Update 2018:
X2 is now closed. They will reopen shortly with a new name and new concept. Check their Instagram for more information: https://www.instagram.com/x2clubjakarta/

This review about X2 was updated in July 2011:

The X2 club is South Jakarta's biggest night club complex, featuring in the same building one restaurant and four different party areas, each with a different theme and a different music. To me it is a more acceptable version of Kota’s big one-stop entertainment nightclubs, without the naughty side, but with the very same all-in-one concept and the same appeal among Indonesians. It is owned by the Lifestyle Unlimited Group, also the owner of the clubs Vertigo and X-Lounge (now closed), of the karaoke X-KTV, and of the restaurants Shabu Tei and Charcoal.

When X2 opened in early 2007, I remember being very sceptical about whether or not it could be successful. At the time the Jakarta nightlife scene was already very competitive and I was not sure they could manage to gather 4000 people (the actual capacity of X2) every day to party. It was clearly a big bet and today, there is no question that X2 has won it and has managed brilliantly to establish itself as one of Jakarta’s leading clubbing venue. Compared to Dragonfly or Immigrant though, I find X2 much less glamourous.

Though the entrance fee is unreasonably high at over Rp.100,000 on most nights, it is usually very difficult to find enough room to dance and it can take quite a long time to go from the dancefloor to the bar when refills are needed. The crowd has gotten a little younger than when it began, with the average X2 clubber being a 20-25 years-old student. It still attracts the beautiful though and you should try to make an effort when dressing up, especially girls (dress, high heels). Torn jeans and tshirts are usually not accepted. I noticed there are many expats in X2 now.

As I said, the X2 club holds four dancing areas: the X2 main room, on the lower lever, which has house & progressive commercial music. The sound-system is excellent and the sound one of the best I have heard in my life: Just perfect crystal clear. In my opinion it is the best thing about X2. I don't enjoy as much their DJs, but if you choose your evening carefully, you may avoid another night of hearing David Guetta over and over. Their facebook page shall have all the events a few weeks in advance.

The second biggest room is called Equinox and is on the upper-level. Except for special events, they usually have hip-hop and R&B, with a twist of disco. Good atmosphere there, similar to that of Blowfish, and the most popular room in X2.

The third room, near the X2 main floor used to be called Vintage, but now it is Diagonale. Vintage was my favourite place in X2 because it is more intimate and targeted for an older crowd of expats and executives. It is an equivalent of Red Square or Dragonfly. Diagonale is pretty much the same, only brand-new and more classy.

The fourth room is the Ego Ultra Lounge, which I’ve never been to since it is reserved for the VIP clientele which unfortunately I’m not part of. It is the room near the Equinox, on the upper level, with view on the X2 main room dancefloor.

Almost every two weeks, the club hosts international DJs among the world’s most famous, with a preference for trance DJs. This makes X2 a recognized nightclub in all of Southeast Asia. Quite frequently as well, it holds special events involving sexy dancers or fashion models shows, many of which are supported by FHM or Maxim Indonesia. Ladies night is on Wednesday, with free entrance for girls.

In spite of being so successful, I rarely go to X2 because I feel like I’m just a number in such huge places, that are principally about making (lots of) money. There is too much business and marketing at work in X2 with the VIP cards, the guest-lists, the exclusive memberships, the privilege seats, the reserved tables, the preferred reservations, the bypass admission lines... Basically, if you only pay for your entrance, don’t expect much service from the staff because what you are is a non very important person (non-VIP), with no seats, no tables, and no by-pass lines. Being treated as a lesser customer is really not my thing when spending my money anywhere.

The photos were taken on X2's facebook fan page: To see more pictures of X2 parties and to have the latest information about events there, I advise you to check: X2 Nightclub Jakarta Facebook.

They also have a website which is very slow to load: Jakarta X2 Club Website.
Contact details:
X2 Club (with Equinox, Diagonale (ex-Vintage), Ego Ultra Lounge, Pier9)
Plaza Senayan, 4th & 5th Floor, Senayan Square Complex
Jl. Asia Afrika no. 8

Email: info@x2club.net
Phone number: +6221-5725559-60
Fax: +6221-5725570

58 comments to '' X2-Equinox-Diagonale-Ego Lounge (Plaza Senayan) - CLOSED "

  1. Excellent review of X2, congratulations!

  2. Hi, I would only like to add that the entrance to X2 gives access to all three clubs Equinox, Vintage and the main room of X2. Only Ego Lounge cannot be accessed.

