I went there a couple of times, being curious about a new club opening in Jakarta, and the place was very empty at the begining. The particularity of this place, like The Foundry No 8 close by, is that it is like a warehouse, a giant rectangular space filled with couches, tables and bar counters. So obviously the place has to be fully packed otherwise it will just look empty.

The first thing that struck me is the flashy white colour, quite unusual for club, especially the walls and the couches. It is surprising, since many clubs actually have a black or very dark colours, but at the end it gives sort of a classy touch. As almost always in Jakarta, the music is electro and house music with pretty good sound system.

The crowd is mostly middle and upper class Indonesian Chinese, with still relatively few foreigners.

To be sure I was not missing anything, I went there for the Halloween party, "Empirica Lunatic Asylum". Basically the party theme was an abandoned hospital filled with weirdos, creepy nurses and doctors. The club was full and to be completely honest, I was impressed by the "show", a live performances of actresses and actors, playing on the steel platforms and stairs located behind the bar. Plus, the projections of decors on those gigantic white walls gave an intense impression, just like a live movie. You better keep your eyes wide open then if you dońt want miss anything!

I would recommend that place as a good option in the busy nightlife of the SCBD area. Empirica is clearly one of the new happening places of Jakarta nightlife in 2014. Themed parties in this particular club are a must-see for a great clubbing experience.
Empirica Jakarta  (The Foundry No 8)
SCBD Lot 8 Hall A
Kawasan Niaga Terpadu Sudirman
Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav 52-53
Jakarta Selatan 12190

Facebook: Empirica Jakarta
Twitter: Empirica Foundry 8
Website: Empirica

Phone number: +62-21 51400388 / 0812 9008 0841
BB pin : 2B1D7BD9

Opening Hours: 
Wednesday to Sunday 9:00 PM to 03:00 AM

4 comments to '' Empirica Jakarta ( SCBD, adjacent to The Foundry no8) "

  1. 01 Januari 2014,

    Overall: I would definitely go back

    A few friends and I visited Empirica on a Friday. The description on this site is accurate. The place was alot of fun, the DJ was good, and the service relatively quick for jakarta.

    Some items of interest:
    -Have fun, dress up. The women loved it and the guys looked dapper. You can dress casual if you want, but I think the place exudes a certain amount of class, though not snobby, that would be best enjoyed in higher caliber attire
    -Lots of tall people, both men and women. Maybe it was a model night but we just found this phenomenon noteworthy
    -The default alcohol is the most expensive, just so you know. Mixed drinks were done well
    -The couches in the middle of the club are cool, but annoying as they impede movement since they are so close together
    -Toilets were adequate
    -Too many photographers. They were annoying, mainly because of the bright lamps they carried with them, but would leave you alone if you told them to go away

    Great site, keep up the good work!

    PS - Could you please date your posts.

    PPS - Could you "sticky" your 2012 "best of" picks to the home page as they are a bit hard to find.

    PPPS - Looking forward to your 2013 Best Of Picks. Here are mine

    2013 Best of Jakarta Bars and Clubs Picks (01 January 2014)

    1. Fable (great club after midnight, somewhat small, good sound system)
    2. X2 (always fun, good dancing, slow service)
    3. Jaya Pub (unique, pub style, great scheme of having two bands so there's never a lull in the excitement)
    4. BATS (hotel bar, the current band is good)
    5. Skye (rooftop bar with a good selection of cocktails)
    6. Bluegrass (restaurant and lounge, nice ambiance, cool doors, close to Liquid Exchange)
    7. Equal Park (Jalan Jaksa area and a great place to start bar hopping, good live bands, cheap beer, good fans outside keep you comfortable in the nighttime heat)
    8. Top Gun (good band, cheap beer, pool table, bring a friend otherwise you meet one)
    9. Loewy (classy)
    10. Asmoro (dangdut bar, just go and check it out)
    11. Empirica (warehouse style setup, interesting decor)
    12. Luvs (closed as of january 31, 2013 but supposed to reopen later this year in south jakarta, you can dance on the bar, very small dance floor type area, loud electronic music)
    13. Immigrant (hit-and-miss, but awesome when it's awesome, lots of attractive women, they staple your change to the receipt)
    14. Potato Head Garage (visually interesting, good drinks, chicks dig it)
    ??. Tiga Puluh (honorable mention, band is decent, cool layout, closes early on the weekends so don't go late)

  2. Hey guys ,its friday night and for the first time i'm alone in Jakarta , any recommendation as where to go ?

  3. Went there on Thursday night and found it closed. Was told by the security guard at nearby restaurant that they will open for Khusus Weekend only on Friday.

  4. This CRAP place shouldn't provide any BBM PIN if it wouldn't add my BB PIN nor answer any of my questions!! Only read my messages but no replies. Emails were unanswered. People want to spend money at your place, hello! Please answer when people ask you questions, not ignore them.