Babyface is one of the best nightclubs in Semarang at the moment (with E-Lounge and Liquid). It is in a complex that includes a karaoke and Relique Spa. The club has a capacity of approximately 200-300 pax and it will normally be full on weekends. They have live bands or DJs playing anything that gets people moving. Mostly you will hear EDM, hip-hop and remixes of Top 40 hits. They often have visiting DJs, bands, singers, models and sexy dancers from Jakarta.

The club has a large Chinese male crowd. They are sometimes with hot girls which may or may not be their girlfriends. I also saw a few foreigners in their 40s who were probably expats. There are many escorts and lady companions but very few normal girls so it might be difficult to pick up someone without paying.

I paid Rp100,000 to get in with a free beer included. There was a big sign in the entrance saying "Strict Dress Code Applies" but I saw people wearing shorts inside. They have a ladies night on Wednesday (free entrance for girls).

Regarding the karaoke, there are 15 rooms with capacity from 6 people up to 15. 2 kinds of vouchers from Rp500,000 to Rp800,000 for LC (3 hours).

Opening Hours:
Everyday from 2pm to 3am

Babyface Nightclub & Karaoke Semarang
Jalan Puri Anjasmoro Blok E 1/8 (same building as Relique Spa (ex-Delta Semarang)

Phone number: 024 7073 7370 or 024 76636555 or 024 76635555 (karaoke)
BB Pin: 52A96740

For more information about facilities, prices and events:
Twitter: babyfaceclub

Email: or

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