Are you struggling to meet a potential wife in your home country? Are you unsatisfied with your dating life at home?

If yes, maybe you should expand your horizons and start looking for love abroad.

In most cases, if you target the right countries, you are almost certain to find girls that are much better than the ones you could have hoped for back home.

I have traveled to more than 70 countries in the past 8 years and I can tell you exactly where you should start looking for a serious relationship. I know where you will find the prettiest, sweetest, most caring women in the world. I can also tell you what you should be cautious about and how to avoid the most common scams.

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What are the best countries in the world to find a wife?

Here are the 10 most recommended countries to find a serious girlfriend or a wife (in no particular order). 

You can also read my article about the best dating apps in Asia.

If you can’t decide whether you prefer Latinas or Asian girls, then maybe you should choose the Philippines. After almost 300 years of Spanish colonization, most Filipinas have mixed blood to a certain extent, making them among the prettiest women on earth. The country is actually the 2nd in the world for the number of International beauty pageants wins (number 1 is Venezuela).

- Beautiful girls who speak excellent English. Fun personalities, hard-working and loyal.
- Very family-oriented.
- It's relatively easy to date someone out of your league.
- Many Filipinas are willing to accept long-distance relationships

- The country is far away for Americans and Europeans

Mostly Catholic.

To meet a Filipina:
- If you are abroad: Check FilipinaCupid
- If you are in the Philippines: Use Bumble in Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao, Zamboanga

Colombia is certainly the best country in Latin America to find a girlfriend or a wife. The girls are feminine, open-minded, and there isn't too much competition from other guys. They are also attracted to foreigners (especially Europeans and Americans).

- In general, Colombian girls have awesome personalities (fun, cheerful, sociable)
- I found the culture in Colombia quite similar to that of Western countries. The cultural gap is therefore limited. If you choose to bring your future Colombian wife to a Western country, she will adapt easily.
- While there are still some safety issues, living in Colombia is pretty nice, especially in Medellin: Cheap, pleasant weather, friendly people, foreigner-friendly.

- English is not well-spoken (but most girls don't mind teaching you some Spanish).
- A lot of Colombian girls have had cosmetic surgery. I'm not a fan.
- Some guys I know who are married with Colombian girls have told me that their relationship can be very passionate and intense, with some crazy fights!

Mostly Catholic or atheist (in larger cities).

To meet a Colombian girl:
- If you are in Colombia: Bogota is the best, then Medellin (most beautiful girls but more foreigners too), and Cartagena (caution: many prostitutes there).
- If you are not in Colombia yet: Check Colombian Cupid.

From all the country I’ve visited, I would say that Vietnam is where you can most easily date a very pretty girl. There are just so many of them, even the ones selling street food are worth asking out.

However, the language barrier can be an issue.

It’s pretty much impossible to learn Vietnamese without years of efforts, and the majority of local girls do not speak English well.

It’s not the end of the world, but it means you are limited to communicating with 5% or 10% of the population.

- Pretty girls with a strong character, who value education and family.
- Vietnamese girls don’t seem to care too much about the age difference. Up to 20 years is fine as long as you can be faithful and support them financially.
- Vietnam is cheap and it is a pleasant country to live in.

- Vietnamese girls can be quite conservative. They expect you to marry them, not fool around.
- Communication might be difficult and you may have a hard time bonding with your partner.

Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, and Atheist.

To meet a Vietnamese girl:
- If you are abroad: Check VietnamCupid
- If you are in Vietnam: HCMC (best), Hanoi (more conservative), Danang

Ukrainian Girls on dating sites (like Ukraine Date) are so beautiful that you might wonder if their photos are fake.

I've been to Kiev several times before the war, and I can tell you they are not. If you have an affinity for tall, blonde, slim and white-skinned women, then the country will feel like a paradise.

