In this article, I will give you the names and photos of the 11 sexiest and most beautiful Indonesian actresses who are still active as of today.

I selected only natural beauties: No girls with color contact lenses, weird eyebrows, botox injections or lips enhancements. I also chose girls who are still young with a promising career ahead. For the "old" ones, you can check my review 10 Sexiest Indonesian Women.

As it is often the case in Indonesia, many of the following actresses are also models and singers. You can know more about them by clicking on their name, it links to their Instagram accounts (from where I took most of the photos).

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If you ask an Indonesian girl why she wants a mixed-blood baby (Indonesian/Bule), there is a big chance she will tell you it's because she wants it to look like Pevita Pearce. The 23-year-old actress is from England by her dad and Borneo through her mom. She will star in the movie "Aach... Aku Jatuh Cinta" in 2016.

Anggika is another beautiful mixed-blood Indonesian actress. The 20-year-old was born in Jakarta in 1995 from a Swiss dad and Indonesian mum. She starred in the popular movie "Youtubers" in 2015.

Alexa Key, not to be confused with Alicia Keys, is an up-and-coming Indonesian actress who played in several high-budget movies in 2015, among which "Romeo + Rinjani" and "Garuda Superhero". She is 21, from Denpasar, with German blood.

23-year-old Manda Cello is an actress, singer, and model originally from Bandung. After roles in TV films and sinetrons, she will make her debut in a feature film in 2016 in the movie "Iseng":

Acha is a pure-blood Indonesian with already over 10 years of experience in the film industry. She is considered to be one of the highest-paid actresses in Indonesia. Meet and Date Indonesian Girls

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Also known as Adzana Bing Slamet, she is the daughter of Adi Bing Slamet and the grand-daughter of Bing Slamet, both famous Indonesian entertainers. Most of her career has been on TV on sinetron. The soon-to-be 23 years old will play in "Ketika Cinta Jatuh Cinta" in 2016.

OK don't get too excited here as Natasha is not 18 yet. Born in December 1998, she is one of the most popular actresses in Indonesia at the moment. She played in "Relationshit" in 2015 and she already has a long experience playing on Sinetron.

The leading role in the critically-acclaimed movie Siti, Sekar Sari won the Best Performance for Silver Screen Award at the Singapore International Film Festival in 2014. The young Javanese has both beauty and brains: She is currently a news presenter in TVRI after studying international Affairs in UGM and in the UK.

One of the most famous Indonesian actresses at only 20, Yuki Kato has a Japanese dad and an Indonesian mom. She appeared in over 20 sinetrons and more recently in the movie "This Is Cinta" (2015).

Dinda started acting when she was only 10 years old in the sinetron Monyet Cantik. Now 19, she stars in RCTI's "Aku Anak Indonesia".

Did I forget your favorite girl on this list of the 11 sexiest and hottest Indonesian Actresses? Let me know if there is a beautiful and hot woman that you think I should include here!

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  1. My number 1 is Keira Shabira

  2. Atiqah Hasiholan is very pretty but she is not active anymore

  3. Natasha Gott has a different look, very pretty and played for Hollywood productions, she has done two indonesian movies already this year.

    1. lol She's my ex and alexa key

  4. Maria Selena. Actress, presenter, basketball player, and Indonesian contestant in the miss universe.

  5. I like Manda Cello most of all. She is really gorgeous and multi-talented actress of TV movies. She is not only good actress but also a singer, model and anchor as well. I also like Hadeeqa, she is very beauutifual news anchor of Aaj News live. She looks very pretty and attractive during her news shows.

  6. why do not you include isei fricella she is stunning elegant..very pretty n and very good actress please

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    Comment as. Anonymous

  8. Ratu kharisma adzana