News on April 28th, 2011: Kampus is about to close down, apparently because of an issue between the management and the owner of tower Imperium. No details so far.

The idea it seems is to relocate the venue elsewhere, still in South Jakarta.

NB: See my updates about Kampus club at the bottom of this page, this is the old review:

Review July 2009: 
The Kampus club opened on June 26th, 2009 in Menaria Imperium building, on Rasuna Said. I wonder if it replaces Pure since both are in the same building and same floor... It's getting so hard to keep this blog up-to-date with all those bars closing/opening... (update August 2009: Yes, Kampus replaces Pure)

According to the flyer I saw for the grand opening, Kampus, which is a lounge, club, karaoke and restaurant is owned by the Stadium group.

The Stadium Group has already opened a few entertainment venues in Jakarta, among which Stadium, Malioboro and Sumo Spa. All these places have a bad reputation because you will find a lot of drugs and prostitution there.

Kampus Club seems like a less trashy venue because it is not located in a Red Light area but right in the business district, the "Golden Triangle". I think that by opening this club, Stadium is trying to bringing the thrill of Kota to people that are too scared to venture in that part of the city... Indeed, many of my indonesian friends that usually go to Dragonfly or Blowfish clubs are very excited about what happens in Kota but they would never go out there.. Another guess is that it will be very similar to Zen Club... We will see in the next few months how it evolves! But I'm sure Kampus will be a happening nightclub in Jakarta...

Update December 2010:
Kampus is currently a hot place for partying, and as I predicted, it is Kota party in South Jakarta: A bit underground, dark and loud! The entrance is quite expensive, Rp100,000 with one drink, but it is worth it since the atmosphere is really nice for party... Not so much light, great music, some people dancing a bit everywhere... The night I was in Kampus I saw many foreigners, and especially a whole bunch of French expats... Lots of drugs too, actually as soon as I entered the security guard, who had worked in Stadium before, proposed to me some ecstasy.

For the club only, our recommendation:
Opening Hours:
From Monday to Tuesday: 4pm to 12pm
Wednesday: 4pm to 4am
Thursday: 4pm to 12pm
Friday to Saturday: 4pm to 4am
Sunday: 4pm to 12pm

Similar clubs: Amor, Barcode, 999.

Update March 2011 (Kampus Restaurant):
I paid a visit to Kampus again last week, but this time it was during lunch time, to try their restaurant. The place was completely empty, maybe because it was already a bit late (2pm). 

Since the restaurant is also a club, there was an unpleasant odour of cigarette smoke from the night before. It gave me a bad impression right away. The setting does not look very good during daytime, except for the spectacular view over Jakarta. Since the dining area is rotating, you will have a 360° view if you stay long enough. Here is a video I shot during my visit:

I was not so hungry that day so I only ordered a club sandwich. My friend took a (huge) fish dish but I forgot the name (see photos). Overall, we thought the food was overpriced: It was decent, but not 5-star quality. 

My conclusion is that Kampus Restaurant should be avoided for eating. I will not come back again for eating, that's for sure. The great view is worth it, but it's better to enjoy with a drink only, or later in the night for clubbing.

For the restaurant only, our recommendation:
Kampus nightclub, restaurant and karaoke
Menara Imperium 35th - 36th - 37th
Jalan H.R. Rasuna Said Kav.1
Jakarta Selatan 12980

Contact details:

Phone number: +62-21 8378 6001 - 02 - 03 Fax number: +62-21 8378 7438
Reservation: +62-21 8378 6008

Facebook: Kampus Jakarta Nightlife

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14 comments to '' Kampus Club and Karaoke Jakarta (MENARA IMPERIUM 35th - 37th Floor, Jl Rasuna Said) CLOSED "

  1. What a cool place in a corner of Jakarta. Love the interior, music and the girls.
    Bunga really enjoy this entertainment

  2. check out kampus last friday ... nice place ... good view of jkt town from the 35thy floor... if u really want to party till late in the morning this is the place... cover is 50,000 RP

  3. Kampus is a good place to party in Jakarta at the moment, not many girls except if you go to the karaoke though. You can bring one from there and pay them drinks to accompany you if you want. My best advice is to go to campus around 2am, before that you don't have the same clubbing atmosphere.

  4. ID not needed unless you look very young (less than 16).

  5. So sad that Kampus is closing, we lost our only underground club in South Jakarta! I can't wait to see it re-open again...

  6. WTF??? Kampus is closed? so no more great place to listen to trance anymore????

  7. I tried to go there a week ago but it is still under renovation. It seems that it should re-open in January 2012.


  8. So the rumors are true, what an unlucky me, cant try kampus ambience at night dining :(

  9. any news for The Kampus ?

  10. Is the place open yet??

  11. does any body know if kampus has reopend yet or if it is a new place

  12. it's now Exodus at Kuningan City

  13. Oh memories. Good old days. Old days always works. Stadium, xlounge/vertigo, centro, tribeca, embassy, k9. (: