Bandung nightlife is constantly changing and it can be hard to keep up with it. This is the fourth time I update this article and I'm pretty sure that within a couple of years, most nightclubs on this list will have disappeared.

For this reason, I recommend you to check the hashtag "Bandungclubbers" on Instagram as it is usually where you can get updates on the latest parties.

Because Bandung is a vibrant student city, its nightlife caters mainly to young people in their late teens and early 20s. There are dozens of affordable cafés, restaurants, bars and clubs that are specifically targeting them, especially in areas like Jalan Setiabudi or within trendy malls such as Cihampelas Walk, Paris Van Java, and Trans Studio Mall. Note that for a majority of these students, the nightlife is alcohol-free and consists mainly of hanging out with friends in coffee shops.

There is also another nightlife scene, focused on domestic tourists who flock from Jakarta on the weekends. They usually head for the hills surrounding Bandung (like Dago) where the cool air and the nice views offer a pleasant break from their life in the Big Durian. There, you will find mostly lounges and restaurants, some of them offering live music.

Hotels Near Bandung Nightlife
Bandung is a sprawling city that I still haven't figured out completely despite visiting it at least 10 times. I usually come by train and therefore I like to stay near the station in Jalan Braga. It is a rather central street which is near some of the famous tourists sights. You also have a mall and a few bars/clubs within walking distance. Currently, F3X, Triangle Beer House and Hangover are near.

Two hotels I recommend are the Crowne Plaza Bandung (70$/night) or Favehotel Braga (25$/night).

Best Bars and Clubs in Bandung
Below are some of the current happening party spots in Bandung. I linked to the Instagram of the venue so you can check if it is still open or not. If you know of a new place, please don't hesitate to leave a comment at the end of this article.

Recently reopened, 9Square is a lounge that turns into a club after midnight. It is more upmarket compared to the competition.

Located on Jalan Braga, this is a more mature club and probably the best one if you are a foreigner. Good sound system and DJs, usually playing house, Trance, and EDM tracks. They have famous guest DJs once in a while, even international ones like Dash Berlin or Cosmic Gate. Bobby Suryadi from Stadium also has a semi-residency there. KTV rooms are available.

Cheap and popular bar/nightclub with a relaxed, hipster crowd. Near ITB Bandung.

Located on Jalan Braga, this is a small bar with DJs and reasonable prices: 50k for a large Bintang and 35k for a small one. Typical student hangout place. Music is better than average for Bandung.

This venue has a DJ/live music and specializes in soju drinks. Minimalist décor but the customers are a bit more sophisticated than elsewhere.

It was previously part of the Holywings chain, they changed the name of the club following a scandal. They opened during the COVID pandemic and since then, it has been rather quiet. It will probably get busier as soon as the restrictions are lifted.

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  1. Southbank is lil bit "lebay" with the rules about the dresscode. They not allowed if we only use shirt. Which in Jakarta there's nothing like this silly rules. But the place is quite nice and parking space is easy.