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Savage Nightclub (Hanoi) - Techno Music

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Savage is my favorite nightclub in Hanoi (by far). Located 15 minutes by taxi from the Old Quarter, in West Lake, it is just a few months old yet already crowded every night (with mostly expats).

It was opened by the Hong-Kong based Cliché Record label which is owned by a group of 4 French friends (Jean-François Amadei, Samy Stouky, Ouissam Mokretar and Julie Mira).

Savage is quite difficult to find as their outside sign is almost invisible. In fact, I had to look around for 10 minutes before I finally heard some music coming from a basement. As I was walking down the stairs, I was still unsure if I was in a club or in someone's house. To avoid wasting time, make sure you save their location on Google Maps: Savage Hanoi.

At the beginning of the night, Savage was more of a lounge/bar with great cocktails (around VND130,000 each but they had a promo Buy 1 Get 1 Free) and a relaxed vibe. The music was not too loud and it was easy to talk to other people, especially at the bar.

After 1AM, the sound got louder and people started dancing. Some moved from the lounge to a small "dark" room. This is Hanoi's version of an underground club. The two foreign DJs played techno/tech-house but this is likely to change depending on the schedule. What is for sure is that you won't hear commercial EDM/Hip-hop/House. The sound system could not be better (Funktion One, the standard among the best nightclubs in the world).

I had to leave around 2AM as my friend was getting sick, but the club does not close until 4AM or 5AM. This makes Savage the best late-night club in Hanoi (apart from dodgy bars like Tom's). Note that their door policy is that you cannot enter after 2.30AM.

Overall: If you enjoy quality electronic music, you won't find a better nightclub than Savage in Hanoi. Very recommended.

Gay-friendly nights once a month. More information on their social media below.

Savage Nightclub Hanoi
112 Xuan Dieu, West Lake
Phone number: 04 6686 6150

Facebook: Savage Hanoi
Instagram: @savagehanoi

Opening Hours:
Everyday from 7PM to very late.

Current Promotions:
- Friday free flow for 3 hours from 7PM to 10PM (VND350,000)
- Thursday: Buy 1 Get 1 on Champagne and GreyGoose Cocktails. Note that the GreyGoose bottles are served by these jaw-dropping ladies:

The Bank Nightclub (Hanoi)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Located on the 6th floor of Capital building (a 5-minute taxi ride from the Old Quarter), The Bank is a luxury nightclub, one of the largest in Hanoi. 

It is a sort of crossover featuring the best parts of Viet-style and Western nightclubs. While most customers are Vietnamese groups who come to share a bottle, it is also perfectly fine to order drinks by the glass. You are free to roam around and dance instead of being assigned to a table all night long. There is some Vietnamese pop and house, but also International Hip Hop, EDM and Top 40.

I visited during their famous ladies night (Wednesday), and while the whole club was only half full, there was an incredible number of girls around. It is not surprising foreigners love The Bank as this is clearly the best pick-up place in Hanoi. There were many freelance prostitutes as well (judging by the way they were looking at me). It reminded me of a more upscale version of Apocalypse in Saigon.

On Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, they have wild sexy dancers (sometimes foreign girls) who wear naughty costumes. Some performances are really borderline and I was surprised to discover that Hanoi was such a liberal city. Here are a few pics from their Facebook for instance:
Prices are more expensive than your typical backpacker joint, but still OK for European standards. A beer costs VND110,000 and a cocktail around VND132,000 (including the 10% tax). The Mojito I had was not tasting very good though so don't put your expectations too high. Laughing gas balloons are another option. They are so popular that they had a supply of 5 huge canisters behind the bar.

It seems that many gays were among the customers, but luckily they were usually accompanied by a few of their girlfriends.

Overall: I didn't really like the music in The Bank, but I would still recommend it as a top pick-up spot in Hanoi. Do visit on their Ladies night, they have a free flow on that day for VND350,000 (on selected drinks like Whisky-Coke, Vodka-Red Bull, Gin-Tonic). Women do not have to pay.

