I already wrote last year a complete review of Bali nightlife which I recently updated. I'm adding this ranking of the top 12 hottest clubs on the island. This list of the best party places should help you choose where to go for your night out. The $ sign indicates the average price category for a standard alcoholic drink.

The following venues are all the busiest party spots in Bali at the time of writing. Please feel free to comment!

I recommend you to choose a hotel near a nightclub. You'll avoid 4 things: Drunk motorbike accidents, bag snatchers, traffic jams and crooked taxi drivers. Read my article 10 Best Girl-Friendly Hotels Near Bali Nightlife or check these top Bali hotels to party with chic rooftop bars, multi-tiered pools and nearby beachside clubs.
1) Jenja $$$: Best overall
Photo source: Jenja Bali
Where is it? Jenja is located in the basement of the Town Square Suites on Jalan Nakula. It is just between Kuta and Seminyak and 3 minutes away from Double Six beach. There have been several cases of robberies in front of the hotel so be careful late at night.
Who goes there? Expats 60%, tourists 20%, Indonesians 20% (among which some prostitutes)
Why should I go? Jenja is popular for having the right dosage between chic and underground. Good resident and guest DJs. European-style electronic music.
Why should I avoid it? You might feel claustrophobic on the dancefloor as the ceiling is pretty low and the club packed at peak hours.
When is the best time to go? Every night from Wednesday to Saturday, after 1AM. Read more: Jenja.

2) La Favela $$: Best bar in Bali
Photo credit: http://jberginc.com/
Where is it? More a bar than a nightclub, La Favela is located in the heart of Seminyak, on Jalan Oberoi. It is just in front of Red Carpet Champagne Bar, and next to Le Bistro.
Who goes there? 50% tourists, 30% expats, 20% Indonesians.
Why should I go? The interior design of La Favela is really amazing, a real work of art. The place is rather big, with a nice, quieter outdoor area. Trendy, hippie kind of crowd.
Why should I avoid it? The music is a hit or miss, usually old-school with popular pop and disco songs. Not a sleek, modern place as it is made almost entirely from recycled materials and antiques. Popular with Westerners, much less with Indonesians. They give you plastic cups instead of real glasses.
When is the best time to go? La Favela is open all day as it is also a restaurant. The place becomes lively only after 11pm, almost any night of the week. Complete review here: La Favela Seminyak.

Update October 2016: La Favela is as hot and busy as ever, and you often need to queue to get in. They have introduced a policy forbidding Indonesians under 25 to enter. Strange and racist.

An alternative to La Favela is the restaurant/lounge/club Shanghai Baby (the hotspot for expats, deep house and cantonese cuisine) or to the Mexican open air café Mexicola.

3) Sky Garden $$: Best nightlife spot in Kuta
Photo credit: Club Sky Garden
Where is it? Sky Garden is located in Jalan Legian, Kuta. The street is often clogged with traffic so it's best to walk if you don't stay too far away. Beware of pickpockets outside and inside, especially at the end of the night.
Who goes there? Australians (50% Bogans), teenagers and backpackers from all over the world, Javanese prostitutes, 20-something Jakartans on their first trip to Bali, some younger expats.
Why should I go? The biggest club in Bali with a fun, mixed crowd in terms of age and nationalities. Different music on every floors and rooms (electro, old school, rnb, live) including a rooftop and a huge main dancefloor with the best sound system in Bali (SkyDome). Some great shows including sexy dancers. Girls can get free selected cocktails on ladies nights. Every day, cheap 5$ all-you-can-eat barbecue. Drinks are very reasonably priced.
Why should I avoid it? If you don't like college style parties, then you will hate it. There are also quite many prostitutes operating in the club but they are rather discreet. You may also not feel too safe as it is just a few hundred meters away from Ground Zero where the first Bali bomb went off. Many expats hate it because it is too mainstream and because it attracts quite many singlet-wearing Australians.
When is the best time to visit? Because it is always packed early in the night, SkyGarden is recommended any day of the week, after 9pm. Complete review: Sky Garden Kuta.

