Zappaz Piano Bar & Grill (Seminyak, Bali)

By Jakarta100bars
Zappaz is a very friendly piano bar on Jalan Laksana (Oberoi), in Seminyak. They have an eclectic live music schedule, from 8pm to midnight daily, ranging from jazz to old rock with some Indonesian classics as well. Frequently, you may also hear the owner, Norman Taylor, play the piano and sing (it is him on my photo above).

The clientele is older than the average for Seminyak, with about half Indonesians, half foreigner. It is family-friendly too.
Opening hours:
Everyday from 4pm to 12pm (or later)

Zappaz Piano Bar & Grill
Jl. Oberoi 54 B, Seminyak Bali, Sungai Bali, Indonesia 80361
Phone number: +62 361 742 5534
Facebook: Zappaz Bali

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1 comment to '' Zappaz Piano Bar & Grill (Seminyak, Bali) "

  1. I stopped at Zappaz recently. I had 4 vodka and tonics. It was during the day and I was the only customer. He said I could pay after. I was quite surprised when he charged me over $10.00 (Australian) per drink totalling 400k. This is the most I have ever paid ANYWHERE (Aus included) for a vodka and tonic. When I saw a sign promoting cocktails containing 3 spirits for 90k $9 au I expected my drink would be much less.
    I feel this guy saw me as a stupid tourist and decided to take advantage of me. He asked me to pay in cash but when I told him I was paying with card, he insisted I pay in cash. When I told him I thought he was charging me too much, he just ignored me and continued processing the card payment.
    Also. After 4 vodkas in quick succession I expected to have a good buzz happening. I have to say I barely felt anything. I also suspect the vodka was watered down.