Atlas Bali (Canggu)

By Tibs
The Atlas complex in Berawa beach in Canggu is the number one entertainment destination in Bali. It features the Atlas Beach Club, the biggest in the world, and the Atlas Superclub, the largest nightclub in Bali. It also has some shops and a food court area with restaurant chains such as Dear Butter, Wahana, Pison, or Sushi Toku.

Atlas Beach Club
Atlas Beach Club sits right in front of the Indian ocean, on the sands of Berawa beach. It has 6 swimming pools, all of them surrounded by tropical trees and lush plants. One pool is reserved for kids while another one, with a length of 50 meters, is ideal for swimmers. In the center, there is a stage area with a sound system so powerful that it can be used for outdoor concerts.

At the time of writing, it costs IDR 250,000 to enter the beach club. For this price, you get a free drink and a towel.

Personally, I prefer booking a private table, right next to one of the swimming pools. It is much more convenient as you will have a place to keep your belongings and you will be able to lay down on a mattress.

To get one, the cheapest package costs IDR 3.5  millions for a group of up to  4 people (you can check the prices and book yours online on their website). This is a minimum to spend and it  is quite easy to reach if you stay a few hours in the beach club. In case you have a remaining credit, you can always buy a bottle of spirits or some food to take home with you.

The atmosphere of Atlas changes during the day:

- In the morning, the music is soft and the pools are less crowded. It is perfect for those who really want to swim and relax. Before 1 PM, you also get a 50% discount on the minimum spend of each table. It’s also the best moment to bring your kids. They have their own dedicated space with plenty of games and activities.
- In the afternoon, the DJs increase the volume and the tunes are more upbeat. They may also have shows like Kecak dance, Fire dance, or a saxophonist player. The beach club fills up all day long until it reaches its maximum occupancy at sunset. If you plan to come at this time, it is better to reserve your table in advance as it is most likely to be full. Don't forget to bring your sunscreen as the sun can hit pretty hard in the middle of the day.
- In the evening, it is more or less crowded depending on the event. If there is an international DJ, the whole place will be packed. Other evenings are more laid-back but you'll always have some people dancing in the center, near the podium of the DJ.

The crowd of Atlas is quite diverse. It is very popular with Indonesians, especially those from Jakarta, but lately, there have also been more and more foreigners too.

Good to know: If you stay elsewhere in Canggu or even Seminyak, you can also come to the club walking from the beach. From Echo Beach for instance, it is only a 10-minute walk.

Atlas Super Club
Just behind the beach club, in a separate building, you can find Atlas Super Club. This nightclub is built like a warehouse: one huge rectangle room with brown bricks on the walls and a high ceiling.

It is decorated in an industrial style, with the upper part above the mezzanine made to resemble the inside of a clock. Despite this retro design, it has a modern and impressive sound and lighting system, probably one of the best in Bali and on par with what you could find in the best nightclubs in the world.

Mostly, the DJs play EDM and all the latest bangers. They also have famous international DJs about once or twice a month, such as Timmy Trumpet, Steve Aoki, Blasterjaxx, Krewella, etc.

On average, the entrance fee is IDR 150,000, but some weeknights are free while others can cost up to IDR300,000. Do check their Instagram before heading there to know about their latest events and promos.

Naturally, you can also book a sofa or a table if you spend at least 5 million for 8 people (on the second floor). This is the best option to avoid being squeezed with the rest of the crowd.

For more information, check their website Atlas Beach Fest (part of HW Group) or their Instagram pages: @atlasbeachfest and @atlassuperclub.

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