ Buying online: Amazon has a list of products that they can ship to Indonesia: Sex toys and Lingerie.

10 comments to '' 10 Best Gifts Ideas For Your Indonesian Girlfriend or Wife "

  1. Hello
    When i read your articles, I feel sad, upset and ashamed as Indonesian. I think we are Indonesia not like what you wrote.
    And i think, the article above, not only Indonesian woman but most of the woman like that kind of stuff.
    Please, do not generalize it.

  2. damn. Indonesian woman insulting article :(

  3. I am a US citizen engaged to an indonesian. Her as well as anyone in her family are nothing like what you wrote about. It is quite insulting to say a muslim girlfriend would expect a gift on christmas. Receiving a gift like that would to me would be given as a symbol which is a sin in the muslim culture. Most Indonesian woman are not dating for the money. Most men would be foolish to spit out money when ever she asked for it. Love is what is inside your heart not what brand of clothes you buy. Sounds to me like you are dating for all the wrong reasons. And if you really bought her name brand clothes AND a $800 phone AND EVERYTHING she asked for I pity you. That's not love.

    1. You have no idea what awaits you. Not only will you be paying for $800 phones but you will be paying for a home in the kampung for mom and dad. Every Indo woman is exactly as this article states, so much so that just giving her some cash will make her happy rather than buying flowers/candy/romantic dinner. Try taking your little sweetie to famous landmarks like the Louvre and she will spend her time on selfies without ever even going inside. "That's not love", if you are an Indonesian that is love. Another chump in the making.

  4. My question is, have you really meet a woman? I mean a real one who appreciates a person for who they are. I think you have met a wrong bunch of people so far. I have met lots of expats and I tell you one thing FOR SURE, I WILL GET WHAT I WANT WITH MY HARDWORKING MONEY and NOT ASK ANYONE TO BUY IT FOR ME. Lots of my friends married to expats, and you know what, they are beautiful hard working succesfull person who relly on themselves even before they met each other, let alone a muslim girl would receive a gift for christmas. My muslims girl friends would be furious if one gives them present during christmas. So, my advice is, get a life dude...a real one. Meet up with a real woman, not just the fuck up one

  5. Say I am keen on you with this Valentine's Day present basket.

  6. What was written i can legitly say is what ive seen alot here. Not all girls, but a larger % of the population than usual.

    Ive.never been asked for money n gifts so boldly in my life until I came to Indonesia.

    Pramagtic I think is the key word here.

    Nice article, will try the flower service.


  7. Born and live in Indonesia, i am totally agreed with Zav opinion. Even an indonesian wife marrying indonesian man, will never hesitate on asking for gifts or money.

  8. Met an Indo girl online, pen pals for 4 years, talked on phone 3 more years, been married now for 15 years. Not all people are bad. Not all Indonesian women are gold diggers, most do not celebrate Christmas as 90% of the population is Muslim. My wife never asks for money, never admits to wanting presents, and despite trying to get her nice things, am often told I should not. I find the blanket characterization to be inaccurate. My wife is devoted, very smart, dedicated to family and a loving mother to our two boys. Western men often come to Indonesia for a "wife" to have around while on vacation or business, but the vast majority of the women I am acquainted with are upright, decent women, nd want nothing to do with that. Stop characterizing S.E. Asian women as sex toys.

    1. Hi, not sure if you may ever read this,
      I met a lovely indonesian girl here in scandinavia, we met at language class as we are both foreign in this country.
      I did ask her out for dinner and we spent a lovely evening together
      We both know that I will never be approved by her family
      (She muslim)but we are both a little rebellious.
      All this aside, it's her birthday comming up and I would like to give her a little something. (Make her feel a little special)
      Yes, she does wear some gold but I think it's a little early for that
      Do you think she would appreciate something small? Chocolate, parfume/ lotion or a nice Teddy bear?

      Much appreciated, thanks.