20 Most Famous Vietnamese Pornstars

By Tibs
Vietnamese girls are reputed to be among the most beautiful in the world (just have a look at my ranking of the 15 sexiest models in the country to convince yourself). Most of them have a mix of Southeast Asian and Chinese features: Dark hair, almond eyes, pale skin, and a usually slim body.

Because Vietnam is a conservative country, it is hard to find an "authentic" Vietnamese pornstar, meaning a girl who lives in Vietnam and who has Vietnamese nationality. The only one you will see online are usually from leaked sex tapes or webcam recordings.

That said, don't despair! There are actually plenty of pornstars of Vietnamese ethnicity who have foreign citizenship, most often American or French.

In this article, I have combined the most beautiful girls among them, professional or amateur, active or retired. If I forgot someone, please just leave a comment!

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Here is my list of the most famous Vietnamese pornstars, starting with the girls that are still active:

Vina Sky
Born in 1999 in Texas, her parents are both Vietnamese. She started as a cam girl and escort, just after her 18th birthday, before switching to porn in 2018. With her a small, sexy body (38 kg for 152cm) and her innocent look, she quickly became a very popular pornstar for those with a fetish for "petite Asian girls". Lately, she hasn't been so innocent, though, with more and more hardcore stuff, in particular several anal scenes.

Instagram: @vinaskyy
OnlyFans: @vinaskyy

She has an interesting interview on YouTube:

Luna Okko
Luna Okko was born in 1994 in Vietnam, before being adopted by French parents. She started shooting amateur porn in 2017, along with her boyfriend James. They became quite popular, using the name Luna x James, with their sex diaries, a series of videos shot during their travels around the world. They broke up in 2020 but she is still active on PornHub and OnlyFans.

Instagram: Luna Okko
Twitter: Luna Okko

How to Meet Real Vietnamese Girls Online?
Whether you live in Asia, in the US, or in Europe, it is extremely easy today to meet young and sexy Vietnamese girls.

I recommend two websites:
→ Seeking: This is a sugar dating website, meaning the girls are looking for someone with money. That's best for those who are not looking for a serious relationship. Lots of incredibly looking Vietnamese ladies, usually in their 20s.
VietnamCupid: A more normal website, with thousands of Vietnamese girls looking for a foreign husband. Great for those preparing a trip to Vietnam.

Harriet Sugarcookie
Born in Hanoi in 1995, this cute and smart girl moved to England in 2000 after her Vietnamese mom remarried with a British man. She started posting nude pics on Reddit when she was 18, then became a cam girl, and finally, she created her own porn website. On the latter, she features videos from various pornstars, including herself. She is active on TwitterInstagram, and she also has a blog.

She did a nice interview on Youtube as well:
Cindy Starfall
This petite Vietnamese girl (4'11" or 150cm) was born in Saigon, now Ho-Chi-Minh City, in 1989. She is mixed Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese. She moved to the US in 2004 and became a cam girl in 2011. By March 2012, she was already appearing in adult movies, and she has remained active since.

Onlyfans: ClubStarfall
Twitter: @cindystarfall
Facebook: Club Starfall
Instagram: @cstarfall
YouTube: Cindy Starfall

Born in 1990, this French actress of Vietnamese descent started doing porn with her boyfriend Frédéric Leyluken in 2010. Together with him, she launched her own production company, "Pussykat Productions", which has shot hundreds of short porn video clips to this date. When she is in front of the camera, she only has sex with girls or with her boyfriend. She has won 3 Venus Awards in 2011, 2014, and 2018.

Evelyn Lin
This famous actress is mixed Chinese (from her dad) and Vietnamese (from her mom). She was born in Hunan (China) in 1987, under the name Zhang Li. In 1991, she emigrated to California with her family, learned English, and later went to the University of California in San Diego. She started porn when she was only 19, and stopped just 5 years later after having more than 100 scenes.

She is active on social media, on Instagram, Twitch, and on Twitter.

Katsumi or Katsuni
Born as Céline Tran in 1979, Katsuni has a Vietnamese dad and a French mom. After studying politics at a prestigious university, she started appearing in French adult films in 2002, then moved to the US. She had breast augmentation surgery there, and quickly became one of the most recognizable pornstars of her time, having shot over 350 movies. She was the recipient of 18 AVN awards, including 3 times for "Best Foreign Performer". She stopped filming in 2014, and she has had various activities since, as an author, a singer, and a blogger.

Trivia: She was known as Katsumi in her early years, but she had to change her name to Katsuni following a lawsuit brought to her by another woman whose name was also Katsumi.

Website: clubkatsuni.com (for the hardcore stuff) or iamcelinetran.com (for the post-porn stuff)
YouTube channel: Ma Vie De Ninja
Blog: Ma Vie De Ninja
Facebook: Celine Tran
Twitter: @iamcelinetran
Twitch: @celinetran
Instagram: @celinetran

Sharon Lee
Also known as Bao Tran, she is yet another French-Vietnamese girl. This tall, large-breasted (E cup) beauty was born in 1988 and became a pornstar when she was just 21. She is still shooting scenes until today on her OnlyFans account. You can also check her Instagram: @sharonleeofficial

Tia Tanaka
75% Vietnamese and 25% French, Tia Tanaka was born in 1987 in Indonesia, then she moved to the US in 1991. She became interested in joining the porn industry while still in high school, through her friend Kitty Jung (also a pornstar, but from Korean descent). She did her first adult movie when she was only 18, and retired less than two years after that, with a total of 150 scenes shot. Following her retirement, she went back to school and she is now working a normal office job, with some occasional modeling gigs from time to time.