  3. X2 is currently closed for renovations. September 2010

  4. The best place for clubbing with friends in Jakarta. BUT the worst to find girls for ONS and dancing - even for Bule.
    Good Music & Drinks, Beer for 36k. Spirits rather expensive like everywhere in Jakarta.

    @Remy: All floors can be accessed with the entrance fee of 100k, Ego Lounge as well!

  5. I agree with the previous comment.. I was only in Jakarta for a few days and paid a visit to X2.. There are a lots of girls, but the approach is not always easy, especially if you are not familiar with flirting in Jakarta. The girls will smile, dance with you, and maybe take your phone number, but it won't get physical.. So after X2, we went to Red Square, a few hundred meters away, safe enough for walking. The girls in Red Square are more fun, but it seemed some of them where prostitutes since they were kissing and getting naughty with some old dudes. In Red Square, we didn't have any problems meeting pretty and sexy girls.
    So my advice if you are looking to score in Jakarta: For one night stand try Red Square, but for a longer relationship try the X2 club.

    Have fun!

  6. Hey people come on be reasonable! X2 sucks! It's just a big room full of rich spoilt kids who are stuck five years behind when it comes to music. For me, any girl who goes to X2 will never be worth dating me, cz i'll assume she's silly.

  7. Refreshing comment Aaron. You hit the point, Man.

  8. Do they ask for our IDs or sth? i really wanna get in but i do know i'm under age ;P

  9. If you look above 18 and even better, if you are a foreigner, you should not have any problems getting inside

  10. luangkanlah menghadap sang ilahi,ingat hari akhir zaman masya allah..

  11. for anonymous above me....so why are you in this site anyway?....mind your own business...

  12. i shall reconsider stepping into this club for the first time..

  13. i will still go.. hehe... don't mind about being acknowledged when stepping in.. i mean..seriously, do we need to be? when i have my drink and i am happy i will make a move... who knows you might love the place...?

  14. hope its open on sundays ????????????

  15. I had a German friend who was doing particularly well in X2. He never took the girls home right away the same night but he took their numbers and called them after a while. He would not hit it off with all of the girls he got the numbers from but a fair few would meet him again at another place and from there on it would mostly be smooth sailing.
    He got about 7 girls from X2 in the sack, in the 3 months he stayed in Jakarta. I saw all of them cos i lived next door to him, and all of them were gorgeous young student types, not after his money.

  16. This is only a place to come with a (mixed) group of friends. Even then, I've never enjoyed a visit here. Anyone looking to meet anyone (even without sexual intentions) is likely to be disappointed. Clientele (both male and female) is way too stuck up for my liking and largely not interested in being social outside the groups they go with. If you meet a girl here (even if they approach you) getting a number, let alone anything else is still a task. Take things very slowly and NEVER tell them you came alone or with a group of exclusively male friends, they'll assume the worst and run a mile (I've had this happen twice - both times the girl approached and I was simply being friendly).

  17. will be going to x2 with a group of ppl when i get to JKT next week...what does it cost about to open bottle there? is it more expensive than red square? or are all the clubs bout the same?

  18. Open bottle for 1 million Rupiah, but you won't get a table... Table minimum pay 3 million

    It is more expensive than Red Square, about 20% more... one of the most expensive clubs in Jakarta actually..

  19. Lousy club. Not a pick up joint. I thought Indo was going to be easy. Just like any other club in the world

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Went here last night (Fri nite), paid 100K and got a complimentary drink of wish, ranging from juice to vodka. The place was packed with a rather balanced mix of indigenous and Chinese Indonesians, with some foreigners, maybe about 10%. Most of the clubbers were about 20+ y.o. The music was good, but the tunes played were almost entirely commercial ones.

    As suggested in the previous comments, the girls were rather aloof and sticked with their fellows, but that doesn't mean you can't score at this place, you just have to be able to dance.

    Security was good, so was the hygiene. It's definitely not a courteous act, but throw your cigar onto the floor and you can be sure that it'll be gone within minutes since there's one or two personnel deployed to sweep away the stuffs.

