Bintan nightlife is very limited.

The island, located about 1 hour from Singapore, is not exactly popular with party-goers but with families, couples, or golfers.

Most of the tourists stay in the north of the island, in an area called Lagoi Bay, in resorts that are isolated from one another. They are all several kilometers away from the two main cities in Bintan (Tanjung Pinang and Tanjung Uban). Many visitors will never leave their hotel as they will find everything they need there: Beach, pool, spa, restaurants. Some of the biggest resorts, such as the Club Med, may have a bar, but don't except anything happening there unless you are staying for New Year.

If you are desperate for partying while in Bintan, there are a few options, though. All of them are located in the capital of Bintan, Tanjung Pinang. The city is not that small with over 200,000 inhabitants, but it isn't very developed yet. There aren't any modern malls, and not even a Starbucks yet as of today.

Most recommended hotel in Tanjung Pinang: Nite and Day Laguna (best location in the city center + affordable price)

There are several dodgy KTVs there, catering mostly to a male crowd. You can find them easily on Google. The most famous now is Clasix, in Bintan Indah Mall.

You also have some nicer venues with live bands or DJs. Nothing sophisticated, but it can still be fun for a night out.

The current best option for clubbing in Bintan is:

This club is located next to the restaurant Api Biru, not too far from the city center of Tanjung Pinang. They usually have a guest artist every week o two. Since it is the only venue around, it attracts a mix of diverse people, from young students to older men drinking with lady companions. Entrance fee IDR 35,000 with a beer.

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  1. Hi, thanks for reviewing our club! Currently we do not have live band anymore, but on some special events, there will be various celebrity vocalists and some international djs as well, see ya all!

    1. Hi dope, thank you for your comment, I've amended the original review... Cheers, Thibaud

  2. Is there any place to watch live Football games ?