Hero Nightclub (Hanoi)

By Tibs
Hero is a popular nightclub in Hanoi for both foreigners and Vietnamese. It usually get crowded after midnight, when most bars in the Old Quarter close down, and it remains busy until closing time at 3AM (after that, you can try your luck in the late-night bar Tom's).

Hero is located in the West Lake area so you'll need a short taxi/Uber ride to reach it. Some taxis may take you there for free as they get paid by the club.

The entrance is free but the drinks are more expensive than the average. It remains reasonable though (VND60,000 for a beer, VND80,000 for spirits, VND50,000 for a laughing gas balloon). Many Vietnamese will buy a bottle (starting VND1,000,000) and share it with a group of friends at a table, with a shisha and a fruit platter.

The club is rather large, with a high ceiling and a mezzanine. The design is not remarkable but I like the set-up as it is easy to meet people (long bar, some narrow spaces). The DJ booth is large, elevated, with an LCD screen behind it. You also have 2 iron cages for sexy dancers to perform.

The music is a mix of Top 40 and commercial EDM/Hip Hop songs. Nothing that you haven't already heard a thousand times before. They have guest DJs once in a while, sometimes foreigners (in that case, the entrance fee might reach VND200,000).

Most customers are well-dressed Vietnamese. I would guess that there are some freelance prostitutes and many gays among them. There are also about 20% of foreigners, particularly young travelers/backpackers looking for a girl to pick up. 

Overall: Hero is one of the few clubs where foreigners and Vietnamese party together in Hanoi. Even though I didn't like the music, it is a fun place and one of your only options after 1AM.

I took this short video inside (the bouncer stopped me as I was starting to film the sexy dancers):
Hero Nightclub (Hanoi)
42 Yên Phụ To, Quận Ba Đình, Hanoi
Phone number: +84 98 926 4242
Email: heroclubhanoi@gmail.com 

Instagram: @herohanoi

Opening Hours:
Every day until 3AM

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