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Yogyakarta Nightlife: Bars, Clubs, Karaokes and Spas

By Jakarta100bars →
I was disappointed with Yogyakarta nightlife. As a city famous for attracting students and tourists, I was expecting a fun party atmosphere with busy bars and nightclubs. On the contrary, Yogyakarta is quite conservative: Most girls wear the jilbab and you can see all over the city some aggressive banners against gays or Shia Muslims. I've read also about some incidents against a feminist group  just a few days ago. This gave me the impression to be in Saudi Arabia more than in "tolerant" Indonesia. In spite of this, I still had fun but I had to try quite many venues before figuring out which ones were crowded and which ones were boring. The objective of this guide is to save you some time and give you the best tips to enjoy Yogyakarta nightlife if you are a single traveler there. If new bars and clubs open, please mention them in the comments to help me keep this review up-to-date. Last update: September 2018. Girl-Friendly Hotels in Yogyakarta:

Tangerang Nightlife: Exploring BSD and Serpong

By Jakarta100bars →
I've been living in Tangerang for over a month now and I've had a few occasions to visit the bars and nightclubs there. This review will give you a short overview of the nightlife in Tangerang and more precisely in the new cities Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) and Gading Serpong. Note : If you need a hotel, please check Serpong Hotel Deals and Tangerang Hotel Deals  (I make a small commission on every booking but the price does not change for you and it helps me maintain Jakarta100bars). Overview of Tangerang Enigma Nightclub in Gading Serpong

Malang Nightlife: Best Bars, Clubs and Spas

By Jakarta100bars →
Malang is one of the nicest cities I've been to in Java. It is a mid-sized mountain town just 2 hours from Surabaya, relatively clean (for Indonesia standards) and with a pleasant weather. As you would expect, Malang nightlife is not the most happening. The current hotspot is actually the brand-new Starbucks, in front of which you may surprisingly see a couple of Ferraris. If you want to party, you have a few good bars and nightclubs though, enough to keep you busy for a weekend. Most bars are laid-back beer houses or live music cafés with a student crowd. They are not so sophisticated and their prices are as low as it can get. Clubs are more diversified. The best ones are modern, with a rich crowd, sexy girls and decent entertainment (DJs, bands, dancers). On the other end of the spectrum, you also have more underground joints with prostitutes and drugs easily available.

Solo Nightlife (Surakarta) - Bars, Clubs, KTVs, Spas

By Nyoman →
Small in size but touristy, Solo (or Surakarta) is often considered the little sister of Yogyakarta. I was in the city to visit a French friend who lived there for 8 years. He showed me the nightlife on a Friday and a Saturday night. Guest-Friendly Hotels in Solo The city is home to plenty of hotels, but beware as many are conservative and may not accept if you stay with a girl you aren't married to. As a rule of thumb, avoid small family guest-houses and any hotel with the name "syariah" on it (obviously).

Surabaya Nightlife: Best Nightclubs, Bars and Spas

By Jakarta100bars →
I have always enjoyed Surabaya nightlife even though the options for nightclubs and bars are limited and somewhat provincial. 3 million people live there, making it the second largest city in Indonesia. Compared to Jakarta, it still feels laid-back and unsophisticated. The streets are rather clean, you can walk on the sidewalks and the traffic is not horrible. There are several modern malls, but none of them as chic as Plaza Indonesia or even Grand Indonesia. Few expats live in Surabaya and even fewer tourists visit it. As a result, you may get more attention than usual from the people. If you are a single guy, it is nice to see girls smiling at you in the streets or in the malls. On Tinder and other  dating apps , expect to become quite popular. Meeting a normal girl is fairly easy in certain clubs and bars like Desperados, Jimmy's, Eclectic or Colors Pub. In other venues, you may have either a lot of "lady companions" or just younger girls who are part

Osmosis Nightclub (Aston Hotel Cirebon)

By Jakarta100bars →
Osmosis is a live music bar and nightclub located in Cirebon, about 3 hours by train from Jakarta. It is inside the Aston Hotel and Convention Center  on Jalan Brigjen Dharsono. I was surprised to see that there are several clubbing options in the city: You also have Rockstar Mixology or Mithas Pub for instance. None of these is as happening as what you would find in Jakarta, but at least they provide decent entertainment. Osmosis is a clean, modern and intimate space with live bands and DJs every night. They have a different theme every day (though they may change it from time to time): Monday is a student night, Tuesday is for old school music, Wednesday is for special event/open format, Thursday is for classic rock, Friday is for hip-hop/Rn'B/trap. On Saturday, they'll often have a more famous live band or DJ, sometime from Jakarta.

Jember Nightlife: E-Club

By Jakarta100bars →
Jember nightlife is very quiet as you could imagine. The only decent nightclub I could find is E-Club which is located about 1,5km from the city center (I was staying in Aston Jember ). It is a small venue with a 200 pax capacity. Nothing luxurious there, just the walls, a stage, a bar and high tables on the dance floor. Entry was free but some busy nights it can reach Rp50,000. The crowd was mostly made of guys, not particularly dressed up for the occasion. There were less than 10 girls. A band was playing a mix of Indonesian and famous English songs. After midnight, it stopped and was replaced by a DJ (house music).

