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7 Best Nightclubs in Bandung

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My last review of Bandung nightlife was written in 2010. Since then, I've noticed that all the most popular nightclubs are new ones that have either popped up from nowhere, or replaced existing venues. For a general understanding of Bandung nightlife, you can still read it here: Bandung Nightlife for Expats . The city is still fun for party, with a young crowd, a lot of pretty Sundanese girls , and affordable prices. It is more conservative than Jakarta though, so don't expect crazy and messy nights out.  The current 7 best nightclubs are the following (click on the name for a complete review): Shelter Cheap and popular nightclub with a relaxed, hipster crowd. Near ITB Bandung.

Southbank Bar, Lounge and Club (Bandung)

By Jakarta100bars →
The new Southbank just reopened on August 5th, 2016. It moved from Jalan Aceh to Jalan Sumatra, a street with several other nightlife venues. It is central and trendy location that I recommend if you are not familiar yet with Bandung. You can stay nearby in the Crowne Plaza Hotel , one of the best in the city. Southbank intends to keep the same concept as before. It is a bar/lounge that turns into a nightclub on weekends and for special events. More classy than its competitors ( Sobbers , Mox , Shelter ), it is popular with an upmarket crowd that includes a lot of Indonesian-Chinese.

Mox Nightclub (Bandung)

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Mox is the nightclub that replaced Embassy in Cihampelas Walk mall in Bandung. It is near Aston Tropicana Hotel and Hotel Sensa . The design hasn't really changed since the takeover. It is a rectangle-shaped club, on one floor, with a low ceiling and a large dancefloor in the middle. Tables are on the side. One difference is that they've added some TVs and a giant screen behind the DJ. Compared with other clubs in Bandung, it is more expensive and the crowd is slightly older. It also has the reputation of being full of "ayam", who are not necessarily prostitutes, but who are making a living from generous male sponsors. Few are alone by themselves so you won't have a lot of opportunities for pick-up. Shelter and Southbank are probably better to meet with normal girls.

Shelter Nightclub (Bandung)

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Shelter is a nightclub located in Bandung on Jalan Sulanjana. It is not far from ITB Bandung and the hotels Holiday Inn and Luxton .

Sobbers Nightclub and KTV (Bandung)

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Sobbers is one of the numerous nightclubs in Bandung. It is located on Jalan Setiabudhi, next to the famous factory outlet Rumah Mode. A nearby hotel is the Grand Serela . If you are staying in the older part of town, for instance on Jalan Braga, it is a bit far to reach. Most of the customers are young Indonesians, including students from the nearby schools (STP Bandung, UPI, ITB, Universitas Parahyangan). Since there is also a KTV with lady companions, it attracts older guys and some " ayam ". One of my friends told me that Sobbers is a hangout for gays and lesbians.

Bandung Nightlife: Best Bars and Nightclubs (Updated 2016)

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UPDATE 2016: The new hotspots for Bandung nightlife are the following venues: MOX Club , Shelter , Southbank  and Sobbers . Bandung  nightlife is just as interesting as the nightlife in   Bali  or  Jakarta : - Jakarta  is a gigantic city, with a lot of wealthy locals and expatriates. Its nightlife tends to be chic and sophisticated, with hundreds of venues competing to get the spotlight.