Tila Tequila
Tila Tequila (real name: Nguyễn Thị Thiên Thanh) is not exactly a pornstar, but she shot a couple of hardcore movies in the form of fake celebrities' sex tape.

Born in 1981 in Singapore, her parents were Vietnamese boat people who had fled the war a few years earlier. At age 1, she moved with her family to Texas, where she had a troubled childhood. At 20, she started posing nude in men's magazines, including Playboy, Maxim, and Stuff. She gained worldwide attention in 2005 by becoming the most friended profile on MySpace. This led her to star in her own reality-TV show on MTV, "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila", in 2007. From there, it went downhill, until she was kicked out of Celebrity Big Brother in 2013 for promoting Adolf Hitler.

She is still active on social media until today, but she turned her life around 180 degrees. Now a devout, born-again Christian, she has taken on the new name Tornado Thien. You can hear her talk about God, the end of the world, and various conspiracy theories on her YouTube channel (Angel Nguyen).

Miko Lee
She was born in San Diego (California) from Vietnam/Chinese parents in 1980. At age 19, she appeared in her first porn movie. She had a busy career for the next 6 years, appearing in almost 200 movies until her retirement in 2005.

This French Vietnamese girl had a long career, from 1998 to 2009, shooting over 200 adult films. Born in 1974, she is quite petite (155cm and 42 kilos).

Jayden Lee
This tall, slender girl is mixed Korean-Vietnamese, but she was born in the US, in California, in 1993. Known for her anal and rough blowjob scenes, she starred in her first porn at just 19. She had her boobs augmented to a 36DD in 2013, making her look a lot like Asa Akira.

Instagram: Jayden Lee

Angela Melini
Angela Jane Melini was born in Saigon in 1969 from a Vietnamese mother and an American father. After her dad and 2 of her brothers were killed, she fleed to the US in 1974 with her mom, settling down in Lafayette, North Carolina. She became famous at 23, becoming Miss June 92 of Playboy Magazine. This led her to shoot several erotic movies, until her retirement in 1996.

Currently, she seems to have become a perfectly normal stay-at-home mum, living in Las Vegas (or Texas). She is very active on Twitter, posting mostly about US politics, under the name Angela Melini. She also has an Instagram account set on private (@angelamelini).

Coralie Trinh Thi
Born in 1976, she is only 25% Vietnamese, from her grandmother. She appeared in over 60 movies between 1995 and 2002, mostly French productions. She received a few awards, including a Hot d'Or in 1996 for Best European Actress. After retiring, she appeared in some mainstream films, including Baise-Moi that she co-directed with Virginie Despentes, and she wrote sex-ed books. She has an Instagram account (@coralietrinhthi) on which she uploads lots of pictures of her cat(s).

Yen Hoang
This playmate, born in Maryland, US, in 1985, has 100% Vietnamese ancestry. She was Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Month in 2005. She never did any hardcore stuff.

Kira Kener
She was born in 1974 in San José, California, from Norwegian/Vietnamese parents (real name: Stephanie Knain). She signed an exclusive contract with Vivid Entertainment in 1999, the 3rd Asian actress only to do so at the time, along with Kobe Tai and Asia Carrera. In March 2002, she was also the cover girl for Playboy magazine, and, in December of the same year, she was named Penthouse Pet of the Month. She stopped porn in 2007 after having starred in over 100 movies.

Kimmy Kahn
Born in 1980, this short and slim girl is mixed Vietnamese and Filipina. Her first scene was in 2001, and she retired in 2006 after just 28 movies. She was nominated for an AVN award in 2003 (category: Best New Starlet), and she got a boob job in 2004. 

Note: Some reports online say that she is half Chinese half Mongol.

Tricia Yen
This pornstar, born in 1968, has mixed blood (Japanese-Vietnamese). She was active between 1993 and 1998.

More Famous Vietnamese Pornstars:
There are a few more Vietnamese pornstars for whom I was lazy to write the full bio:
  • Carmina Kai (also known as Ava Lee) - Born in 1989 and active since 2010
  • Kimi Gee (or Kimi Ji) - Born in 1967, active from 1986 to 1996
  • Haylee Le (or Lee) - Born in Saigon in 1985, active from 2006 to 2012. She is rumored to have a twin sister, Baylee Le, but it is probably her using a different name.
  • Kim Blossom - Born in Saigon in 1992, active from 2013 o 2016, she only shot around 10 movies.
  • Jayd Lovely - Born in 1983 in Arizona from Vietnamese parents, she mainly did solo porn and erotica.

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  1. You forgot to mention Mi Ha Doan who is 25% Vietnamese

  2. Why do they all look like ladyboys though?

    1. *Why do they all look like ladyboys though?*... Perhaps because you have a liking for ladyboys? ;)

  3. Jayd Lovely is now Jayd Hernandez, retired, married with stepson, and living in Arizona. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/studioconceal/

  4. Leanna Scott, real name is Christina Mai.
    Mai Tran, Mai Trang, Mia Trang, Mina (mostly misspellings).
    Teanna Kai is Vietnamese, real name is April Nguyen.
    All 3 girls have fake tits, love it.

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    1. My girlfriend is Filipina and I met her through Seeking.com... to my knowledge, this is the best site to meet with hot girls from around the world... most girls there are just dying to meet a foreigner who will take them out of their country... but don't take my word for it, just try it, it's free to make an account (note: I don't work for them, I'm just a user)

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