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Best Neighorhoods in Jakarta for Expats

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I previously wrote about the best areas to in Jakarta for tourists . You may want to read this article as well to get a first introduction to the city's neighborhoods. I wouldn't say that there isn't one best place to live in Jakarta, as the criteria for each person will be different. The most important factor when deciding where to stay should be the distance between your home and your work or, if you have children, between your home and their school. This means your choice will probably be limited to a few options, knowing that each kilometer will cost you 10 more minutes sitting in traffic every day. With that in mind, here are three of Jakarta's best neighborhoods for expats, in no particular order: Kemang It is not an actual district of Jakarta, but the name given to the area near the streets Jalan Kemang Raya and Jalan Kemang. Various factors have made this neighborhood one of the most popular among expatriates in Jakarta: Its proxi

Review of TrulyAsian Dating Site (Sponsored Post)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) → is a dating website aimed mostly at men looking for an Asian girlfriend or wife.  I’ve tried the service for a few weeks and this is my review of it: What is the concept of TrulyAsian? Unlike location-based dating apps (like Tinder), TrulyAsian allows you to fill a complete profile, along with a detailed personality test. This allows you to focus on your personality instead of your appearance. This also means that the website is more suitable for those looking for a long-term relationship. The girls you will chat with may not be located near you so it will take some time before you can meet them in real. They know that and they understand it, which is rarely the case on the other dating apps. In those, you are often ignored if you live far away and can’t meet them immediately. What kind of guy could be interested with TrulyAsian? Based on the concept, I would recommend TrulyAsian to a specific target of men: - Guys who are currently not livin

Where to Stay in Jakarta - Best Areas for Tourists

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If you visit Jakarta as a tourist, you are probably wondering about the best areas to stay in the city . Due to the horrible traffic and the lack of public transportation, I advise you to choose your location carefully. 1 kilometer in Jakarta is like 10 kilometer in normal cities. Just going to the opposite side of a street by car can sometimes take up to 30 minutes! If you don't have time to read my entire review , the following paragraph is a short summary: The best place to stay in Jakarta, either you are a tourist or a businessman, is around Plaza Indonesia or Grand Indonesia, for instance:  Kempinski ,  Grand Hyatt ,  Pullman ,  Mandarin Oriental . It is an expensive area though so if you are on a budget, you can stay near Sarinah Mall instead. You'll find backpacker hostels ( Jalan Jaksa ), 2-star hotels ( Favehotel ), 3-star hotels ( Holiday Inn  or  Ibis Tamarin ) and 4-star hotels ( Morrissey , Four Points by Sheraton , AONE or  Akmani ). Need more address

Where to Party in Bali? A Complete Nightlife Guide.

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Partying is one of the best things to do during a trip to Bali. Bars and nightclubs can be found in every major city, especially in the southern part of the island. I already wrote an article about the 1 2 best nightclubs in Bali , but here I will focus on the nightlife areas and their specificities. I hope it will help you decide where to party, what kind of atmosphere to expect and how much you will spend. I will also recommend the best hotels in each area. As usual, you can ask any question by leaving a comment at the end of the page and I will do my best to answer them.

Best VPNs in Indonesia- How to Access Blocked Websites

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In this review, I will explain how to bypass Internet censorship in Indonesia (mostly targeting porn websites) by using a VPN service  (Virtual Private Network) . I will also give you tips on how to watch Netflix in Indonesia. Note : The VPNs I recommend here also work well for China, Vietnam, Philippines, Laos, etc.  Most porn and torrent websites are blocked in Indonesia . This includes all the most famous ones like XVideos, YouPorn, PornHub, XHamster, KickAss Torrents and The Pirate Bay. It is also not possible to visit some forums like Reddit or InternationalSexGuide. Same thing with the hook-up website Adult Friend Finder . Some regular websites have also been banned, like Vimeo. Tumblr has been shut down in March 2018 after its management refused to remove porn content from the platform. Another problem internet users are facing in Indonesia is the 2008 Electronic Information and Transactions Act. This vague set of laws can make you the target of a defamation

Jakarta Nightlife 2018: Best Bars, Clubs, Spas and Hotels

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This Jakarta nightlife review is an update to my 2015 article and it should cover any questions you may have about partying in Jakarta in 2018. If you are a first-time visitor, you might also be interested with my  Jakarta Travel Guide . Nightlife Areas There are so many nightlife areas in Jakarta that it can be confusing even for residents.