    On the negative note, the drink prices were pretty gross, IMHO. Maybe the management want to maximise the profit using the reputation of the place, IDK. Got another Heineken for 68K, I thought I was drunk when I heard that from the waiter but I checked the bill and it was exactly that amount: 68 ribu. Paid with a 100K note and got returned 30K only; the guy must have kept the 2K for himself and I didn't wanna haggle for such a small amount of money in such an elite place, but I see it rather pathetic that on top of the service charge, they still managed to keep some of the changes for themselves.

  22. been thr on thurs nite,free entrance,bottle 2.6mil,young good looking girls..not bad..

  23. hey, which is the best place in jakarta to find girls for a dance or one night of fun. What kind of reputation do indian guys have. Please name some mid level places.

  24. Been there this Saturday(23/12/2012). It took a while to actually locate this club. X2 is really not in plaza senayan.. its in the building right behind that.
    1st impression on this place is HUGEE!! there are three very different lounge in here. I liked Equinox most because most of the beauties were there only. Great place to hangout with friends. I loved the music and the environment there. better den Immigrant of course!!!

    P.S: Got my eyes stuck on a girl with hazel eyes. I wish I could see her gaain!!!

  25. so where is the best place for ONS with great venue not the cheap bar / clubs?

  26. just went there last night, it's a great nightlife of saturday night.
    Definitely not a place to find prostitutes n drugs, good to hang out with friends
    if u wanna bring your girlfriend, here is the good place
    if u wanna go find prostitutes go somewhere else
    in the beginning 2nd floor get crowd faster than 1st floor, the 1st floor served abstract songs like house music instrument, compare to 2nd floor served more popular song (they call it R&B, but I think it's just popular songs)
    it is the most crowded place I've ever seen

    thanks for the review Jakarta100bars, so much help

    1. Hello Garth,
      How about the local girls in X2, are they easy to be aproached by foriegners or aalready attended by their boy friend?...hope you will share ur experience being there recently.

  27. Do they still have a ladies night on Wednesday? Are there many white women?

  28. Yes.

    & that too,yes.

  29. been to X2 twice in the last month, good spot, found the crowd to be friendly and girls nice as well....

  30. is X2 worht visiting mid week on a wednesday night? or is it too quiet?

  31. I visited X2 on last April 2013 (Sat), and I went to the 2nd floor. The 1st impression was not bad, nice and huge place. Then I try the drink which was wayyy to expensive and not worth it by the way. The vodka feels like just some drop on the glass, with large amount of ice on it. I tried Vatal as well, but it's just a next disappointment for me. Too much kratingdaeng and the taste is not tasty at all.
    I waited until around 1:30AM, but I found no interesting music, the sound system not satisfied my need of loud and fun music.
    It's too old school and the music not mix properly.
    I went home at 2Am with such a huge disappointment. the guys there is groupie and basically..I really disappoint.
    I haven't went to Diagonale but from the preview, it seems nice...hopefully it's better than equinox...

  32. X2 isnt ons pick up club. go there to have fun with ur friends.

    If you re looking for ons, go to kemang.

  33. seeing all the comments above, i guess most of you say x2 is great place to hang out... think im gonna try to go there, soon... :)

  34. I was a routine guest for X2 for almost 3 years. And always go straight to equinox in upper floor. Equinox are my fave!!
    Nice interior, great sound system, variative DJs, buuut lame cocktail! i prefer to open bottle, cheaper when you compared to 5glass cocktail with no flavour (even if you order for strong mix!!).
    And its true, on my 1st and 2nd year visited x2, theres no ONS. Thats why i love equinox, i can enjoy my drink and listen to music, or dancing with my friends, without being interupted with #+€£%&*!? man.
    But then the environment change. Boys are full on weekend, 20-25 yo. They should focus on their study or 1st level job, not clubbing and flirting to older female. Hahaha.
    And the worse come!! girls for ONS came, some of them are expatriat prostitute!! I know it cos they try to get my friend.
    thats why from 2012, i stop coming to equinox. Stil searching for another place with hiphop music, but not for kids!! Any idea?

  35. Jumat malam, 28 Juni 2013 atas undangan seorang rekan kerja yang mengadakan farewell party bertempat di X2 Club, dan atas reservasi yang sudah dilakukan sebelumnya. Sebagian dari 20 rekan kerja yang diundang telah berada di dalam.

