Udon Thani is located in the North of Thailand (Isaan Region), near the border with Laos. Even though it is the 4th most populous city in the country (150,000 people), it is very laid-back and provincial.

I was there for 5 days as a stopover before heading to Laos and I was not really expecting there would be any nightlife.

As it turns out, I was wrong. You can find bars and nightclubs that are open and busy every night, but for that, you'll need to go outside of the tourist areas.

This short review will guide you through the best venues I went to during my stay. If you think I forgot one, please leave me a note in the comment section below.

Partying Alone?
If you want to meet someone when visiting Udon Thai, you can check dating apps like Bumble, OkCupid, or Tinder. They work very well if you are young and living in Thailand.

The website ThaiCupid is also a good option because most of its users are interested in meeting with foreigners, even if they are staying abroad. It is free to join and browse profiles.

Lately, another website is gaining popularity in Thailand. Seeking.com is more controversial because it focuses on sugar dating (basically dating with benefits). Still, it has so many members that it is worth mentioning here.

Best Hotels Near Udon Thani Nightlife
Hotels in Udon Thani are really cheap, even during the high season. I was staying in Centara, a 4-star property with a perfect location next to a large mall, and I was paying only 45$! 

If you want to be close to the expat bars, an excellent hotel is The Pannarai (4-star, 42$/night). A cheaper option nearby is the Prajaktra (20$/night).

You can check Agoda for more options, just remember to stay close to the Central Plaza Mall.

Nightlife Areas in Udon Thani
Party in Rhythm Club
The nightlife for foreigners in Udon Thani is very easy to find. Basically, you have two adjacent streets with a total of around 30 bars (some with ladies, some normal).

Note that the expats in Udon Thani are quite old on average and that they sleep early! You should go out before 10PM otherwise all bars will be empty. In fact, many are already closed by midnight.

The first street you can try is Soi Samphan Thamit, just behind Central Plaza Mall. Most bars there are not very sophisticated and they only have the basics for you to enjoy a beer. They may also have hostesses to keep you company.

Some of the popular venues are Sports Bar (the most crowded), Vikings Corner Bar, Zaaps, Tiffy, the Meeting Point, the Irish Clock (an Irish pub and hotel), Fun Bar and Shadow. They are often owned by a foreigner married to a Thai woman.

There is also a tiny beer bar complex called Day & Night, just next to the Pannarai Hotel.
The second street is Soi Prajak Sillapacom, at the end of Soi Samphan Thamit. The bars are a little bit nicer there, especially Sisters (but unfortunately it does not get so busy).

The main attraction in Prajak Sillapacom is a beer bar complex called Nutty Park, which is similar to Day and Night. You'll see quite a lot of old guys, especially in the restaurant/pub the Good Corner (it seems to be a hub for the expat community).

Thai Nightclubs, Bars and Cafés
The bars mentioned above are just OK for a few beers or to meet people, but they are not really happening. By the time of your second day in Udon Thani, you'll certainly be bored.

Thai nightclubs are a much better option. They have the advantage of staying open later (maximum 2AM) and they have a younger crowd.

My most recommended venues are the following:

Rhythm (in Napalai Hotel)
Rhythm was my favorite club even though it is located more than 4 kilometers from the city center (100-120THB with a tuk-tuk). It is made of one large room, quite modern, with a live stage where bands play Thai rock/pop. I went there on a Sunday and it was full, with many girls in their 20s. When the band is not playing, the DJs mix EDM songs.

Free entrance on weekdays (200THB on weekends if there is an event). Close at 2AM.

Full review: Rhythm Udon Thani or Facebook: Rhythm.

Phoenix is also a fun nightclub and it is within walking distance from Central Plaza. It is the newest and hippest in the city, but smaller than Rhythm. They have great sound/lighting, an intimate atmosphere, an upmarket crowd and excellent rock bands.

Free entrance every day of the week. Close at 2AM.

Full review: Phoenix Udon Thani or Facebook: Phoenix

Tawan Daeng
Tawan Daeng is an institution in Udon Thani. It is located 2 minutes from the tourist area of Soi Samphan Thamit (behind Central Plaza) and for this reason, you'll see plenty of foreigners inside. They have live bands (playing folk/country songs from Isaan region) and also some more random shows (comedians, dancing, etc). You can go there early for dinner and try some Isaan food.

Website: Tawan Daeng Udon Thani

Kongsiam Café
This laid-back, cool café is located next to Phoenix Club. They have live music every night, with bands who sing in English or in Thai (mostly covers of famous songs). The design and set-up is really original. It is my most recommended venue for a date.

Facebook: Kongsiam Udon Thani

Bar'ista Brasserie
In front of UD Town Mall and the train station, this is a popular restaurant with an indoor and an outdoor area. It gets full almost every night with upper-class locals. They have Thai music, usually pop and mellow songs.

Facebook: Bar'ista Brasserie Udon Thani

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  1. Bars along Soi Samphan and in DayNight are required to close at midnight by the police or owner will get fined and possibly have staff thrown in jail. Nothing to do with the age of customers.

    Are a few after hours places in the area. Just ask some of the staff or other customers. Or eat a bowl of noodles and hit the discos.