Karachi is an enormous city, the largest in Pakistan, and yet it has a poorer nightlife than most small towns in Europe.

There are no nightclubs, no public bars serving alcohol, and the sale of alcohol is highly restricted.

Pakistanis will tell you that behind closed doors, there are plenty of secret parties and underground clubs, but I was not connected enough to find out if this was true or not.

If you are an expat living in Pakistan, or if you have high-level local friends, you might be able to access those. If you do, please don't hesitate to share your experience with us in the comment section below.

For the rest of us, tourists and temporary visitors, we have to rely on a handful of cafés, bars and restaurants, with only a few that allow alcohol.

Karachi Bars and Cafés (No Alcohol)
If you don't mind not drinking alcohol, there are several trendy cafés, restaurants and bars in Karachi where you can socialize with upper-class Pakistanis.

Since new places open and close fast, you may want to check the following Facebook group for the latest updates: SWOT's Restaurant Guide Karachi.

Where to Listen to Live Music:

Base Rock Cafe
Live music café hosting young local artists. Open mic nights.

The Second Floor (T2F)
Jam sessions, traditional musicians, movie nights, theater. It is a cultural hub in Karachi and a nice place to meet educated Pakistanis.

Nice Upscale Restaurants

#1 on TripAdvisor. Huge, iconic restaurant with a nice atmosphere by the seafront. Very popular and packed on most nights with a fine crowd. Shisha available. Menu is mainly fish, but they have many other items as well. No alcohol served but they have mocktails.


Cafe Haze

Where to Watch Football/Sports Bar

Sports Lounge

Foreign Cultural Centers
The Foreign Cultural Centers of France, Germany and the USA sometimes have interesting events where you can meet expats and Westernized Pakistanis:

Alliance Française
Goethe Institut
Pakistan American Cultural Center

Hotel Bars in Karachi With Alcohol
The easiest way to drink alcohol in Karachi is to choose a hotel with a bar that has a license to sell alcohol. Only a handful do, such as:

Pearl Continental Hotel
Also called PC, it is the best place in Karachi to enjoy a beer or a cocktail. You can drink in several locations: In their steakhouse Jason's, in the rooftop restaurant Sakura Sushi, on the second floor sports club, and of course in your room. The restaurant Chandni has live music

Alcohol is served in the room as well as in the restaurant Dumpukht (Pakistani food with sometimes live music). Nadia Coffee Lounge may also have a live band.

Ramada Plaza:
This hotel serves beer in the guest rooms and in the swimming pool's BBQ area.

This hotel serves alcohol in the rooms.

Beach Luxury Hotel
This hotel has live music occasionally and it serves alcohol in its rooms.

Fanoos Restaurant has live music.

Restaurants Where Alcohol Is Permitted
Below is a list of restaurants in Karachi where alcohol is permitted. Some will serve alcohol as long as you have your passport with you, while others will allow you to bring your own bottle of wine/beer. Make sure there is no label on it so the other guests won't be able to see what you are drinking. 

French restaurant inside the Alliance Française.

Expensive fine dining restaurant. You can bring your own bottle.

Cafe Aylanto
This elite restaurant allows guests to bring their own bottles. Just mention it to the waiters so they can sit you in a more discreet area.

European style bistro.

Buying Alcohol in Karachi
Non-Muslims in Pakistan are allowed to buy certain quantities of alcohol every month. That's about 3% of the population, or 6 million people. Actually, you might be surprised to know that a local alcohol manufacturer, Murree Brewery, is one of Pakistan's most successful companies.

Legal and black market spirit shops are quite common in Karachi, especially in the affluent neighborhoods of Clifton and Defence. Many will sell to Muslims as well, without asking for any form of identification.

A can of beer is relatively expensive, though, at about 2.50 USD per bottle. This has made alcohol a sort of status symbol among the elite, which differentiates itself from the rest of the population by serving alcohol at dinners or parties.

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  1. Allhamdullilah Pakistan is a Muslim country ,Alcohol is strictly prohibited in Islam we are proud that Karachi following the rule and maintain our moral values that alcohol is not common here so far

  2. Karachi most modern city of Pakistan Dating is quite easy there

    1. only if you know how to date

    2. Imagine living in Pakistan lol

  3. and how about the girls, it is easy to hang out with them?

  4. Is there home delivery option for alcohol?

    1. Yes outside Pakistan , go there

  5. Proud to be a Pakistani , its one of the best country in the whole World where majority of the people still have sharam and haya and avoid haram things. Alhamdulillah otherwise we all know how bad is the condition in other contries they are not capable enough to respect others feelings, relationships and increasing in their new diseases day by day the suicide rate, HIV rates aren't hidden from anyone . Afterall in the end we get what we deserve believe it or not.

    1. I'm not sure what world you living in, the country is suffering if everyone had a chance they would leave in a heartbeat to go to Europe or North America the corruption is one of the biggest in the world there is no safety for a woman and others they cannot enjoy freedom maybe people should start drinking so they will stop killing each other so if people are dying everyday and violence especially during the election time people are very hostile trust me I know I was born there but I left when I was a child I went back once and there's no place I'd rather be then in North America, I was born Muslim but now I believe in everything and anything I enjoy the best wines and whiskey I enjoy the freedom I enjoy the life and I enjoy the most beautiful thing God has ever created ladies, I'm not dishonest like people in Pakistan I don't believe in corruption, I believe in human rights equal rights for the ladies and others, that's what makes North America different,