Updated in April 2021: I removed Babyface (+ several other venues) and I added Blackroom.

Semarang is the 5th largest city in Indonesia with almost 2 millions inhabitants. Yet, its nightlife is not very developed apart from a few male-oriented bars and clubs.

As a friend from Semarang told me, the problem is that most young people fall into one of these categories:
- They are single but they still live with parents
- They are conservative or not interested with clubbing
- They married young and already have kids
- They left Semarang for Jakarta, Surabaya or Bali
- They cannot afford partying

In the end, the few people you see in clubs are local businessmen/government employees, some Indonesians on business trips or traveling, very few expats and occasionally, students.

This does not mean that you cannot have fun, especially on weekends as you still have a few good venues for partying. 

In this small guide I will give you a few tips to make sure you enjoy the best of Semarang nightlife.

Hotels near the Nightlife:
Hotels are cheap in Semarang. Even the best one in the city, the Crowne Plaza is around 60$-70$ a night. 

I recommend you to book one of these hotels because they are close to the tourist attractions and near the best nightclubs. They are also used to welcoming foreigners.



Crowne Plaza Semarang: This is my most recommended hotel as it is within one of the best malls in Semarang (Paragon Mall).
Novotel Semarang: Second most recommended, with a live music bar inside (and some prostitutes as well)

Best Nightclubs and Bars in Semarang
Nightclubs in Semarang always work with a similar concept: They are small lounges with live music at the beginning of the evening, and then a DJ afterward. You rarely have a dancefloor, only people drinking and dancing around tables.

This is the best place to visit at the moment. Centrally located in the city and it is reasonably busy with a "normal" party crowd. It is a new venue that still looks trendy, with a good sound system and clean facilities. Music is the usual EDM or Rn'B.

Best Bars and Lounges in Semarang
If you are looking for a relaxed venue to have a few drinks in Semarang, I would advise one of the bars/lounges/restaurants below. Most of them are located in the southern hills, with good views of the city.

The favorite hang-out spot for students and younger expats. Good choice of beers.

The most modern bar in Semarang. Good crowd but a bit pricey.

Upmarket restaurant and lounge with a great view of Semarang.

The most famous expat bar in Semarang. Old-style and relaxed.

This bar is great for cocktails. It is within the old town in a Dutch heritage building. Popular with tourists.

Since I don't go to Semarang very often, I would greatly appreciate it if you could leave a comment below to update me about the new nightlife spots in the city (or the ones who have closed). Thanks in advance!

7 comments to '' Semarang Nightlife: Bars and Clubs (Updated 2021) "

  1. Great post, thanks. Any decent joints around the tembalang undip area?

    1. Hi there, sorry I didn't go that far in the South... i didn't hear about any club or bar near Diponegoro Uni so I don't think you'll find something happening... let me know if I'm wrong...

    2. There's a club about 3kms from diponegoro uni. (bella @plaza hotel) and a massage lounge about 2kms from ur location (x-shiatsu ngesrep). check them out dude.

  2. Yeah, seen both while driving by, haven't visited yet. Any good? Went to funky munky @ jatimulyo on a sakapatat bartenders suggestion..cheap beer, student crowd. Meandered into bear babes on timoho raya as well..even cheaper beer, no crowd to speak of

  3. An excellent review, i heard that Elysium still open yet , and would you like to add other places such as Rinjani Pub , Club 123 , Rendezvouz , Zephyr , XMovies , Shark Club , Starqueen , Mantili and some beer house like Carnivor Skybar , Lounge Level Six , Markaaz Beer Garden , Goodfellas & Modus Bar , Hugo Cafe (ex Largo Bistrot) , Nescology and many more

  4. Hi guys is $150 a lot of money for a lady in Semirang

    1. just get between $50-$70 no more