4) Mint $$$ (CLOSED)
Photo source: Mint
Where is it? Mint is located on Jalan Petitenget, in the heart of Seminyak. It is not far from W Hotel or Potato Head Beach Club. It is just in front of another popular bar, Mantra, which is a good option for pre-party cocktails.
Who goes there? Single male expats above 30 (from Bali and Jakarta), Javanese girls (among which many working girls), some gays, some Western girls, some tourists.
Why should I go? Intimate club with many regulars. Great electronic music. Drinks not too expensive. A relatively easy pick-up place for guys and girls.
Why should I avoid it? You won't like Mint if you are too young. It is a closed air-conditioned club that has no "Balinese" feel. Western girls might not be comfortable with the number of prostitutes.
When is the best time to go? I would only advise going to Mint on weekends or when they have special DJs. 1AM is the perfect hour. More on Mint on Jakarta100bars.com: Mint Nightlife Bali.

UPDATE 2016: Mint has changed owner. It is not recommended anymore. 

5) Mirror $$$: Best nightclub for Jakartans
Photo source: Mirror
Where is it? Mirror is located in the back of Gardin Bistro on Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak.
Who goes there? The latest trendy club in Bali, Mirror attracts mostly people from the Seminyak expat community. Since the owner of the club is also behind the popular Fable in Jakarta, you also have a lot of Jakartans.
Why should I go? Unique décor, good crowd, full on weekends. They have also been bringing some famous DJs. People tend to dress up more than usual in Mirror.
Why should I avoid it? Mainstream electronic dance music. The club is made to look like a church. Personally, I don't like it, it feels creepy. Others say it's a Harry Potter theme, which is even worse.
When is the best time to go? There are events from Wednesday to Saturday. You can go starting midnight. More info: Mirror Bali.

6) Boshe VVIP $$$: Best club for Asian party-goers
Photo source: Boshe VVIP
Where is it?  Boshe VIP is in Kuta on Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai. You will need a 10-minute taxi ride to reach it from Jalan Legian and 20 minutes from Seminyak.
Who goes there? Asians, mostly Indonesians (Javanese, Indo-Chinese, some Balinese), Malaysians and Singaporeans
Why should I go? Most people go to Boshe for the girls. They have some sexy lady companions and a popular karaoke. The events are usually quite fun: They have rather good local live bands and an excellent sound system. After the live music, you usually have a DJ playing electronic music. There is a really cool dressing code for the staff: All of them have dyed hair, tattoos and a rock attitude.
Why should I avoid it? Boshe is almost 100% Asian. Guys usually book a table or a sofa, pay for some girls to accompany them, and get drunk. There is not much interactions in the crowd. It is harder to meet a "normal" girl too. The live bands play a lot of Indonesian songs which can be boring if you are not familiar with them.
When I should visit it? Boshe is decently crowded during the week, and it is busy from Wednesday to Saturday night. If you want to hear the live music, come from 8am to midnight. For their latest events: Boshe Bali.

7) Pyramid $$$: Best club for late-night expat clubbers
Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/bali.tonight
Where is it? Pyramid is on Jalan Dewi Sri, easy to reach from both Seminyak and Kuta (10-minute ride by taxi). The area is one of the worst in Bali regarding safety. There have been countless reports of motorbike riders (females mostly) having their handbags snatched. Be very careful.
Who goes there? People usually go to Pyramid after all the other places (Jenja, Mirror, Mint, SkyGarden, etc) have closed. It is a mix of different crowds, but mostly you will find male expats and prostitutes.
Why should I go? The electronic music is usually excellent. Past a certain hour, it is the only decent place opened apart from DeeJay Cafe (see below).
Why should I avoid it? You may not like the 80% male crowd, 15% prostitutes, 5% normal girls.
When is the best time to go? I would only advise Pyramid on weekends as most of their events are on Friday and Saturday nights. 4AM is a normal time. Complete review here: Pyramid Bali.

8) Hu'u Bar $$$: (CLOSED)
Photo source: Hu'u Bar
Where is it? Hu'u bar is centrally located in Seminyak, Jalan Petitenget, near the new Alila Hotel. It is 2 minutes away from Ku De Ta or Potato Head.

Who goes there? Mostly Indonesians from Jakarta and Indonesian residents of Bali. The rest is 25% expats and 15% tourists.
Why should I go? Hu'u has a Bali vibe with its large garden and swimming pool. Good crowd and one of the best pick up places on the island.

