Ibiza Club (Pluit)

By Jakarta100bars
Ibiza is one of the few normal happening clubs in Northern Jakarta. When I say "normal", it means you can go with your girlfriend as it is not only drugs, dark corners and prostitutes. They do have sexy dancers though.

They have been running for over a year now and they have established themselves as the place to go after midnight in the Pluit area for those who don't want to go to the city center. It is rather big (1000 pax capacity) and open 6 days a week. The crowd is mixed Indonesian and Indo-Chinese.

It has regular events with DJs (all style: Trance, Electro, Rn'B), Dance Shows and Live Music. Check their facebook/twitter below for updates.

In the same location, you also have Chamomile Tea House & Bistro.
Ibiza Club
Chamomile Tea House & Bistro
Pluit Junction Mall - 8th Floor, next to XXI cinemas
Jalan Pluit Raya No. 1, Jakarta 
Phone number: +62 (0) 83808760488 or +62-21 66607458 / 9

BB Pin: 2762BA9F
Email: cs@ibicha.com

Opening Hours:
Monday and Tuesday from 11am to 2am
Wednesday and Thursday from 11am to 3am
Friday from 11am to 4am

Saturday: from 5pm to 4am

I took the pictures from Ibiza's facebook. Here are some more from their sexy dancer shows:

5 comments to '' Ibiza Club (Pluit) "

  1. Woooow so hot and i think its a good place

  2. don't go there except weekends, weekdays are just to quiet and boring.

  3. sayang bgt club bagus2 karyawannya gak di gaju bulan ini.mau bangkrut ya?

    1. Translation: The club has not paid the salary of its staff this month. Is it true?

  4. Hey i know 1 of these girls wearing black shes my childhood friends wow