In Indonesia, transsexuals, as well as all transgenders, are called "waria", a word made from the combination of "wanita" = "woman" and "pria" = "man". The term "shemale" is also used but it has a negative connotation.

Most of them live in large urban centers, especially in Jakarta and in Bali, where they are more likely to live a "normal" life, away from the growing conservatism of a large part of the Indonesian population. This intolerance has risen in recent years, with Islamic groups targeting LGBT to galvanize their militants.

As a result, transgenders in Indonesia are generally not as visible and numerous as in more open-minded countries like Thailand or the Philippines. Many Indonesian TS have no choice but to hide their feminity, and it is more difficult for them to have access to estrogen hormone therapy before their body changes. For some, unfortunately, the only possible escape is to run away from their family and to move to Bali or Jakarta.

I often receive emails from guys who are asking me where they can meet Indonesian ladyboys. I've done my best here to give you some tips, but please do not hesitate to leave a comment at the end of this article if you think I forgot to mention something.

Note: The main photo, and the one below, are from the Instagram account of Millen Cyrus, a famous Indonesian transgender woman.

Where to Meet Indonesian Transsexuals (TS)?

It is quite rare to meet ladyboys in Jakarta or Bali during the daytime. I've never heard about a specific place where they have their habits. Sure, you might spot on while going to the mall or to a random restaurant, but it would be pure luck. 

Therefore, this leaves you with only two real options:
- Using dating sites or social media
- Going to (gay) clubs and bars

Online Dating Sites:

By far, the easiest option is to use online dating sites and apps. 

Operated by a team of transgender people, this website is the most obvious choice for anyone who wants to meet an Indonesian ladyboy for a serious relationship or for dating. It has a limited number of available profiles, around 200, but the quality is high as the site admin quickly removes any fake or malicious users. It also gives you access to a larger database of several thousand of transsexual people from all over the world. If you are not based in Indonesia, this can be quite useful as it allows you to check for dating opportunities in other countries.

It is free and easy to set up an account by clicking here: You just need to enter a valid email and then add some information about yourself (age, photo, bio, likes and dislikes, etc). You don't have to pay unless you want to send a message to someone you like, so it doesn't cost you anything if you just want to look around. If you choose to become a member, it will cost you US$29.90 for one month (or 10$ per month on an annual plan).

Good to know: To protect your privacy, if you choose to become a paying member, the name that will appear on your bank statement will be "Paypal *Buildingbridges", and not "MyLadyBoyDate". So if you are afraid that your wife or your girlfriend will find out about your secret, you can be safe.

I know, this is not a dating website. But still, this is one of the best ways to meet ladyboys in Indonesia for free.

You simply need to follow Instagram accounts of transgender girls you like and, once they follow you back, you can start a conversation.

For this strategy to work, you need two things:
- First, you must create a proper Instagram account with at least a few nice pictures of yourself. You can even make a fake one just for this if you care about your privacy.
- Second, obviously, you must find ladyboys. It's actually really easy as they form tight communities with similar interests. For instance, you can start by checking the followers of the page for the Miss Queen Indonesia Event, the beauty pageant dedicated to transgender people.

You can also enter some hashtags like "#wariajakarta" or "#wariaindonesia", but these will generally be profiles of prostitutes or scammers. The same can also be done on Twitter.

There are a few transsexual profiles, maybe less than 1% of the total. They are usually from the upper-middle-class and educated.

It also has a small percentage of transgender people, but the quality is lower, with more prostitutes.

This Chinese alternative to WhatsApp or Messenger has a "look around" feature which is commonly used by scammers, prostitutes, and sometimes ladyboys. If you are really desperate at 2 AM in your hotel room in Bali or Jakarta, then you can check it but don't get your hopes too high (and be wary of scams).

Best Clubs/Bars to Meet Indonesian Ladyboys in Bali or Jakarta

When I started partying in both Bali and Jakarta, in the early 2000s, there was much more freedom towards LGBT people than now.

This is especially true in Jakarta, where most gay bars in the city have been shut down recently. There is only one gay-friendly venue opened at the moment, it is Apollo Club inside the Bellagio Mall (in Mega Kuningan). It operates very discreetly, behind a door with no sign. There are mostly guys inside but you may see a few transgender people as well.

In Jakarta, you can also check popular places like Basque and Boca Rica.

Gay clubs and bars can still operate in Bali. They are located in Seminyak, on Jalan Camplung Tanduk (also called Jalan Dhyana Pura), and they are named Bali Joe, Bottoms Up, Mixwell, and Facebar. They are all next to each other so it's easy to try the 4 of them in a single evening. They are usually packed with guys, with some transvestites and some ladyboys.

Some Famous Indonesian Ladyboys:
I wanted to let you know about a few famous transgender persons in Indonesia. The most recognizable names are probably Gebby Vesta and Lucinta Luna, both of whom can regularly be seen on TV. They also have a strong presence on social media (2,5M followers on Instagram for Lucinta Luna, 1M for Gebby Vesta).

A bit less well-known, you have Millen Cyrus (close to 1M followers on Instagram) and Melly Bradley (close to 300,000 followers on Instagram). Their popularity is a sign that Indonesian ladyboys can also be well accepted by the general public, and that the country is not as close-minded as it might seem.
Millen Cyrus, Indonesian LB in Bali

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  1. Hi to all, I'm Cinta Tiara, a 24 year-old exotic Indonesian ladyboy living in Bali. I would just like to say that please stop thinking that we are all looking for money or working as prostitutes/escorts. Many of us are just common girls who are just dreaming about their charming prince. We don't want you to act weird with us, asking for nude pics or straight for sex. We want romance, special attention and kindness. Please don't promise us a relationship if you can't keep your word and please don't be shy to be seen in public with us. One more thing, if we ask you why you like us, don't say it is because you have a thing for ladyboy (or worse if you use the term shemale), just compliment us on our beauty, our personality or our style. It is not an easy thing to accept when even your partner keeps reminded you that you are different. We are girls, so treat us like girls!

    Regarding the article, I agree with most of it, I also have an account on MyLadyboyDate and I appreciate that there are many real gentlemen there from every countries. There are also many of us sisters in Jalan Dhyana Pura but nowadays we can't due to Covid.

  2. Hello my name is Gary from America.You are a very beautiful woman.I love your exotic and very sexy looks.
    Love you ❤️

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