Why should I avoid it? The music is mainstream unless they have events. Since the opening of Mirror, it is not as happening as it used to be.

When is the best time to go? Weekends only, midnight. For a complete review: Hu'u Bar.

Update 2016: Hu'u has closed and it has been replaced by Gatsby (which is not so crowded). Jakartans now go to Mirror.

9) Hypnotized $$: Best club for under 25
Photo Credit: VH Kuta
Where is it? Hypnotized and the Velvet Lounge, also called VH, are located in Beachwalk Mall in Kuta. Easy to find, but the traffic can be horrible on weekend nights. Some taxis may actually refuse to take you there and will drop you instead at Kartika Plaza (10 minutes walk).
Who goes there? The picture is misleading as most clients of Hypnotized are Indonesians living in Bali (but not Balinese). You also have some tourists from Jakarta and other countries.
Why should I go? Hypnotized is a rather clean club with less prostitution compared to other venues mentioned in this review. Guys looking to meet normal Indonesian girls could try it.
Why I should avoid it? Mainstream music. Younger crowd.
What is the best time to go? Weekends only unless they have special events or guest DJs. It starts to fill up around midnight. More information: Velvet Hypnotized Bali.

10) Akasaka / A-Club $$: Best underground club in Bali
Photo Credit: A-Club Bali
Where is it? Akasaka and A-Club are both in the same complex, in Denpasar, on the Simpan Enam roundabout. Every taxis will know where it is. If you don't have a taxi, you just have to follow Jalan Imam Bonjol from Sunset Road, then Jalan Teuku Umar. It is a 15 minutes drive from Sunset Road.
Who goes there? Mostly Indonesians, Balinese and Javanese living in Bali. There are also some long term expats who are used to Jakarta nightclubs. 95% of the girls in Akasaka are prostitutes, freelance or not.
Why should I go? Akasaka is the most popular nightclub in Bali with Indonesians. It is also one of the craziest and at the centre of Bali prostitution scene: It's the only place in Bali where I have seen nude striptease. They have some good events with DJs from Jakarta and even international ones.
Why should I avoid it?: As a typical underground place, you have a lot of drugs including ecstasy. Very limited chances of meeting a normal girl. The techno music played in the largest room can only be understood by Indonesian ears.
When is the best time to go?: Read more: Akasaka Bali.

11) DeeJay Club $$: Best after in Bali
Photo Credit: Paradiso Hotel
Where is it? DeeJay Café is located in Kuta, in Paradiso Hotel. It is not far from Discovery Plaza Mall on Jalan Kartika.
Who goes there? Though not a gay club, I would say that most of the crowd is made of gays or ladyboys. The guys to girls ration is terrible, probably 10 to 1, and most girls are prostitutes. There are always some foreigners, usually expats, but most people are Indonesians.
Why should I go? DeeJay Café is one of the only two after-hour club in Bali (with Pyramid) so you don't have much choice. The music is rather good, in general hits by famous Jakarta DJs (Bobby in particular).
Why should I avoid it? You should always avoid DeeJay café unless you are too drunk or too high to make smart decisions. You may also not want to pay the entrance fee (from Rp100,000 to Rp200,000). A lot of drug inside.
When is the best time to go? Saturday and Sunday morning after 5AM until 10AM. More information: Bali DeeJay Club.

12) Koh $$: Best venue in Seminyak for electronic music
Photo credit: Umalagon
Where is it? The newest club in Bali, Koh is on Jalan Dyana Pura, Seminyak. It is not far from the gay nightlife area.
Who goes there? Expats and Bali residents 70%, tourists 30%.
Why should I go? The main reason to go to Koh is for the music, which promises to be on par with nightclubs in Europe.
Why should I avoid it? Underground clubs in Europe are popular because you can take ecstasy safely. I'm not sure the safe concept would work in Bali if people are just drunk on beer.
When should you go there: For now, weekends only, 1AM. Check if they have special events for the other nights of the week: Koh Bali.
Update 2016 on Koh: It's good only if you go during events, if a famous DJs is visiting. Check their schedule before visiting to avoid being in an empty club.

Some new bar/clubs are currently happening and worth checking out.