The Bank Nightclub - Hanoi
The Capital, 6th floor, 41 Hai Ba Trung, Hoan Kiem District
Phone number: 09 44 90 32 32

Facebook: The Bank Hanoi
Website: The Bank Hanoi

Operating Hours:
Every day until 2AM

10 Best Muay Thai Boxing Centers in Jakarta (2017)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Jakarta is not the best city to stay fit. The absence of sidewalks, the lack of parks, the pollution and the heat all conspire to make exercising difficult. It is even worse if you work in an office and spend most of your day sitting down.

If you care a minimum about your health, you are probably looking for a sport or an activity that you can easily do in the city center. Getting a gym membership is often the first thing that comes to mind, but there are a lot more options available: Yoga, Fitness, Crossfit, Boxing, Jujitsu, Salsa, etc...

Today, I will talk about Muay Thai, a martial art originally from Thailand. About 10 years ago, it was introduced to Indonesia and it has gain more and more popularity ever since.

There are several reasons explaining its appeal: It is a complete workout that will train each muscle of your body ; it improves both your strength and your cardio ; it is fun to do and not repetitive ; it helps you gain self-confidence ; and finally it does not require expensive equipment or gear.

Consequently, Muay Thai centers have been popping up in every neighborhood in Jakarta. Let’s have a look at the best ones in each areas of the city:

Muay Thai In Central Jakarta

Bangkok Muay Thai Jakarta
One of the newest Muay Thai camp in town, it has a fantastic location near Menteng and Stasiun Sudirman. This is perfect if you work or live in central Jakarta. They have 550 m² of facilities and 3 experienced trainers. The good thing with this camp is that you don’t need to book in advance or to follow a schedule : you can come anytime and start the training ASAP. The trainers are good and they motivate you to reach your training objectives.

When I went there for the first time, I had a visit of the premises by the manager. It is clean, well-equipped and rather cheap compared with the competition. In particular, I liked the fact that there was no subscription fee.

Open from Monday to Saturday from 9AM to 9PM (until 7PM on Saturday)

Price : IDR90,000 per session

Address: Jalan Blora No.34, Menteng, Central Jakarta (5 minutes from Grand Indonesia)
Phone/WhatsApp: 08 11 81 18 441

Muay Thai In South Jakarta

Jakarta Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp
This Muay Thai camp is located in Kebayoran Baru, in South Jakarta (Senopati). It is in a traditional house in a posh residential area so you can expect more upper-class Jakartans. They have motivated trainers, some of whom are foreigners with experience abroad. I found the price rather expensive though compared to the other camps : IDR155,000 per session (or 8 sessions for IDR880,000). Women may train separately on specific days. Kids welcome.

Open from 9AM to 9PM during weekdays, from 9AM to 5PM on Saturday, and closed on Sunday.

Address: Jalan Daksa I No.1, RT.4/RW.2, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
Phone: +62 (0) 21 725 0574
Instagram: @jakartamuaythaimma

Syena Martial Arts Center
Also in Senopati, Syena provides Muay Thai, Brazilian Jujitsu, Krav Maga (Israeli army combat technique) and self-defense classes (for women). It is family friendly and they have a few expat students. It has long opening hours from 7AM to 10PM on weekdays (7AM to 4PM on Saturday).

Address: Jalan Daksa 4 no. 69, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
Phone number: +62 (0) 8 11 999 979
Facebook: Syena Martial Arts Center
Instagram: @syena_mac

Ultima Muay Thai
This was the first camp I tried in Jakarta. They used to have only a tiny space but they've extended since. It is popular with office workers from Mega Kuningan, Sudirman and Rasuna Said (and with a few foreigners as well). A bit hot as it is in the semi-open air. Be careful as the street where it is located is often jammed after 5PM.

If you have a car, you can park right outside. IDR100,000 per session. Opening hours: From 9AM to 10PM on weekdays and from 9AM to 6PM on weekends

Address: Jalan Guru Mughni No.123, South Jakarta.
Phone number: +62 (0) 21 5700 381
Facebook: Ultima Muay Thai
Instagram: @ultimamuaythai

Kemang Fight Gym
I used to go to there when i was living in Kemang. It is also located in a residential neighborhood, inside a house. It is spacious, clean and it has plenty of equipment (including free weights). You also have access to showers and bathroom. There are 6 friendly trainers, 2 of whom are Indonesian MMA competitors (Noldi Manakane, Rusmin Kie Raha). They can also teach you Kapap, the fighting technique of Israeli soldiers. Kids and families are welcome. IDR75,000 per session.

