7 Famous Indonesian Pornstars and Nude Models

By Tibs
Despite being considered a conservative country, watching porn is just as popular in Indonesia as it is elsewhere on the planet.

When I was living in Jakarta in the early 2000s, I remember that it was quite common to see pirated porn DVDs and VCDs (also called "blue movies") being sold discreetly along some major streets of the city.

Things have changed today. Indonesians now find their porn on the Internet, using VPNs to bypass the censorship of the government (see my article Best VPNs for Indonesia for more information). In fact, according to a 2016 poll, 41% of Indonesian internet users have a VPN installed on their computer or smartphone. The main reason for that, obviously, is to access porn websites.

With such an appetite for porn (and a country of over 250 million inhabitants), one could think that there are many Indonesian pornstars around.

Sadly, the answer is no. I could not find one that is still active as of today, even after looking at a list of the best porn sites on the internet and searching each of them one by one. There is only Putri Cinta who still does shoots, but she is only a nude model.

The situation is not too bad, though, as there are still some actresses with Indonesian blood that have retired and/or who did softcore pictures/movies.

Below is a list of the 7 most famous Indonesian pornstars and nude models (starting with my favorite):

Putri Cinta
Originally from Java, this newcomer is currently 21 years old and she has done about 15 nude shootings and she has uploaded some hardcore scenes just for her fans. She has a slim body, a tanned skin, and some sexy curly hair. She is getting more and more famous internationally, especially after working with Playboy US in 2018. She is 159 cm high and weighs 40 kilos. She had a boob job done in 2019.

You can follow her Instagram: Putri With Love.

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Jade Marcella
Jade Marcella was born in Hawaii, but her parents are Indonesians from Tegal (Java). She entered the porn industry in 1999 when she was just 19, and she performed in over 230 movies until 2006. She stopped her career after getting married.

Weighing just 41 kilos (for 1,60m), she is probably the most famous and most extreme Indonesian pornstars. She has done everything including anal, bukkake and gang-bang. She also did scenes with her real sister, Nyomi Marcella (see below).

Nyomi Marcella
She started her career using the name Nyomi Arman as she did not want to be associated with her older, more famous sister, Jade.

She is a bit bigger, 162cm for 48 kg, and she has been in fewer hardcore scenes (no anal, no group sex, etc) compared with her. I find her more pretty.

Sera Amane
This gorgeous model was born in 1997, from an Indonesian mom and a Japanese/Dutch father. She lived in Jakarta during her childhood, before moving to Japan. After turning 19, she played in a couple of JAV (Japanese Adult Films), one of them shot in Indonesia. As usual with Japanese porn movies, her intimate body parts are censored.

Laura Gemser
She was born in Surabaya in 1950 and then moved to Utrecht in Holland in 1955. After graduating from a design school, she started to do some erotic photoshoots to earn cash. In 1974, she performed in a soft porn movie, "Amore Libero" (Free Love) that launched a successful career that made her an iconic erotic actress of the 1970s.

Popular because of her dark skin and slender look, she has been active for 14 years until 1988.

Angelina Lee
Angelina Lee is a porn actress that performed in about 10 gonzo movies (no storyline) from 2006 to 2008. She lives in the US but she was born in Makassar in 1984.

Christina Hadiwijaya
Christina Hadiwijaya was born in Jakarta in 1975. She is famous for playing in a softcore erotic movie called "Married People" in 2002.

BONUS: Jodi Ann Paterson
Jodi Ann Paterson is not a porn actress, but she was Playboy's Playmate of the Year in 2000. As such, she shot several nude videos. Born in Balikpapan, she has an Indonesian mom and an American father (from Swiss and Scottish ancestry).  She married former race car driver Michael Andretti, son of Formula 1 driver Mario Andretti, with whom she had twins.

Her Instagram: Jodi Andretti

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3 comments to '' 7 Famous Indonesian Pornstars and Nude Models "

  1. Nice writing, very interesting!

    Do you know if there are any famous Indonesian sex cam girls? I use Chaturbate.com but the website seems to be blocked in Indonesia and it's impossible to search for girls according to nationality (you can only select the tag "Asian"). I know there are girls from the Philippines and Vietnam but I would love to find an Indonesian one. If anyone knows, please let me know, thanks!

  2. The information you have one Sera Amane is not actually quite correct.
    There is something on some Indonesian website that is purely text based, claiming her mother is Indonesian who is mixed with Dutch, her mother is not a pure Indonesian person. On that same interview she said her father is Japanese and part Dutch.

    However, if you research this, it's a fantasy story created by the JAV company, they even say in the fine details that it's a spin-off, meaning not a real story.

    The actual woman is simply Japanese, and she has many other movies and goes by other names such as Honoka Makise, Ayaka etc, in none of her previous and other JAV titles is she claimed to be part Indonesian (plus the Nampa movie itself says it's not a real story anyway).

    They fact that she speaks 100% fluent Japanese like any other woman, and doesn't even look Indonesian or Dutch remotely, should have clued you into this as well.

    Once again, don't take the fantasy story of a JAV movie seriously. Porn is fiction, and the Japanese create these stories routinely for their movies. In one movie a woman is a widow, in another she is a university student, and in another she is a successful business owner. None of these stories are real, they are just for the movie.

  3. But She did rrcently comeback as mizzlamour