I spent two weeks in Kazakhstan to write my Almaty Nightlife Guide. That gave me plenty of time to admire the beauty and diversity of Kazakh girls.

I didn't expect that I would see so many gorgeous women in the country and it certainly made my stay much more enjoyable.

Due to a lack of foreigners, it is fairly easy to meet them through dating apps like Tinder, Badoo or Mamba. You also have some stunning beauties on SeekingArrangement.com. On average, I would get around 30 matches per day, making Kazakhstan one of the easiest countries in the world to meet girls.

In a city like Almaty, around 50% of the girls are Kazakh (Asian or Chinese features), 30% are Russian (Caucasian features) and 20% are mixed.

To give you an overview of what these women look like, I've searched for the 20 hottest models and girls from Kazakhstan. If I forgot someone who deserves to be here, please just add the name in the comment section below.

Anelia Moor
Anelia is one of the hottest models from Kazakhstan. Born in 1992, she now resides in Germany and travels regularly for photo sessions (mainly bikini and lingerie). She was a participant in Germany's Next Top Model in 2012.

Instagram: @aneliamoor

Diana Korkunova
Instagram sweetheart Diana Korkunova is half-Kazakh (from her mom) and half-Russian (from her dad). She is a member of the Female Celebrity Boxing Association since 2016. She was born in 1996 and she measures 1,65 meters.

Instagram: @diana_korkunova

Zhanna Zhumaliyeva
Born in 1987, the gorgeous Zhanna was Miss Kazakhstan in 2010 and she is now a model.

Victoria Kern
Another bombshell from Kazakhstan, Victoria is a model and a DJ. She rose to moderate fame in Germany as the lead singer of the house dua "Bodybangers". She was born in 1989.
Instagram: @victoria.kern

Ainura Toleuova
Born in 1995 and measuring 1,78 meters, Ainura became Miss Kazakhstan in 2011 and she represented the country in the Miss World pageant in 2012. She is currently an entrepreneur who opened her own beauty salon. She married in 2015.

Instagram: @toleuova_kz

Sakieva Indira
Also called Indira Diva, this fashion model has a near-perfect body and face.

Instagram: @indiradiva/

Aizhan Baizakova
She is a famous Kazakh actress who is never afraid to show some skin.

Instagram: @bayzakova

Bibinur Niyazbekova
Bibinur is a sexy 20-year old Kazakh girl who runs her own beauty salon.

Instagram: @nbibinur

Alek Alexeyeva
Born in Kazakhstan in 1990, Alek resides in New York where she works as a model for the agency Supreme Management. She is 1.77 meters and, obviously, of Russian ethnicity.

Instagram: @alek_alexeyeva

Diana Ordabekova
Born in 1993, Diana is a beautiful model with a brain. She studied in the UK and in Spain, and now she works for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Instagram: @di.or

Possibly the hottest private fitness instructor in the world? If you need her to coach you while you exercise, you can contact her via her Instagram below.

Instagram: @ruzannabanzai

Kumis Bazarbayeva
Born in 1988, Kumis became Miss Asiada in 2011, Miss Earth Kazakhstan in 2011 and finally Miss Talent Earth in 2013 (International competition). She has now reconverted into an opera and pop singer.

Instagram: @kumisbazarbayeva

Fariza Yesskermesova
A beautiful Kazakh lady who is a member of the band Jayrun (Джейран).

Instagram: @yesskermesova

Karlygash Muhamedzhanova
She is a famous actress who played in several movies. The most recent is "Diamond Cartel" (2017). She was born in 1983.

Aim Isengalieva
Born in Astrakhan (Russia), she has Kazakh origins. She was Miss Kemer International 2017 and a finalist of Miss Globe 2016.

Instagram: @aimmiss

Aidana Sovetkhan
I'm not sure what she does, but she is hot.

Instagram: @aidana227

Adel Baiturova
Adel is a vlogger who gives beauty advice. She also wears sexy lingerie on every photo she posts on Instagram.

Instagram: @_adele_kz

As we are getting near the end of this ranking, I thought I could add a girl from a less prestigious background. Ada, who is probably a nice girl, is a stripper and a gogo dancer in Almaty. You can meet her in the bar Barvikha.

Instagram: @iriada1

Sabina Altynbekova
A member of the Kazakh national volleyball team, Sabina became a worldwide internet sensation while playing a game in Taiwan. Noted for her beauty, she has a cult following in Asia. She is 20 years old.

Instagram: @altynbekova_20

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  1. I heard kazakhstan will soon change its country name. it will delete the STAN ending. I suggest the newname will be KAZAKHIA. it sounds good and easy to speak.