Open every day from 9AM to 9PM on weekdays, from 9AM to 3PM on Saturday, from 4PM to 6PM on Sunday.

Address: Jalan Emesde B No.11, Cilandak, RT.1/RW.6, South Jakarta
Phone number: +62 0) 853 1005 6789
Instagram: @kemangfightgym
Photo from @myartasya

Muay Thai In North Jakarta

Zealot Muay Thai Camp
Founded by professional fighter Jerry Luhukay, it is inside Mahaka Square in Kelapa Gading. While not conveniently located for most expats, it is popular among Indonesians and it claims at least 100 members and 6 coaches (including a Dutch and a South Korean). It is a serious club that train fighters taking part in local and international tournaments.

They have training sessions from 9AM to 9PM (Monday to Friday), from 9AM to 5PM on Saturday and from 3AM to 5PM on Sunday. Price per session = IDR150,000 (Buy 8 = IDR600,000).

Address: Mahaka Square Sportsmall, 14240 Jakarta
Phone number: +62 (0) 896 0676 1670
Facebook: Zealot Muay Thai
Instagram: @zealotmuaythai

Elite MMA
One of the pioneer center in Jakarta for martial arts, Elite trains hundreds of members every year. They occupy a massive 650m2 space, fully-equipped with a boxing ring and an MMA cage. They also have a small gym and a sauna (men and women separated) if you need to relax after your session.

Its main focus is on Muay Thai but they also teach English boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu, Krav Maga and Wing Chun.

Prices: IDR799,000 per 10 sessions. Open from 9AM to 9PM on weekdays, from 9AM to 6PM on Saturday and from 9AM to 4PM on Sunday.

Address: Ruko Centro Metro Broadway, Blok A45-46, Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), North Jakarta (Near Happy Puppy)
Phone number: +62 (0) 21 300 10 262
Website: Elite MMA Jakarta
Facebook: Elite Jakarta PIK
Instagram: @elitetc_pik/

Elite also operates two shops with boxing and MMA items. One in PIK and one in Lotte Avenue. See more: Elite MMA Shop.

Zeus MMA
This is a small camp, friendly and cheaper than average. It does not have a lot of equipment but if you are on a tight budget, it will do the trick. A single session is IDR100,000 (IDR50,000 with a Student Card) and 10 sessions cost IDR680,000 (IDR480,000 for students). There is also a special promo for moms.

Address: Ruko Elang Laut Blok M3, No. 5-6, Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta (Near Grand Family Hospital)
Facebook: Zeus MMA PIK
Instagram: @zeusmma

Phone number: +62 (0) 8 22 101 12 231

Muay Thai In West Jakarta

Real Muay Thai
Real Muay Thai has a good location if you live near from Central Park or Taman Anggrek. It is housed in a 3-floor modern and clean building, easy to access by car. The equipment is limited yet some of their students manage to take part (and win) local tournaments.

Member registration is IDR200,000 (including 1 free class, 1 free t-shirt and 1 body consultation). Then you'll just pay IDR80,000 per visits (non members pay IDR150,000). You can also buy 10 sessions for IDR600,000.

Open from Monday to Friday (9AM to 9PM) and Saturday (9AM to 6PM). Closed on Sunday.

Address: Komplek Sentra Bisnis Blok B-24, Tanjung Duren Raya, West Jakarta
Phone number: +62 811-1812-347
Facebook: Real Muay Thai
Instagram: @realmuaythai

Muay Thai In East Jakarta

Sabai Muay Thai Tebet
One of the cheapest Muay Thai center in Jakarta, it is unfortunately a bit far for most expats. 1 session costs IDR65,000, 8 sessions IDR400,000 (IDR350,000 for students). They also offer private classes for IDR800,000/10 and group cardio classes (fitness classes with Muay Thai movements). If you qualify as a "Fighter", you will need advanced training that costs a little bit more.

The center is open from 9AM to 10PM from Monday to Friday, and from 9AM to 6PM on weekends. The sessions from 4PM to 6PM are dedicated to cardio training.

