Malang is one of the nicest cities I've been to in Java. It is a mid-sized mountain town just 2 hours from Surabaya, relatively clean (for Indonesia standards) and with pleasant weather (though it can be rainy).

As you would expect, Malang nightlife is not the most happening. The current hotspot is actually the brand-new Starbucks, in front of which you may surprisingly see a couple of Ferraris. If you want to party, you have a few good bars and nightclubs though, enough to keep you busy for a weekend.

Most bars are laid-back beer houses or live music cafés that are popular with students. These venues are not so sophisticated and their prices are as low as they can get. There are some reputed universities in the city (Universitas Negeri Malang in particular), so the crowd is rather educated and you can easily make friends if you are not shy to socialize.

Clubs are more diversified. The best ones are modern, with a rich crowd, sexy girls and decent entertainment (DJs, bands, dancers). On the other end of the spectrum, you also have a more underground nightlife of seedy karaokes and "executive clubs".
I learned that alcohol is supposed to be prohibited in Malang, yet I didn't have any difficulties buying any, including hard liquor.

Note: I updated this article in April 2021, removing some venues and adding others. Because of the COVID pandemic, some venues are temporarily closed. If you plan on going to one of them, just make sure to check their Instagram page to see if they have reopened or not.

Best Nightclubs, Bars and Cafés in Malang

Rust Bar
A chill pub with live acoustic music, perfect to drink your first beer of the night. It is usually busy with a mixed crowd of students and young professionals who come in groups.

Instagram: Rust Bar Malang

Hugo's Club Malang
Hugo's is a small and student-oriented club. Located in the basement of the shopping center Cyber Mall (ex-Plaza Dieng, next to City Point), it is a modern venue with good music and friendly staff. The dance floor is tiny, which does not really matter as most clubbers stay around tables.

It is not crowded every night, so try to visit it on weekends or on their campus nights (Monday). Ladies' night on Wednesday is fun too.

Music is the usual EDM, Hip-Hop, House, Top 40. For more information about their events, you can check their twitter and Instagram accounts below. Open until 3am except for Sunday.
Address: Jalan Raya Langsep 2, Cyber Mall, Basement
Phone number: (0341) 586305

Instagram: Hugo's Club Malang
Twitter: Hugo's Malang

The Nine Club
A modern club, opened in 2018, that consists of a medium-sized main room with high tables and an elevated stage. Most customers are male in their late 20s and 30s. They often have busy events so check their Instagram page for more information: 9 Club Malang

Levels Brewhouse
Levels Brewhouse was the first beer bar to open in Malang and it is still one of the busiest today. It is cozy, with air con and comfortable sofas, pretty much like a Starbucks actually. They have a selection of foreign beers, including Hoegaarden, Erdinger and Leffe. Live bands and DJs a few nights per week. Sports on TV.

Address: Jalan Terusan Borobudur 26
Phone number: (0341) 416 814
Email :

Instagram: Levels Brewhouse

Public Malang
This is another student pub, in a rather minimalist design. Two floors, one is loud with live music and the other one more quiet, like a lounge. Prices are decent (30k for a small Bintang). They have the usual ladies' nights and campus nights.

Instagram: Public Malang

Backroom by Triangle
Similar to Public (in more trendy), it is also crowded mostly with youngsters in their late teens and early twenties. Live music every night.

My Place Pub (Closed since 2020)
Located in Hotel Kartika Graha, My Place is the most popular nightclub in Malang at the time of writing. It is usually crowded even during the week and it is also one of the few venues in Malang with expats.

The club has a 200-pax capacity, on two levels. The upstairs mezzanine is a VIP area with private sofas. There is also a luxury karaoke of 11 rooms. Prices for the karaoke start at IDR2.6M net for 3 hours in the room and a bottle of Jack Daniel's.

The entrance to the club is Rp80,000 with one free beer. Live music every night (Top 40 songs), then a DJ performance (Rn'B, House, EDM). They also have fashion shows and sexy dancers occasionally. Ladies night is on Wednesdays (Free tequila and free entry for girls). Tuesday is beer night (Buy 1 Get 1 Draught Beer).
Address: Hotel Kartika Graha, Jalan Jaksa Agung Suprapto 17
Phone number: (0341) 352 209

Instagram: My Place Malang

Best Hotels Near Malang Nightlife
I was staying in the Hotel Tugu near the train station and I believe it was a great choice. It is very central so you can walk to almost any attractions in the city. The hotel restaurant is one of the best in the city and if you want to try local dishes, you have several street food stalls 5 minutes away.

It is more expensive than average but still reasonable for Western standards. Prices are higher on weekends.

Whiz Prime Basuki Rahmat
This is a budget hotel with a central location, clean facilities and an affordable price. Best of its kind in the city if all you are looking for is a comfortable place to stay with all the basic amenities.

Hotel Aria Gajayana
This hotel is not as centrally located as the two above, but it is still very convenient. Within the same building, you have a spa, a mall, a bar, a karaoke and several restaurants. The value for money is excellent as you'll pay less than 50$ for 4-star facilities.

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  1. Und Corner on jalan ijen no 84, center of town is known for good food and beers...part of hotel tugu group

  2. I will recommend you Rust Bar and Cafe, located on Jalan S. Parman no 9. They also have pretty cheap beers and some Strongbow ciders, which are pretty hard to find in Malang. For foods, they serve Mexican food, just in case you want some. They also have DJs and band performance.

  3. Uber is now spotty, but there are usually drivers present in Malang.

  4. update in September 2017:
    both Tribuana Spa and Dhogadho seem no longer to exist.
    I did no succeed to figure out an address of Tribuana Spa (its facebook site is incomplete and does not even mention a phone number).
    And this website says that Dhogadho is located at Jl. Raya Tlogomas no. 99 Kav. 1-3. I went there, but was told that this spa , but is no longer located there, but moved to Batu, which is about 10 kms northwest of Malang. Does anybody have any other tipcs where to find a plus plus spa with hot girl who know to give an excellent massage in Malang?

  5. Here an overview of spas in Malang:

    and this seems to be the new address of the Dhogadho in Batu:

  6. My Place was absolutely dead on a Wednesday night, last month. Entrance at 100,000 rp including a big Bali Hai, some 15-20 ladies asking a staggering 600,000 rp for a minimum of 3-hour company (no extra). No fun whatsoever in Malang at night, go to Surabaya instead.

  7. Lavos isn’t available. Whether they moved or closed. Mx mall just closed