The Playground Restaurant Jakarta

Playground is a themed-restaurant located on the 4th floor of Plaza Indonesia. It is occupying an alley, not a proper, individual space. For this reason, it is suitable for people-sighting, but certainly not for a more intimate occasion like a date.
Chicken Kiev
Strawberry Juice
I had the Chicken Kiev at Rp85,0000++. What they brought me was small and it tasted average. No need to make a long comment about it. I also had a strawberry juice which was rather tiny for Rp40,000++.

The total Tax and Service Charge that I had to pay was over 22%, which is probably a mistake but I noticed that only after I came back home (it is maximum 21% usually).
Overall: Apart from the location and the marketing, I didn't find The Playground to be particularly attractive. Their only originality is that you can sit on swings instead of chairs, which does not really serve any purpose. I don't think I would visit again.
The Playground Plaza Indonesia
On Level 4
Jalan MH Thamrin Kav. 28 - 30
Jakarta 10350
Phone number: +62-21 2992 3747/48
Mobile phone: +62 (0) 858 1491 9449

They also opened a new branch in:

Pondok Indah Mall
Street Gallery GF
Jalan Metro Pondok Indah
Jakarta 12310
Phone number: +62-21 2952 9729
Mobile phone: +62 (0) 858 1491 9449

BB Pin : 238E5AAF
Instagram : @_Theplayground_

Opening Hours:
Every day from 11am to 11pm (until midnight on weekends)

Warung Perancis (Peliatan, Ubud, Bali)

Warung Perancis is a small French-inspired restaurant located slightly in the outskirts of Ubud, on Jalan Cok Gede Rai Pudak. It is not related to the Warung Prancis of Seminyak (see here).

It is owned by an Indonesian from Surabaya who previously worked several years in France. He is also behing the bakery White Box in downtown Ubud.

I didn't keep the bill but I remember that it was rather cheap and that it tasted good. Here are some pictures I took of my food (which was more fusion French/Indonesian than pure French).

The service, albeit very kind, was a bit slow and seemed to lack experience.

Overall: Warung Perancis is not a exactly a French restaurant in spite of its name (and even though they play French music). Since it has some decent Western dishes and that the atmosphere is relaxing, I could come back. The main problem is that it is not in a very practical location if you stay in Ubud's center.
Warung Perancis Ubud
Next to Barwa Gallery
Jalan Cok Gede Rai Pudak no 77 - Mas, Ubud Bali
Peliatan, Bali, Indonesia

Phone number: +62-361 978109

Cosmic Diner (Bali)

Cosmic Diner is an American-style restaurant with 2 locations in Bali: One on Sunset Road next to McDonald's, and one in the new Lippo Mall on Jalan Kartika Plaza.

It is themed around 1960's USA with the use of bright, contrasting colors, oldies tunes, vintage posters on the wall and mostly American classic dishes (burgers, pancakes, waffles).

The prices are quite reasonable (and the portions small). One main course and a drink should not cost more than Rp100,000.
Fettucini Rucola (Rp49,000++)
Banana Pancakes (Rp33,000++)
I had the Fettucini Rucola (Rp49,000+15% tax and service) and the Banana Pancakes (Rp33,000+15%). It was rather average food in terms of taste, but it was presented nicely.

The service would need a bit more training. Everybody was friendly but it was hard to get the attention from the waiters.

Overall: Themed-restaurants are not really my thing, but they are popular with Indonesians. Cosmic Diner is no exception and when I visited it was almost full with a 100% local crowd. All were young people in their 20s. I can understand the appeal but personally I tend to prefer a restaurant with a focus on the food first.
Cosmic Diner Sunset Star
Block C (Next to McDonald's)
Corner of Jalan Sunset Road and Jalan Dewi Sri
Kuta, Bali
Phone number: +62 (0) 361 894 7389

Cosmic Diner Lippo Mall Kuta
Ground Floor, Jalan Kartika Plaza
Kuta, Bali
Phone number: +62 (0) 361 897 8013


Cosmic Diner has a great online marketing:
Facebook: Cosmic Bali
Instagram: Cosmic Diner

Some pictures of their menu:

Sirenetta Authentic Italian Restaurant - Bali

Sirenetta is an Italian restaurant recently opened in Jalan Petitenget in Seminyak, Bali. It is owned by an Italian man from Napoli, the city where the original pizza comes from.

The place looks simple but authentic. It serves wood-fired oven pizzas, pastas and a few other international main courses.

We had a Margarita Pizza (Rp45,000 +10%) and a Tuna Steak (I forgot the price but it was rather cheap).
Tuna Steak
Margarita Pizza (Rp45,000+10%)
Grape Juice
I saw that the owner himself prepared the pizza and shoved it in the oven. It gave me high expectations and I wasn't disappointed! The pizza was fresh and tasted more authentic than any other pizzas I have tried in Bali so far.

I just had a bite of the Tuna Steak, which seemed fine but not special.

Overall: Sirenetta may be one of the best restaurants for authentic Italian pizza in Bali. Not only it tastes great, it is also really cheap. Very recommended for their Italian food at least.
Authentic Italian Restaurant Bali
Jalan Petitenget 6YZ
Badung, Bali, Indonesia

Phone number: +62 (0) 81236156714 or +62 (0) 361 340 0134
Facebook: Sirenetta Bali
Google+: Sirenetta

Opening Hours:
Everyday from 9am to 11pm

The Dusty Café - Seminyak - Bali

The Dusty may be the smallest café you will find in Bali. It was recently opened by a young Frenchman, Nicolas Vitetta. It is similar with a bar in Jakarta called Treehouse for those who know. The design combines classic items like the big chandeliers, with some cheaper, recycled ones. I'm not sure about the definition of hipster but it could be one of those places where they hang out.

Located just next to the bar Maria Magdalena in Jalan Dhyana Pura, it serves a small menu of mostly healthy food, including sandwiches and salads. 
"Party Belt" Bruschetta (Rp60,000+15%)
"Astral Totem" (Rp67,000+15%)
I had the "Party Belt", a duo of Bruschetta (quite expensive at Rp60,000+15%) and the Astral Totem, a Quinoa Salad (Rp65,000+15%). It was not fine dining but both tasted good and it was fresh.

Overall: The Dusty has all the ingredients to become a successful neighborhood restaurant. It has good food (albeit some items are too expensive), friendly staff, and a cosy atmosphere. I will be back!

Note: The Wifi was not working but I imagine it is because they are just starting.
The Dusty Café
Jalan Dhyana Pura (also referred to as Jalan Camplung Tanduk) no4
Seminyak, Bali 80361

Phone number: +62 (0) 8 21 46 45 20 51
Email: dustycafé

Opening hours:
Everyday until 11pm

Menu of The Dusty Restaurant: