Ministry of Sound Jakarta

By The Jakarta Team

Ministry of Sound Jakarta soon to be opened...

After Buddha Bar, the new trend is to open local branches of the world's most famous clubs..

So it will only be a few year before we have our own Pacha, our Tresor, our Fabric and our Cafe del Mar... The big question: Can we export Stadium?

For more details, check the Ismaya Group website here (, they are the ones behind this new project..

Contact details:
MOS Jakarta
To be determined..

3 comments to '' Ministry of Sound Jakarta "

  1. No. Even if Stadium can be franchised to other countries, it will never come close to Hayam Wuruk's Stadium in good ol' Jakarta. Three cheers for Stadium...hip hip...hooray!


  2. you'll never know, MOS offers the best electronica sound (house, proggressive, electro etc...) for those who are used to typical indo remixes and would want fresh new imported club musics, might wanna change their usual hangout ;)
    gotta love MOS!!
    but i personnaly prefer Hed Kandi <3
    (although it's somewhat the same stuff)

  3. Fantastic.... I used to live in Sing and they used to hv MOS, sadly was close. So glad Jakarta will have MOS in addition to all your clubs. Big thumb up for you Ismaya group.