    Badluck untuk X2 karena melarang saya untuk masuk, sehingga farewell party dipindahkan ke club lain yang lebih friendly.

    Saya adalah Transgender (Waria), selama 30 tahun menjalani hidup sebagai waria; keluarga, rekan kerja, lingkungan, tetangga tidak pernah mempermasalahkan kewariaan saya.

    Pantaskah untuk X2 Club sebagai peraih penghargaan “Moments Best Club” versi Anugerah Adikary Wisata Tourism Award untuk memberikan bad treatment kepada loyal customernya hanya karena salah satu rekannya seorang Transgender?

    Badluck... You will lose business.

    ***like this and re-post if you support LGBT***

  36. Hey I got a question. Do they check our ID when we want to go in? I don't have an ID yet.. Can we bribe or smthn?

  37. I always score hot guys at X2. Girls, if you are into indians and africans like me, just go there. As they are into western girls and I really love them, it is the perfect match. If you are in the mood to have hot sex after going clubbing, X2 is the place. These guys are always ready for that.

  38. @ Anonymous said...October 16, 2013 at 2:21 AM, wow, thanks for keeping it real whore!

  39. X2 is a good place for me, so far.. i prefer to go there than other clubs in Jakarta. maybe bcoz i already know some staffs and feels like home.but sometimes when it gets too crowded, we will have no space for dancing.i always go there to hang out with friends. kinda hate when there's a group of indians, feel like those guys looking girls in X2 for sex only. good place to go. see you there!

    1. Well, rita us indians are not as bad as you may think. You really have narrow mind and point of views for indians. What are you gonna say about the other races. Whites for instance. Do you think they go there to worship your pussy. No they all go there to bang whores probably like you. So next time you open your mouth about indians make sure you clean it up. Because chances are you may just have sucked cock that just came out of your ass

  40. Definitely not really my place. Crowded is ok. But no one dancing on table that makes party crazierr. I can get much much better vodka with the price that is just slightely more expensive, and of course i would pay more for nice drink. When the dj played the exotic nice music, he changed it after maybe 1-2 minutes. Thats too bad, like whooaa stopp, i am dancing now but you changed the song. Well afterall everybody has their own taste =D

  41. ok edited, i mean much much better vodka at other place with price slightely more expensive, just slightly

  42. at other place they would give you change, then i would give it to them as tips. But don't expect change in here...

  43. might going to X2 today! anyone wanna jo me and my girlfriend?

  44. sorry typo above, i mean join :)

  45. hii all em new here in jakarta and i dont know about any good place so i will try to go x2 bcoz i saw so maney good comments about it so who wana join me tonight ????

  46. hiii its me moon here who wana join me tonight in x2

  47. Hi, if you looking for friend to go to clube and have fun. Email me at halimunkz@gmail.com. Can't wait to have fun.

  48. equinox price info :
    feb 28. 2014
    - small sofa 4 million
    - big sofa 5 million

  49. the bouncer was shitty. he acted like he was the owner of the club and treated the guest rudely. i don't think i'd ever go there anymore before he's replaced.

  50. any one come to X2 and need friends?? please feel free to contact me mochie844704@gmail.com

  51. Last friday I came here at X2
    At that time, spent 300K for entry charge, got with optional drink n 2 packs of cigarettes. If u wanna open table at Ego just spent about 7M.
    The crowd was great, the girls were great.
    At equinox the vent air was not good, the cig smoke made me discomfort. But it's different story if in Ego, it was great n there's more comfy.

  52. hi can anyone please tell if it's worthy to go to X2 looking for fun and girls ? and which time ( day and timing) will be perfect to go up there ? thx :)

  53. Best clubbing
    accept me working at x2 club
    Because i need a money for my mom
    thanks, x2 club
    concact me 0821 6871 9006

  54. Best working
    best place
    all the bestttttt
    x2 always success

  55. This club is a work of art
    a diamond originated from Africa
     there will be a new concept and architecture very beautiful
    one day you will see the new faces X2 club
    The club's like Rolls-Royce, limited supply, all in the look and the taste is 100%

  56. Ok place to hang m have fun. Younger crowd.. no fdc every Friday night (ladies only). Less less glamorous than immigrant. Playing popular song/music n sometimes i feel like I'm just listening to an mp3 player in a big crowd and some touch of lighting