Kowloon Nightclub Surabaya (C-Bar)

By Jakarta100bars →
Kowloon International Palace is a one-stop entertainment complex in Surabaya. It features C-bar (live music), Kowloon (nightclub) and a Chinese restaurant. They also do weddings and concerts in their function hall. It is located on the 5th floor of the mid-class mall Plaza Surabaya. The first time I went there, the taxi dropped me off at the lobby, but there is no lift so I had to walk through the parking to get there. Make sure you get dropped on the 5th floor.

Jimmy's (Marriott Hotel Surabaya)

By Jakarta100bars →
Jimmy's is the bar/nightclub that replaces Vertical Six in Marriott Hotel in Surabaya. It is more of a live music venue, similar with Colors Pub. I've never seen it completely packed but still, it is one of the most happening bars in town. You can expect to have between 50 and 100 pax every night, a mix of local residents, travelers and expats. There were quite a few girls as well who did not seem to be prostitutes. A few of them were drinking alone at the bar which is a bit suspicious though.

Semarang Nightlife: Best Bars, Clubs, Karaokes and Spas

By Jakarta100bars →
Semarang is the 5th largest city in Indonesia with almost 2 millions inhabitants. Yet, its nightlife is not very developed apart from a few male-oriented bars, clubs, karaokes and spas. As a friend from Semarang told me, the problem is that most young people fall into one of these categories: - They are single but they still live with parents - They are conservative or not interested with clubbing - They married young and already have kids - They left Semarang for Jakarta, Surabaya or Bali - They cannot afford partying In the end, the few people you see in clubs are Indo-Chinese men/local businessmen/government employees (all of them with their escorts/LCs), some Indonesians on business trips or traveling, very few expats and occasionally, students.

Bandung Nightlife: Best Bars and Nightclubs (Updated 2016)

By Jakarta100bars →
UPDATE 2016: The new hotspots for Bandung nightlife are the following venues: MOX Club , Shelter , Southbank  and Sobbers . Bandung  nightlife is just as interesting as the nightlife in   Bali  or  Jakarta : - Jakarta  is a gigantic city, with a lot of wealthy locals and expatriates. Its nightlife tends to be chic and sophisticated, with hundreds of venues competing to get the spotlight.

Club 360 - Renaissance Royal (Surabaya)

By Jakarta100bars →
Club 360 is part of the Renaissance Royal complex in Royal Plaza in Surabaya. It is next to the massage parlour Celsius and the KTV Rhythm. Everything belongs to the Top Ten Group, the owner of Coyote and Stasiun Disco . The club is not always very crowded. Most often, you only have a few groups of guys drinking with lady companions from the karaoke. If you come without a girl, you may have a GRO (Guest Relation Officer) coming to chat with you. Don't expect to find a normal girl in 360°, only a few are available.

Colors Pub (Surabaya)

By Jakarta100bars →
Colors Pub is one of the most famous bars/clubs in Surabaya. Centrally located on Jalan Surabaya (next to the Society Complex), it is part of the same group behind Eclectic and Our Bar. It is mostly a live music venue with a large performance stage and tables all around it. They are opened every day of the week, with the current schedule:

Station Top 10 Nightclub (Surabaya)

By Jakarta100bars →
Station Top 10 is a nightclub located on the 6th floor of Tunjungan Plaza Mall in Surabaya. Also spelled "Stasiun", it belongs to the same group behind Top 10 Coyote Bar . Station is a middle class venue that most people visit to take drugs. You will normally be offered ecstasy as soon as you enter (price around Rp350,000 for one). The music is fast-paced techno that you won't be able to enjoy unless you are high. The place is quite dark and it has an underground feel. Very few foreigners visit it so you will be an attraction there. You have sexy dancers several times in the evening but they seem to keep their bras on at all time. Many freelance prostitutes available but it can be hard to see what they look like in the dark. Most girls will ask you for ecstasy which can be a bit annoying.

Coyote Bar (Ten Club and Karaoke) Surabaya

By Jakarta100bars →
Coyote Club in Surabaya is one of the best party spots in the city. It is owned by the same group behind Ten Club and Karaoke and Stasiun Disco (both in Tunjungan Plaza) and Celsius Spa and 360 club (both in Royal Plaza).

Desperados Bar (Shangri La Surabaya)

By Jakarta100bars →
Desperados Bar is one of the few expat bars in Surabaya. If you are on a business trip, it is a convenient place to have a few drinks and kill your boredom. The concept is similar to BATS in Jakarta , though it is much less happening. Located in the basement of the Shangri-La, it has a daily live band (Indonesian playing Top 40 songs from the past 40 years), some working girls, and a grill/Mexican restaurant attached to it. Most of the action is around the circular bar where you can easily meet other expats.