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Best Bars to Meet Expats and Foreigners in Jakarta [2024]

By Tibs →
The expat/foreign population in Jakarta is smaller than that of other Asian capitals, both because of government regulations making it harder to hire low-skilled foreigners, and because of the lack of attractiveness of the city. Tourists rarely visit Jakarta, and if they do, they usually only spend a few days here. The upside of this situation is that the expat community is compact, rather homogeneous, and friendly. Most of the foreigners in Jakarta come from a few industries or jobs such as IT, oil & gas, banking, NGOs, multinational companies, teaching, etc. Newcomers are generally welcome and they can quickly integrate to expat circles. Note: If you are single, you can also read  Best dating sites in Indonesia . Best expat bars in Jakarta Below is a list of the best venues to socialize with expats or foreigners in Jakarta: Eastern Promise (Kemang) Also called EP, Eastern Promise is certainly the most famous expat bar in Jakarta. It has 4 distinct rooms: A small