Opium Nightclub: New happening club in Seminyak by the owners of Pyramid. You can read my full review here: OPIVM Seminyak.

Track 9 is a favorite for expats. It is a bar/restaurant/club. You can check their events here: https://www.facebook.com/track9bali/

La Laguna  (a beach club) and La Sicilia (bar club restaurant) were opened by the people behind la Favela. It's very popular and trendy with expats.

Old Man's in Canggu is a laid-back bar where long term residents and expats of Seminyak and Canggu hang out. It's more hippy/new age than the rest of the places mentioned here.

Conclusion: The Best Clubs in Bali

As the beach is more polluted and the rice fields in Kuta and Seminyak have vanished, the nightlife has become one of the few reasons for staying in South Bali nowadays.

Clubs, bars and restaurants are sprouting like mushrooms but only a few manage to be busy and successful. Just two years ago, Townhouse was the hottest party place in Seminyak. Today? It is closed down and forgotten.

For this reason, I would really be grateful if you could comment below in case a new clubs open or one gets shut down. Thanks in advance!

Photo credit main picture: Bali Tonight

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22 comments to '' 12 Best Nightclubs in Bali (Updated 2017) "

  1. Is it true that Kuta desa has closed down SkyGarden? I've read on the internet that because of many fights and local issues with employees (they complained there were too many foreigners without KITAS), they took the decision to take away their license and stop their operation. If Sky Garden is not open anymore, what is the new best club to go to in Kuta? Vi Ai Pi? Eikon?

  2. no open. everything as before. Money shakedown. Is all.

  3. Yeah it should be closed down by 15 June but now it is still open

  4. I am visiting BALI in end of July for a holiday, the objective of this trip is drinks, girls and all entertainment. I want erotic massage especially by Indonesian girls and if possible Uzebekistan and Russian. Please let me know the places where I should go for it and approximate cost.

    1. Sky garden is open folks. Just visited there yesterday..

  5. Business as usual at Sky Garden and one of the craziest deals to be found. 4 hours of free flow beer and smirinfoff vodka is now included with the BBQ BUFFET. I went several nights for this BBQ and free drinks. Asking some of the staff about the above rumours I was told of a group of trouble makers that had all been fired with the support of the local banjar and polda. It seems to have been an improvement. I didn't see or hear of any issues and had a great time!

  6. in Bali where can i meet ladyboys
    & might u kno how much they charge $$$$$$$$$

    1. easy to meet ladyboys in bali... in some nightclubs like Pyramid or DJ Cafe you have plenty... you can also go online on dating websites... finally try wechat and the feature look around... have fun...

  7. No cheap clubs with only one $ then ey? I was shocked by the prices for drinks, it's not really any cheaper than Perth in seminyak!

  8. I went to all the nightclubs listed here. Here is a short review of the nightlife I experienced in Bali:

    - Mirror is high class but full of young kids from Jakarta. The dress code is strict so leave your shorts and sandals at home. - La Favela is so packed on weekends that it you can barely move . The crowd has become low quality, full of Australians and bogans.
    - Mint sucks now, all the expats have moved to Jenja.
    - Speaking of Jenja, the music is great and so is the crowd. Many many single white guys in their 40s and few legit girls. Sometimes you feel like being in a gay club.
    - Skygarden: It hasn't changed much. The rooftop is pretty cool and you'll even meet a few expats there.
    - Huu Bar is closed for renovation until the end of 2016.
    - Hypnotized gets an young Indonesian crowd.
    - Akasaka and Dee Jay is for drug users.
    - Koh is good only if they have a special event.
    - Bosche as per description above.

    1. Hmmmm...Any silver lining in that review?

  9. i plan to go to bali on june and many of my friends suggest me to visit mirror.. how about the drink, is it too expensive for a new nightclub in bali? how about Pyramid?