- Maybe the prettiest girls in Europe, yet quite easy to date
- Traditional mentality, strong family values and committed to their marriage

- Because of the war, it is obviously more difficult to meet someone in the country and you will have to accept a long distance relationship

Mostly Orthodox (70%) and Catholic (10%).

To meet a Ukrainian girl
- If you are abroad: Check Ukraine Date

I’m pretty sure you never thought about Kazakhstan to find a girlfriend, right?

That’s exactly why you should consider it: Low competition.

This is a rather isolated country, rarely visited by tourists, with few expats, and yet girls are among the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

- Girls are very diverse: Kazakhs (mostly Asian features), Russians, Ukrainians, Koreans, Chinese, etc.
- Very warm and charming personalities
- An inexpensive and safe country, very pleasant in the summer months

- Not many airlines flying to Kazakhstan so the tickets to go there can be expensive
- Very cold weather most of the year
- Not easy to meet Kazakh girls if you live abroad

Mostly atheist.

To meet a Kazakh girl
It’s better to go directly to Astana or Almaty.

I’ve lived over 6 years in Indonesia so this is the country I know best.

Indonesian girls can be wonderful: Generous, caring and fun to be with. I also find them beautiful and exotic. However, you must be careful: Avoid bar girls or professional girlfriends, and focus on the ones with a job.

- If you are serious about marriage, you will be very successful, even with girls who are way above your league.
- Indonesian girls are very easy-going and uncomplicated (but jealous!)
- The Indonesian language is easy to learn
- Who wouldn't want to move to Bali or retire there?

- Most Indonesian Muslim girls will not marry you if you don’t become a Muslim.
- As a husband, you will have to help your bride’s family financially when needed (hospital bills, accidents, education, etc).
- Very deep cultural differences between Indonesians and Westerners (but you’ll need a few years in the country to realize that).
- If your Indonesian wife follows you to your home country, she may have difficulties to adapt. On the contrary, it might be difficult for you to find a job in Indonesia or to enjoy living in large Indonesian cities.

90% Muslim, 10% Christian, Hindu, Atheist. Religion is very important for most Indonesian girls (or, at least, pretending to be religious is important).

To meet an Indonesian girl:
- If you are abroad, I’d recommend using IndonesianCupid or
- If you are in Indonesia: Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Bali.

Even though millions of tourists come to Thailand each year, it is still a good option to find a wife.

Of course, you should avoid the bar and club scene, and focus instead on the tens of thousands of normal girls who have day jobs.

- Thailand is easy to visit, cheap, with fairly good infrastructure and many opportunities for foreigners.
- There are still plenty of pretty Thai girls who are single and looking for an overseas fiancé.
- Thailand is richer than neighboring countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, etc.
- Most Thai girls speak English

- Most expats I know who are married to a Thai woman complain about money. It seems there is never enough and/or that it is spent too easily
- The prettiest Thai girls will date Thai guys from rich families or rich expats. If you are a middle-aged tourist with an average budget, don’t get your hope too high.

Mostly Buddhist

To meet a Thai girl
- If you are abroad: Check ThaiCupid
- If you are in Thailand: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, or visit cities in the Isan region (Ubon Ratchathani, Udon Thani, Khon Kaen). Avoid Pattaya and Phuket.

There are over 250 million singles in China. Among them, the Chinese girls who are above 30, especially the most educated ones, have a lot of difficulties finding a local husband. They are considered “left-overs”. For this reason, many are open to dating foreigners.

- Lots of pretty girls, thin, and rather easy to date
- Strong family values, hard-working, well-educated
- An age difference of up to 15 years in a couple is common and accepted

- The Chinese and the Western mindset are very different so you will need to be open-minded and flexible.
- Many dating sites and apps are blocked in China so it limits the number of girls available for chatting.
- Living in China is not attractive to many people.

Quite diverse but mostly Buddhist, Taoist, Confucianist.

To meet a Chinese girl:
I recommend China Love Cupid.

