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Best Bars in Mega Kuningan (Jakarta) [2024]

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Home to 5-star hotels ( Ritz-Carlton ,  Raffles ,  Marriott ), foreign embassies, luxury apartments and prestigious offices, Mega Kuningan is easily one of the most exclusive  areas to live in Jakarta . As it was recently built from scratch, it is very different from the rest of the city. There are no warungs, no street sellers, no poverty and barely any traffic jams. Instead, you will see large streets lined with palm trees and a dozen skyscrapers (with a few more still under construction). Though Mega Kuningan does not have a proper nightclub yet, it has a vibrant nightlife almost any day of the week. You can walk in any towers and you are almost guaranteed to find a restaurant, a lounge or a bar. While each of them is unique, they generally target the same clientele: Expats, upper class Indonesians and businessmen. The following article will give you a quick overview of my 10 favorite bars in Mega Kuningan. They aren't far from each other and it's easy to wal

Best Bars to Meet Expats and Foreigners in Jakarta [2024]

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The expat/foreign population in Jakarta is smaller than that of other Asian capitals, both because of government regulations making it harder to hire low-skilled foreigners, and because of the lack of attractiveness of the city. Tourists rarely visit Jakarta, and if they do, they usually only spend a few days here. The upside of this situation is that the expat community is compact, rather homogeneous, and friendly. Most of the foreigners in Jakarta come from a few industries or jobs such as IT, oil & gas, banking, NGOs, multinational companies, teaching, etc. Newcomers are generally welcome and they can quickly integrate to expat circles. Note: If you are single, you can also read  Best dating sites in Indonesia . Best expat bars in Jakarta Below is a list of the best venues to socialize with expats or foreigners in Jakarta: Eastern Promise (Kemang) Also called EP, Eastern Promise is certainly the most famous expat bar in Jakarta. It has 4 distinct rooms: A small