Bandung nightlife is constantly changing and it can be hard to keep up with it. This is the fifth time I update this article and I'm pretty sure that within a couple of years, most nightclubs on this list will have disappeared.

A good way to stay updated is to follow some Instagram accounts with the latest events. I suggest you Signatures Media (cultural and clubbing), Bandung Konser (live music and concerts), and What's New Bandung.

Because Bandung is a vibrant student city, its nightlife caters mainly to young people in their late teens and early 20s. There are dozens of affordable cafés, restaurants, bars and clubs that are specifically targeting them, especially in areas like Jalan Setiabudi or within trendy malls such as Cihampelas Walk, Paris Van Java, 23 Paskal, or Trans Studio Mall. Note that for a majority of these students, the nightlife is alcohol-free and consists mainly of hanging out with friends in coffee shops.

There is also another nightlife scene, focused on domestic tourists who flock from Jakarta on the weekends. They usually head for the hills surrounding Bandung (like Dago Atas) where the cool air and the nice views offer a pleasant break from their life in the Big Durian. There, you will find mostly lounges and restaurants, some of them offering live music. If this is what you are into, you can check Skyline or Boda Barn.

Nightclubs in Bandung are modern, but they are adapted to local taste. Almost all of them will follow a similar concept. At the beginning of the evening, you will have some live music, usually a mix of Indonesian and English famous songs (it is not rare that customers will ask to sing a song or two).

Later in the night, you will normally have a DJ who will play mainstream party hits (EDM, pop, RnB). As often in Indonesia, clubbers will typically remain static and stay with a group of friends around a table. Unfortunately, this means that it is less easy to meet people at night.

During the whole time, an MC (Master of Ceremony) will be yelling in the microphone to hype the crowd. It can be more or less annoying depending on who's in charge.

In the following review, I will give you a quick overview of Bandung's nightlife: The best bars and clubs, where to stay near them, and how to meet people.

Hotels Near Bandung Nightlife
Bandung is a sprawling city that I haven't completely figured out yet despite visiting it at least 10 times.

There are various areas where you can stay, but if you come for the nightlife, the most strategic is anywhere near Jalan Braga. It is a walkable street, near the train station and near some famous tourist sites.

On Jalan Braga itself or nearby, there are several bars and nightclubs such as F3X, Triangle Beer House, La Baraga or Pati Braga. 5 minutes away by taxi, you can go to Paskal Hyper Square, a complex with top nightclubs such as Tiger and Southbank Noir.

Here are some hotels that I recommend near Jalan Braga, from cheapest to most expensive:

Kimaya by Harris (35$/night)
Artotel (40$/night) - It has a bar called Conclave in its basement
Grand Dafam (40$/night) - Inside the mall Braga Citywalk

Another central location to enjoy Bandung nightlife is near the City Hall. Janévalla Hotel would be my top choice there. It is reasonably priced (45$ per night) and it has a cool rooftop bar.

Bandung Nightlife Map
Below is a map of the most famous bars and nightclubs in Bandung. Please click on it for more details.

Dating in Bandung
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There are great dating opportunities in Bandung as it is a student city with many single, educated women (and men).

The girls in Bandung are mostly Sundanese (unless they came from other provinces for their studies). I wrote an article about the stereotypes surrounding Sundanese girls that you can read here Is it better to date a Javanese or Sundanese?. To summarize it, they are considered beautiful because of their lighter skin, but they also have the reputation to be materialistic.

The best dating apps in Bandung are probably Bumble, Tinder, Badoo, OkCupid. They will work well, especially if you live in Indonesia and if you are young. Among older foreigners, I know that is popular as well even though it is more controversial.

Best Bars and Clubs in Bandung
Below are some of the current happening party spots in Bandung. I linked to the Instagram of the venue so you can check if it is still open or not. If you know of a new place, please don't hesitate to leave a comment at the end of this article.

If you are looking for the best nightclub in Bandung, look no further than Tiger Club in the Paskal Hyper Square complex.

Opened in mid-2023 by HW Group (also the owner of Atlas Bali and H Club SCBD), it is without any doubt the most modern and luxurious club in the city.

Shaped like a square, its most impressive feature is its massive chandelier hanging from the ceiling. I don't know if it was done on purpose but it makes the whole place look like a boxing arena. Just below, there is a dance floor which is mostly occupied by standing tables. On three sides, it is surrounded by premium sofas, which are on a slightly elevated platform, and on the fourth one, by the podium of the DJ.

The concept of Tiger Club is more that of a bottle-club: It's better to come as a group and get a table. For that, you need to spend a minimum amount. Normally, buying a bottle of liquor among 3-4 people is sufficient.

You can still visit without booking a table but, in my opinion, the experience will be less satisfying in terms of comfort and service.

The nightclub is open every day from 11pm to 4am. There are different promos every night such as Daebak Party on Sunday, Millennial Party on Monday, Tiger U on Tuesday, and ladies night on Wednesday. There are also regular special events, with famous DJs such as P. Joana or Winky Wiryawan.

You can get all the latest infos about events and parties on their Instagram @tiger.paskal.

HW Group also owns Helen's Live Bar near Rumah Mode. This is a smaller and cheaper venue where you can listen to daily live bands.

Southbank Noir

This nightclub is also in Paskal Hyper Square, near Tiger. You could try both on the same night as they are walking distance from each other. However, their concept is quite similar and I think Tiger is bigger and more happening.

Trendy bar near Bandung Zoo, it looks nice but not so professionally managed. Young crowd, some fun events (like the karaoke nights). Music is usually RnB, EDM, oldies or pop. Ladies night on Wednesdays.

If you like this bar, you can check Wu BackroomWaiting room and Upstairs. Walking distance from Opiuci, you can also find Lucy in the Sky Bandung. It is a more relaxed venue with an outdoor garden and a regular live band.

August 2023: The Opiuci group just opened another bar called Panic Paradise.

Inside Belviu Hotel, this club often holds interesting events (live music or DJ).

Located on Jalan Braga, this is a club and KTV that targets an older crowd. Music is EDM/progressive house. Many girls seem to be prostitutes or lady companions.

Cheap and popular bar/nightclub with a young crowd. Near ITB Bandung.

Located on Jalan Braga, this is a small bar with DJs and reasonable prices: 50k for a large Bintang and 35k for a small one. Typical student hangout place. Music is better than average for Bandung.

Open in May 2023, this nightclub is not so modern or sophisticated compared to Tiger/Southbank. It is still quite empty, even on weekends, so I'm not sure it can survive for a long time.

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  1. Southbank is lil bit "lebay" with the rules about the dresscode. They not allowed if we only use shirt. Which in Jakarta there's nothing like this silly rules. But the place is quite nice and parking space is easy.