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Jakarta Nightlife: 15 Best Nightclubs (Updated 2024)

By Tibs →
The following is a ranking of the most happening nightclubs in Jakarta at the moment. Note: I updated this review of Jakarta's best nightclubs in January 2024. The line between a club and a bar can be thin. Some places are great for dancing and drinking but I didn't include them here because I considered them to be bars. Check my guide of the  Best Bars in Jakarta  for more party recommendations. If you think I forgot to mention a venue, please leave me a comment! Tips About Clubbing in Jakarta: Here are a few things you should know before heading for a night out: - If you are new to the city and you don't know where to start , I recommend going to the SCBD neighborhood where you can find several nightclubs and bars that are all within walking-distance from each other (H Club, Lucy in the Sky, Swillhouse, Embassy, Billions, etc). 5 minutes from there, you can also check all the venues in Senopati/Suryo street. - Clubbing in Jakarta is rather expensive. Expec