As the most populous city in Central Asia (> 2 million people), Tashkent has a rather disappointing nightlife, especially when comparing with Almaty or Astana.

Still, it is decent enough for a few days of party while visiting Uzbekistan.

I have only spent a few days there, so this will be a short overview of the best bars and nightclubs. I noticed that venues open and close really fast, so make sure to check the Facebook or Instagram of the ones I list below. I invite you to leave a comment as well at the end of the article if there you have any updates.

Where to stay near the nightlife:
I would recommend staying near the Amir Temur Square, which is walking distance from the city's most interesting avenue, Sailgokh Street (also called Broadway Street). Since hotels there are expensive, you can also choose a location a bit further away near the metro stations Abdulla Qodiriy or Minor.

The best hotels in terms of comfort and location in Tashkent are the following:
- Under 50$ per night: Minor Hotel
- Under 80$ per night: Grand Capital Hotel
- Under 100$ per night: Navruz Hotel
- Under 200$ per night: Wyndham Hotel and Lotte Hotel (it has a bar, see below)
- More than 200$ per night: Hyatt Regency (it has a bar, see below)

Hotels in Tashkent are generally NOT girl-friendly. The ones that allow girls to be taken to the hotel are Hotel UzbekistanLe Grande Plaza Hotel and City Palace Hotel (it has a bar, Eleven). They are all centrally-located, but they have rather poor ratings on or Agoda.

Hotel Uzbekistan is popular among Indian and Turkish tourists visiting Tashkent for prostitution. It seems they even have working girls on-site.

Another option is to rent an apartment on Airbnb. You will get much more freedom this way. Just choose an apartment near Amir Temur Square. The owner of the place will have to register you to the police, so make sure he is taking care of that.

If you are new to Airbnb, register using this link and you'll get 40$ discount on your first booking (in Uzbekistan or elsewhere in the world)

What to expect:

When to Party?
As far as I know, the nightlife is rather dead on weekdays. Just focus on weekends, especially on Fridays.

If you don't have the choice to party during the week, try Steam Bar or Onemore.

Dress Code
As a foreigner, you can get in every bar easily, even with short pants and sandals. However, in clubs with "face control/dress control", you should wear pants and shoes. It easy to do so during winter, but harder during summers as it can get annoyingly hot. Check my mini-reviews of each club for more information about the dress code.

Cost of Partying
Tashkent has become a relatively cheap nightlife destination, particularly after the Uzbek Som, the national currency, was heavily devaluated in 2017 (it lost more than half its value). Bring dollars, and you will get an even better rates reselling them on the street than in ATMs.

A two-course dinner in a westernized restaurant is about 10-15$. A 10-minute taxi ride is about 3$. A beer will usually cost between 1$ and 3$. A cocktail between 3$ and 6$. The most expensive entrance fee I had for a club was 10$ on a weekend. Overall, I would say that 60$ for a night out is more than enough.

Meeting Girls
There are very few foreigners in the clubs and bars of Tashkent and for this reason, you should get plenty of attention.

I found Uzbek girls to be friendly and warm, just like their male counterparts to be honest. I did have a problem with the language, though, as I do not speak any words of Russian. This meant I could only communicate with a tiny portion of the population.

Uzbek girls are quite mixed ethnically, and they may look Arabic, Asian, Turkish, Russian, or a combination of those. Here are a few examples:

They tend to be conservative, especially the younger ones who have never been married and who still live with their parents. I would say that those are almost impossible to get unless you plan on marrying them.

Your best bet is to go with women in their late 20s or 30s, divorcees or single moms, who are more relaxed about having fun. You can meet them in clubs, but be careful as some may be escorts/prostitutes/semi-pros. An easier way is to use online dating apps like Tinder or Mamba (if you speak Russian).

Best Bars and Nightclubs:
You can click on the name of the club/bar to check their social media page. Make sure that the places are still open before heading there. 
Bar/lounge in Central Tashkent. Hipster design with a square bar on one side and a small dancefloor on the other side. Rather crowded party place on weekends so the bouncer will not let everyone inside (face control). Trendy and upmarket crowd, fun to hang out with. Music is a mix of house/rap/Rn'B. Some sexy dancers and bar flairing. Prices are reasonable at around 5 dollars for cocktails. Check Instagram for events.

Near Onemore, Steam is a beautiful bar with a futuristic punk theme (think Mad Max). Daily live band playing famous songs (international and local hits). Craft beer on tap. Easygoing and laidback crowd. Some foreigners. A good spot to meet girls. See more on Instagram.

One of the oldest clubs in Tashkent still operating today. It is a restaurant that becomes a club later in the evening (after 11pm). DJs or live music are playing, depending on the night. Even though it calls itself an after-party bar, it is busiest around 1pm, then closes at 3-4am. On normal days, you will have to pay a 6$ entrance fee (with drink). If a famous DJ is playing, it can reach 15$. Check events on Instagram.

7 Fridays (Семь Пятниц)
A popular local restaurant with a different live band every night. The crowd is diverse and includes people from every age group. Check their bands on Instagram.

The Bar Speakeasy
This is the bar of the 5-star hotel Lotte. A rather quiet place with soft music. Good cocktails. Girls look very pretty, but they might be escorts/prostitutes. 4-6 dollars per drinks. Instagram: TBSE.

Chelsea" is your not-so-typical Uzbek "British" pub with a quaint interior design, Western and local food, imported beers and sports channels on TV. It doesn't get too crowded but it is still recommended if you're desperate to meet other foreigners.

A similar place is the Irish Pub, which has some expat regulars:

The Time Bar
An upmarket bar/restaurant/club, a bit out of the center, with regular theme nights and pretty hostesses. Face control.

A rather local place with affordable prices, located in the north of Tashkent. Face control. Some hot girls inside, Russian type. Sexy dancers on weekends at least.

Sette Bar
This rooftop bar/restaurant serves Italian food and it is part of the Hyatt Regency Hotel. A bit overpriced, but nice enough for a date or dinner before party. Live music. More pics on Instagram.

This nightclub, located in the City Palace Hotel is only open on weekends from 11pm to 6am. Face control/dress control. Many hookers and escorts. Sexy dancers/striptease shows (no nude). Upbeat music.

A similar nightclub with sexy ladies, gogo dancers and DJ is Bar Boss (RAЙ Night Club), in south Tashkent:

Koreana Club
I didn't visit this place as it is not in the city center. From what I understand, it seems popular with Uzbeks from Asian ethnicity. There is also a karaoke attached to it.

More Nightlife in Tashkent
Other nightclubs and bars you may want to check: Prince, Black Rose, Fifty Bar, Hammersmith Craft Beer, X Club.

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