The Foundry no8 is located in the famous "Lot 8" of SCBD. It is an interesting and ambitious commercial  concept. On the ground floor, you will find several small shops, boutiques and restaurants. The whole area is called "A Collective Retail Space". The most interesting part for us is the Level II, where the club is located.

As for Empirica ( see my review here), which is adjacent to The Foundry no8, it is a big warehouse. You would even find steel containers and wood pallets in the club ! You also have couches and tables and a nice bar counter. The place is not nicely decorated and I find it very dark, even more than in a regular club. I went there a couple of times and the place was never fully packed. I think they have some regular customers who like this factory-style trendy place. But unfortunately, the place is not that trendy yet !

Overall: This is not a very busy place at the moment and I am not sure it will be in the next years or so...The good thing about this place is its location: the Lot 8 which is in the heart of SCBD. So basically, if you don't like the place, you can go to Lucy, Fable, Potatoe Head Garage or Empirica !

The Foundry no8 (SCBD, adjacent to Empirica)

Kawasan Niaga Terpadu Sudirman (SCBD) Lot 8, Jl.Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta, Indonesia 12190

Open everyday
Phone : (021) 5151529
Email :

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