I have always enjoyed Surabaya nightlife even though the options for nightclubs and bars are limited and somewhat provincial.

3 million people live there, making it the second largest city in Indonesia. Compared to Jakarta, it still feels laid-back and unsophisticated. The streets are rather clean, you can walk on the sidewalks and the traffic is not horrible. There are several modern malls, but none of them as chic as Plaza Indonesia or even Grand Indonesia.

Few expats live in Surabaya and even fewer tourists visit it. As a result, you may get more attention than usual from locals. I remember being at McDonald's and people were pointing at me as if I was some sort of curiosity.

Since COVID happened, a lot of places have closed down in the city and the opening times may be shorter now. It can be a good idea to make a phone call to the venue you want to visit beforehand.

If you are completely new to Surabaya, the best way to start your night out is to go to a mall like Surabaya Town Square and drink a beer at one of the cafés. You can also try to meet with locals on the dating apps that are the most popular in Indonesia. Finally, below is a list of the best bars and nightclubs in Surabaya. If you think I should add/remove a venue, please let me know in the comments below!

Best Nightclubs in Surabaya
Most nightclubs in Surabaya are targeting a local crowd. The most popular are male-oriented, with lady companions or GROs available. People usually stay around a table and order bottles of alcohol. If people dance, it is between friends and not on the dancefloor.

Top 10 Coyote Bar and Karaoke
Part of the Top 10 Group, this small club is one of the most happening in Surabaya. Easy to access in Plaza Tunjungan, it features DJs and sexy dancers all night long (including girls from Thailand). Most of the crowd is Indochinese, Singaporean and Malaysian.

It is the most expensive venue in Surabaya with a first drink charge of Rp200,000 on most nights.

Club 360
Owned by the same group behind Coyote, Club 360 is a large, round-shaped nightclub located in Royal Plaza Mall. It is part of a complex featuring a spa and a karaoke. Club 360 is not so busy during the week unless there is a special event.

Maybe the largest nightclub in Surabaya, this is a very local place with deafening music and probably some drugs on sale. It has an upmarket karaoke with lady companions.

Best Bars and Live Music Venues in Surabaya
Colors Pub
This bar features live bands, DJs or special shows every night. It is not as crowded as it used to be. Decent pub food available.

Eclectic Bar
Eclectic Bar is almost always busy, probably because of its location at the entrance of the popular Surabaya Town Square mall. If you need to have a drink during the week, this would be my first recommendation as you can be sure you won't be alone. Near Eclectic are several other bars and cafés.

Desperados is the sports bar of the Shangri-La. This is where you'll find the highest concentration of expats and foreigners in the city, mostly guys above 40. Some girls go there to find a boyfriend (and others to find money). Live music every evening.

Hotels Near Surabaya Nightlife
Surabaya is a huge city without an obvious city center. The most interesting nightlife venues are near Tunjungan Plaza (Jalan Basuki Rahmat), near Jalan Sumatra, or near Surabaya Town Square (Jalan MayJen Sungkono).

My hotel recommendations to enjoy Surabaya nightlife are the following:

Luxury and 5-star hotels:
Shangri La has an expat bar called Desperados which gets lively in the evening with live music. It also has a central location and its prices are reasonable.

The Sheraton is located within the new Tunjungan Plaza Mall extension, walking distance from the famous Coyote Top 10 Club.

Hotel Ciputra World is also within a luxury mall and it is brand new. The location is not as central but you have a few bars and clubs around.

4-star hotels
TS Suites is located within the Surabaya Town Square. It is the best 4-star hotel in the city.

This is another hotel within the mall Tunjungan Plaza. Even though it is a 4-star property, it is so popular that its prices are similar to the Sheraton. It is actually much newer and its design more modern.

Midtown Hotel and Swiss Belinn Tunjungan are both walking distance from Tunjungan Plaza. They offer the best compromise between comfort and price.

If your budget is under 25$ per night, you can try Favehotel MexCitihub Sudirman and Citihub Tunjungan.

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