Southbank Bar, Lounge and Club (Bandung)

By Tibs
The new Southbank opened in 2016. It moved from Jalan Aceh to Jalan Sumatra, a street with several other nightlife venues. It is central and trendy location that I recommend if you are not familiar yet with Bandung. You can stay nearby in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, one of the best in the city.

Southbank intends to keep the same concept as before. It is a bar/lounge that turns into a nightclub on weekends and for special events. More classy than its competitors, it is popular with an upmarket crowd that includes a lot of Indonesian-Chinese.

The venue is a warehouse with a high-ceiling and a minimalist design, except for a few artsy/vintage details. They have regular DJ events that you can check on their Instagram page below.

The dress code is implemented so you should wear trousers, shirts, and shoes. Locals dress up in Southbank as you can see (pics from the opening night):
Southbank Bar, Lounge and Club,
5-7 Jalan Sumatra, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Phone number: +62 (0) 818 28 39 39

2 comments to '' Southbank Bar, Lounge and Club (Bandung) "

  1. I just wanna say this club is pretty much a sexist club. I live in Jakarta and I went for a holiday last weekend and had a stay at Padma Hotel. I came wearing a woman's loafer and they said we girls couldn't come in. They call woman's loafer flat shoes. That is pretty ignorant to tell to your customers. If you have conditions to let people come into your club, you should pretty much know, or you should educate yourself and do google how much different a flat shoe and a loafer is. The loafer I wore had even a heel on. That is pretty much sums up how ignorant this club is. I came all the way from Padma Hotel which is far away from the club. And got this treatment. I never had this kind of experience in Jakarta or Even Bali. Not recommended!

  2. Entrance is 100,000 rp and you get NO drink. Huge premises, with perfect sound quality and volume, and an efficient air-conditioning system. But... customers come here in groups and do not bother you at all. Not suitable even if you come with a few male friends, there is no hooker and you will be left alone in its exclusive atmosphere. I won't be back.