Kabuki is an executive club and karaoke located in Lokasari, near Jalan Mangga Besar (West Jakarta). It replaces Newton, which was a similar yet less fancy venue.

It is part of the Alexis Group, which currently owns 1001, Club 36, Zen Club, Emporium and Colosseum. They lost their flagship property, Alexis, in 2018 after it was shut down by the new governor.

You might actually notice that the main lounge in Kabuki looks similar to 4Play, the club that was on the first floor of Alexis.

I was not able to take any photos inside Kabuki because the security put a sticker on my phone's camera. They seem to take privacy very seriously, probably to avoid having the same trouble as they had with Alexis.

What happens inside is not outrageous, though. The lounge itself is medium sized, with 3 podiums in the middle, and VIP areas on the side. You have sexy dancers, but they are wearing clothes and do not perform stripteases. They can be taken to the rooms upstairs, for IDR2,000,000.

I didn't visit the karaoke but I would guess it has high standards and very pretty hostesses. Please leave a comment below if you've been there.

Did you know?
In the 1990s, there used to be a big nightclub in Prinsen Park Hotel, also in Lokasari, called Kabuki. It was famous for having an illegal casino.

Kabuki Executive Club and Karaoke
Ruko Permata Lokasari Blok B1
West Jakarta

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  1. This place is just way too expensive. After the Alexis group took over the prices went up by almost 100% with improvement in service. It was much better under BFashion Group than Alexis Group. Be careful, the girls here come from what used to be Alexis and believe they should be paid the same as they were in Karaoke at Alexis. Better off going to Olympic Karaoke next door, chicks arent as hot but they are much friendlier and you can book them out for less than half what Kabuki charges. Also, a bottle of whiskey at Olympic will be about half of what it is at Kabuki. Don't waste your time.