F Club (Hanoi)

By Jakarta100bars
F Club is a nightclub in Hanoi, just 200 meters from Hero. It has opened very recently and I actually visited it on its grand opening night. It belongs to the OFA group which is also behind the luxurious OFA Lounge in Saigon.

It is quite similar to all the other Vietnamese clubs I've been to in Hanoi. The sound level is extremely loud and unhealthy (honestly, bring earplugs). The crowd is made almost exclusively of groups of Vietnamese friends sharing a table, a bottle, a shisha and a food platter. Girls are dressed with tight skirts and high-heels. An MC is cheering up the crowd between and during each songs.

If you are (un)lucky, you may have a live singer instead of the DJ. Hot girls will also dance in sexy costumes several times every night.

There are interesting promos during weekdays:

- Every Monday, Funky night with free laughing gas balloon until 11PM (only for ladies).
- Every Tuesday, free beer or cocktail for girls all night long.
- Every Wednesday, buy 1 get 1 on all combos.
- Every Thursday, free Elyx bottle for every group of 5 people.

Overall: F Club is still new but you may want to give it a try before or after you visit Hero. If you don't enjoy Vietnamese House or Pop, then you'd better stay away.

I made this video from my smartphone when I was inside:
F Club by OFA Group (also behing OFA lounge in Saigon)
67Y Phó Đức Chính, Phường Trúc Bạch, Quận Ba Đình
Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone number: +84 97 777 9911

Facebook: F Club Hanoi (check it for events, promos and photos)

Opening Hours:
Every day until 2AM

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