The Sabai Group has a branch in Bandung as well.

Facebook: Sabai Tebet
Instagram: @sabaimuaythai

Note: This article about the 10 Best Muay Thai Centers in Jakarta was written by my friend Clément. I've never tried any of these personally. Thibaud.

Q Club - Hanoi (Vietnam)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Q Club is a nightclub in Hanoi, part of the Escape Group (which is also behind I-Sing Karaoke and Don Quixote Café).

If you've already been to a Viet-style nightclub, you won't find anything really special there. It is a narrow rectangular room on the 11th floor of a building, with a small podium, high tables in front of it, and VIP areas on the sides. On the right and on the left of the DJ, two splendid girls are dancing wearing sexy outfits. Because of its dark corners and low ceiling, I thought it had a bit of an underground vibe.

Prices are lower than the competition (Max 3, Infinity, Civilize, etc) with beers starting at VND100,000 for a small Budweiser and less than VND1,000,000 for a bottle of Chivas. If you order Champagne or Cognac, a group of girls will bring it to you with fireworks. You might also see a beautiful girl in a black skirt going around selling laughing gas balloons for VND50,000. 

As usual in Vietnam, the music was Vina House (Vietnamese House) at an extremely unhealthy sound level. I had earplugs on and you should bring some too.

The club was only half crowded at midnight (on a Wednesday). The customers were mostly Vietnamese guys, well-dressed, with hostesses. The latter were particularly pretty I must say.

Great service. The manager came to say hello and we chatted for a bit.

Dress code: You should wear shoes, long pants and a shirt (or a polo).

Overall: A Vietnamese club a bit cheaper than average, with beautiful hostesses, DJs and sexy dancers.

This is the video I made with my phone when I was in Q Club:
Q Club Hanoi
18 Lý Thường Kiệt ,Hoàn Kiếm
Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone number: 096 622 88 55

Facebook: Q Club Hanoi

Operating Hours:
Every day until 2AM

Tom's Bar - After-Hour Club in Hanoi

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
The tiny Tom's Bar is located in Hanoi's Old Quarter, in the famous Tạ Hiện Street (also called Beer Street). It is much more expensive than the other places nearby (VND40,000 for a beer, VND85,000 for a cocktail) while not being particularly fancy. Still, it can be pretty popular, especially late at night.

The reason for that is that Tom's Bar closes much later than the official midnight curfew. I was there twice during week nights, and both times I stayed after 4AM. To avoid complaints from the police, they keep the door shut and they open it only when someone wants to get in or out. 

The crowd of Tom' Bar is a fun mix of backpackers, young Vietnamese and a few freelance prostitutes. Having the door closed makes the atmosphere much more intimate and by 2AM, you'll already know the name of half the clubbers inside. The socializing is further eased by those laughing gas balloons (VND50,000 each) that everyone inside seems to love. There is also a drug dealer selling opium, marijuana and cocaine on standby in the street.

The music is a mix of Top 40 songs from the past 20 years, from the Spice Girls to Major Lazer. It's not very original but effective in getting people to dance.

Overall: Tom's Bar is one of the few clubs that stays open after-hour in Hanoi (other options would be Savage, Ball Bar and Hero). It is friendly and fun, if not sophisticated.

Here is a video I shot inside:
Tom's Bar
2 Tạ Hiện, Hoàn Kiếm District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone number: 097 326 88 66
Facebook: Tom's Bar

Open every day until late (3AM, 4AM, 5AM - depending on the night)

Playboy Establishment - Nightclub (Hanoi)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Hanoi was not the kind of city where I expected to find a Playboy-branded nightclub, and yet there is one in the basement of the Apricot Hotel (a 5-star hotel just 200 meters from Hoàn Kiếm Lake).

The club is almost hidden from outside as there is no indication it exists apart from a discreet Playboy bunny sign at the entrance. There, a pretty hostess will welcome you in English and escort you to a table.

The club was almost empty when I visited, probably because it was still early (9PM), on a weekday and only a month after the grand opening.

On stage, they had around 5 sexy girls with elegant costumes dancing to Viet House. It was more classy than vulgar and I thought even a girl might enjoy the performance. They didn't have live music that evening, but they do occasionally (including foreign bands). The sound level was not too loud, and for once I didn't need to wear my earplugs.