    1. Yes it's one of the most expensive in Bali... It's a good club if you want a more urban atmosphere... Pyramid is an after club, people go there after 2-3am... the music is fine but the atmosphere average (many male expats and prostitutes)

  10. I found clubbing in Bali to be "Wierd" do to the influx of tourists (many the drunken unsophisticated kind) and expats, who consistently outnumbered the locals in these places. This is a far cry from Jakarta which i consider to be far superior in a number of respects-it was wierd hearing the dominant language as English in these places instead of Indo. I visited a few of these places last week and here are my impressions:

    Skygarden: Dress code is SSS (shorts, singlets, and sandals) crowd. Hence i didn't fit in with my pants, dress shoes and button down shirt in rooms full of drunk, uneducated Bogans. Very efficiently run, good variety of music, international DJs, but the crowd is just too much of a "spring break" party drunk crowd for more sophisticated people. I believe nearly every Indo girl there is a Javanese Pro, and most could be found near the front entrance standing or gathered around a table. One visit was more than enough for me here.

    Jenja: Underground, chic, more classier venue, but still feels a bit wierd and off to me. No Boganwear dress code, keeps those drunkard party goers on the Kuta side. Crowd sas mostly full of Expats in their 20s-40s, with not too many ladies - any less and i would call it a sausage party but not quite. Couldn't tell if the Indo gals there were Pro's or locals. Seems like a place where people partied in groups anyways, so not a great place to meet and hookup with strangers. Wouldn't plan to return.

    LaFavella: Venue was an interesting mix of rainforest, hippie, and recycled goods. Crowd again was mostly expats, some tourists, and some locals. More laid back crowd than Jenja, ages 20-30ish. OK place just to grab a drink, possibly a random hookup as well. Music was your average pop top 40 etc...

    A-Club/Akasaka: Bali's version of Golden Crown in Jakarta, only smaller, and a little harder to get to. Has everything else as its big brother though, Girls, Girls, XTC, annoying touts and doormen, Lady companions, Dugem headbanging music, little to no Bule's, Ripoff Taxi Mafia outside waiting to chop your wallet to take you home. A little slice of North Jakarta in the heart of Denpasar.

  11. Yes of course, there are few places in Bali where it’s basically guaranteed you’ll have a good time no matter what. But what about meeting-points? The places where you can meet your friends or interesting strangers before going out. One of those places is Republik 1945 classy but cool restaurant (Jalan Raya Kerobokan 86A) located in Seminyak, close enough to the action to keep things interesting. Head there anytime from 6 pm till 1 am for dinner and drinks after. Dj play there everyday from 9 pm until closing. The place itself perfect for birthdays and big groups. Wednesdays get even more interesting for Republik weekly Ladies’ Night, when every betty can get a little boozy with free drinks from 9 pm – 11 pm. plus dancing and plenty of inebriated moments you’ll enjoy reliving while looking through your Instagram the next morning, but if you’re late for your flight home on Thursday, or wake up somewhere you don't know don’t blame it on bartender.. he was happy to assist you.

  12. Shameless advertising of your own workplace. Surprised you didn't post some social media and Web links.

  13. You bunch degenerates the best place to meet nice Balinese girls is yoga classes, you lot are so dim, why support the mafia and poison yourself and others in these ghastly places full of ozzy beer louts

  14. Just a small note that A-Club and Deejay Club were both raided by Police a couple of nights before NYE end of 2016. According to reports they entered A-Club at around 10pm and Deejay Cafe at 1am shortly after they opened and did drug urine tests on the small crowd at both venues. I would suspect because of the early time they raided this was not a serious operation and maybe a more shakedown to let the clubs know where there "payments" should be directed as a new Police Chief in Bali was appointed recently but it would be pay to be careful in case they are taking a new hardline approach against after hours clubbing as they have in Jakarta in the past couple of years.

  15. First, thanks so much for such a great nightlife site. It has definitely helped me out over the years.

    A few comments:

    Track 9 is now closed but will re-open soon as Eden.

    La Favela was my favorite place to go but these days on weekends at least it is just too crowded. As you mentioned, a queue at the door then jam packed inside. Weeknights are not so bad. Bummer they raised the price of a mixed drink (in a plastic cup) from 100k to 125k.

    Jenja Urbanized on Wednesdays is awesome. Great crowd and not too packed. Really good Hip hop.

  16. I am male, age 30+, not a gay, planning to visit Mirror or La Favela tonight, anyone want to join? Grup of 4-5 person will be best

  17. I plan to go to Bali in May. What is the current situation of AKASAKA and deejay?