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Best Nightclubs in Bali [2024]

By Tibs →
I just stayed in Bali for a month and I visited all the happening nightclubs and bars from  Kuta   to  Canggu . The venues I chose on this list are the busiest and most happening spots for partying. They are not ranked in a particular order as each of them targets a different crowd. You can also read 10 Best Nightclubs to Meet Girls in Bali  and Bali Nightlife: Where to Party? Please feel free to comment if I forgot an important nightclub! How to stay up to date on Bali nightlife? Bali nightlife evolves constantly. To stay up to date on the latest openings and events, I follow several Instagram accounts such as  Beat Magazine ,  The Canggupedia ,  Bali Radar ,  Bali Chronicles ,  What's New Bali  and  Bali Event Promoters . Check also  Bali Night Clubs  on Facebook. A benefit of these accounts is that they advertise promotions and deals, such as ladies' nights and happy hours. They might also be able to get you free entrances to clubs, especially if you are a woman.

Where to Party in Bali? A Complete Nightlife Guide (2023)

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  Partying is one of the best things to do during a trip to Bali. Bars and nightclubs can be found in every major city, especially in the southern part of the island. I already wrote an article about the  best nightclubs in Bali , but here I will focus on the nightlife areas and their specificities. I hope it will help you decide where to party, what kind of atmosphere to expect and how much you will spend. I will also recommend the best hotels in each area. As usual, you can ask any question by leaving a comment at the end of the page and I will do my best to answer them.

Best Nightclubs and Bars to Meet Girls in Bali (2023)

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Bali is a fantastic destination for single guys who want to meet girls. As soon as you arrive, you can download some popular dating apps and you'll be surprised by the high number of matches you will get. Another great way to meet girls in Bali is to visit bars and nightclubs, especially if you are staying around Kuta, Seminyak, and Canggu. I wrote extensively about the nightlife in those areas, most recently here: Bali Nightlife . In the following article, I will focus on the most recommended spots to meet girls. I've made sure to mention a diversity of venues so you are certain to find exactly what you are looking for. Discover the World's number 1 sugar dating website. Free to register and to look at all the girls' profiles. Best Nightclubs to Meet Girls in Bali Shishi  (Seminyak) One of the busiest nightclubs in Bali at the moment. It has a restaurant and two floors of music (hip-hop, RnB, and EDM). Guest DJs weekly. The best night

Atlas Bali (Canggu)

By Tibs →
The Atlas complex in Berawa beach in Canggu is the number one entertainment destination in Bali. It features the Atlas Beach Club, the biggest in the world, and the Atlas Superclub, the largest nightclub in Bali. It also has some shops and a food court area with restaurant chains such as Dear Butter, Wahana, Pison, or Sushi Toku. Atlas Beach Club Atlas Beach Club sits right in front of the Indian ocean, on the sands of Berawa beach. It has 6 swimming pools, all of them surrounded by tropical trees and lush plants. One pool is reserved for kids while another one, with a length of 50 meters, is ideal for swimmers. In the center, there is a stage area with a sound system so powerful that it can be used for outdoor concerts. At the time of writing, it costs IDR 250,000 to enter the beach club. For this price, you get a free drink and a towel. Personally, I prefer booking a private table, right next to one of the swimming pools. It is much more convenient as you will have a place to keep yo