The atmosphere is luxurious and a bit decadent, like a proper gentlemen's club should be. The sofas are lipstick-red, the VIP areas have curtains for privacy, waitresses are wearing bunny uniforms, etc... A lot of small details to put you in the right mood... 

When it was time to pay, I was expecting to get hammered and yet the prices are rather reasonable (VND100,000 or US$4.5).

Overall: Playboy Establishment is worth a visit, but preferably on weekends so it is more crowded. Most customers are Vietnamese, with a few foreigners/expats.

Playboy Establishment
Bar, Lounge, Restaurant and Club
136 Hang Trong
Hanoi, Vietnam

Reservation: 096 180 76 88

Operating Hours:
Everyday from 8PM to 2AM

Fame Nightclub (Hanoi) - Sexy Dancers

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Fame Nightclub is one of the best Viet-style nightclubs I visited in Hanoi (and I went to almost all of them). It is located in the city center (Hoàn Kiếm District), just next to the live music bar +84.

As usual for Hanoi, there is no entrance fee to pay. The club is on two floors, with a VIP area upstairs and regular tables downstairs. It has a modern design, with a particularly great LCD displays behind the stage. The latter is elevated and spacious, allowing for proper live music performances and shows.

Every night, they have sexy dancers who can actually dance a choreography. That's almost unheard of elsewhere in Asia (it reminded me of the clubs in Taipei). Some of the dancers are Viet and some are Ukrainians. The ones I saw where all drop-dead gorgeous, shaking their bodies in metal cages and wearing just bikinis/lingerie. To be honest I didn't pay too much attention to anything else.

Anyway, Fame possesses all the features of a typical Viet club: Customers are mostly young Vietnamese guys, sometimes accompanied by pretty hostesses or girlfriends. They book a table and they buy bottles, shishas and fruit platter. The more expensive, the better. The music is Viet House (or Vina House), which I would define as Top 40 and Viet pop remixed with techno beats. The service is great, particularly because the waiters assume they'll get a big tip (they'll will be disappointed if you just get a beer).

Prices are high for Hanoi standards (someone has to pay for those Ukrainian girls): A Corona costs VND169,000, a bottle over VND2,000,000, a giant fruit platter VND650,000.

Dress code: Don't wear shorts and sandals.

Overall: If you are looking for a place to spend some money, drink and enjoy the company of beautiful Vietnamese girls, you can't find better in Hanoi. Note that Fame is a Viet club (≠ Western club) so don't expect a dancefloor and don't expect to meet with normal girls.

Fame Nightclub and Sexy Dancers
25 Ngo Van So Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone number: 094 212 1212

Facebook: Fame Bar Hanoi (you can see more photos and check for special events (live music)

Operating Hours:
Everyday until 2AM (3AM on Weekends)

Infinity Nightclub (Hanoi)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Infinity is a small Vietnamese nightclub located in the Hoàn Kiếm district near the 4-star Lan Vien Hotel. It is very popular any night of the week with mid-to upper-class Vietnamese visiting in groups.

Compared to the competition nearby (for instance Max 3 or Fame), it looks a bit less luxurious but its prices are more affordable. You can buy a whisky bottle for VND1,200,000 for instance. If you come alone, the drinks by the glass and the cocktails are quite limited and expensive though. Anyway, this is not really a place that you can enjoy if you are by yourself (unless a Vietnamese invites you to his table).

No surprises regarding the music, you have extremely loud Vietnamese House (a mix of Techno, Viet Pop, EDM and Top 40). They also have singers occasionally.

I think that it is in Infinity that I saw some of the hottest girls in the city. Most are hostesses that can accompany you for drinks while the rest are just regular customers with their (guy) friends. They also have stunning sexy dancers performing every hour.

You should dress up a minimum before visiting. Put at least a pair of pants, some shoes and a shirt.

Overall: Infinity is not my favorite Vietnamese club in Hanoi, but it is centrally located and not too expensive. Free entrance so you can always have a look.

Operating Hours:
Open every day until 2AM.

Infinity Nightclub
45 Hàng Bài, Hà Nội
Phone number: 0163 889 8888