Brazil is such a large country, you will certainly be surprised by the diversity of girls there: Black, white, Metis, Asian, etc. It's pretty much like in the United States.

You will also see huge differences between the South of the country, the North, the Center or the Coastal areas.

- In general, well-educated, smart, financially independent to a certain extent, sexy and outgoing
- Very large choice
- Almost no cultural gap

- More difficult to date than in the other countries listed here except in large cities like Sao Paulo, Brasilia.

Catholic, Evangelical

To meet a Brazilian girl:
If you are abroad, I recommend Brazil Cupid or Seeking
If you are in Brazil, the competition is a bit tough in the larger cities (Rio, Sao Paulo) so you may want to visit instead more provincial towns like Goiânia, Belo Horizonte, Recife and Curitiba.

I have actually never been to Russia, but I met several Russian girls while traveling. Honestly, they couldn’t stop complaining about Russian guys and how it was difficult for them to find a decent man.

Basically, if you have a good job, if you are manly, if you are romantic and if you are stable, you will be successful with them.

- Tons of girls, especially the ones in their 30-35, who are very interested to meet foreign guys (lots of divorcees or single moms in particular)
- Smart girls, educated, who can adapt to moving to a different country

- Not as warm and fun to be with as Latin American or Southeast Asian girls.

50% orthodox. Quite many atheists too.

To meet a Russian girl:
- Moscow and Saint Petersburg have more westernized and sophisticated girls. You can also check Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg.
- If you are abroad, try RussianCupid

5 comments to '' 10 Best Countries to Find a Wife [2024] "

  1. I also spend a lot of time in Indonesia, Thailand and The Philippines. I think all three of these countries are not an easy place (for me) to find a girl. I have always been struggeling to meet girls in these three countries (especially Thailand!!)

    The largest reason for this is the large amount of Western guys living in all the 3 mentioned countries. Thailand is full of Westerners as is well known and also Indonesia and The Philippines have a large (and quickly growing) expat and western crowd (In Indonesia especially in Bali and Jakarta where i mostly stay). This makes it increasingly difficult to meet girls, especially since i am nearing my mid 40's. I know this is a surprise for most westerners living in Indonesia and Philippines because for most it may still be easy to meet large amounts of girls but it is just my experience.

    My new ground is now Ethiopia, here its totally different, huge amounts of beautiful girls and almost no expat to be seen. And the girls in ethiopia are really interested in meeting a westerner, couple that with the fact that there are very few westerers around there and you are in for a nice surprise.

    The big disadvantage about Ethiopia though is the lack of English skills. Probably 90% of the population speaks no English. but if you find a great guy to help you this problem can be solved easily. Other problems with Ethiopia are the poverty, lack of tourist infrastructure and the very, very bad local cuisine. But the country has an increadibly rich nature and many beautiful area's to visit (besides hunting girls).

    1. I saw amazing Ethiopian girls when I was living in Israel. That made me really curious about the country... It's definitely a place to check!

  2. "Honestly, they couldn’t stop complaining about Russian guys and how it was difficult for them to find a decent man." - sure they. Be ready to spent most of your money and free time so as russian wife tell or. Or face that she will call you useless, cheat and divorce taking as much as she can. Less and less russian guys agree to such relations, so we are bad bad people. Compare to wealthier, more open and insecure guys from Western Europe or America. But fore a first several month or even year or two there are great love and care, and sex and much more - it's a demoversion and investment from her side to have a legal right for immigration and/or having as much as she can when she will divorce with you. Sometimes exceptions happens, so if you still beleave in fairytales - go forward, they will to bite off your something (compare to some Thai girls who can if you cheat).

  3. Kazakhstan - mostly muslim but if girl from not too traditional family she will tell you that she is not beliver, cause most of them thinks that westerners afraids of muslim girls.

  4. All I can say from this list is - The Phillipines. Best of Bars, Booze, Babes!