Update June 2019:
Classes by Damaris are held every Tuesday at 6.30 PM in Up in Smoke Restaurant in RDTX building (Mega Kuningan), every Saturday at 6 PM in Grand Kemang Hotel, and every Sunday at 5PM in Al-Jazeerah Signature Menteng. The cost is IDR100,000 for group classes, and IDR600,000 per private classes. More info on Facebook: Cuban Salsa Indonesia

Salsa has been popular in Jakarta since the early 2000s.  You can actually dance and listen to Latin music any single night of the week in selected bars, clubs and restaurants in the city (see the lastest schedule below). 

The best Salsa nights in Jakarta are run by two teachers who have lived in Indonesia for many years now, Luisa and Damaris. They have contributed to the building of a passionate Salsa community, which is made of both locals and expats. 
Damaris - Please note the woman wearing a jilbab next to her
Luisa & Elkin warming up the crowd in Ritz Carlton
Most active participants are women, usually from upper level class and educated. There is such a lack of male dancers that the few that are available can be paid to become dance partners. If you are looking to meet great ladies, learning salsa in Jakarta is an excellent idea.

Salseros tend to dress up, especially in high-end venues such as the Ritz-Carlton. For girls, wearing high-heels and a dress is almost always a must.

Latin nights are usually preceded with Salsa classes hosted by Luisa or Damaris. Luisa is Colombian and she teaches Salsa in the Puerto Rican way, sometimes with her fellow countryman Elkin. She also knows Argentinian Tango. Damaris, who is from Cuba, is naturally teaching the Cuban way, with her Indonesian partner Chris. In general, you have to pay to attend Luisa's classes, in which you can get a more personalized approach. With Damaris, it is free but you will only get the basics, in group sessions.

Once the class is finished, you will have a DJ or a Live Music night. Typically, the latter are the most crowded and the most happening. The best bands in Jakarta for Latin music are Los Morenitos and Primavera. Both are similar and they have a large repertoire: Salsa, Tango, Merengue, Bachata, Kizomba, etc...

The following list of Latin Nights in Jakarta is up-to-date as of May 2014. It will probably be different in 6 months since the hosting venues change regularly. To get some information about the location of the classes and the latin nights, I invite you to email Luisa directly (lucha2807@yahoo.com) or to visit her website: Salsa Class Jakarta. Damaris post updates on her facebook page: Damaris Morales Salsa.

You can also email Indah (indah.ramadona@gmail.com) who helped me write this article (and she can give you tips on belly-dancing too!).

Salsa dancers go to Hotel Neo Melawai in Blok M, in the bar called Bite & Beer (BnB). It is headed by Damaris with Chris. Classes start at 7pm and the DJ at 8.30pm.
You can contact Bite & Beer at +62-21 2966 1400 or visit http://melawai.neohotels.com.

On Tuesday, the place to go to is the Tex-Mex restaurant Amigos in Bellagio Mall (Mega Kuningan). It is hosted by Luisa and the music is played live by the band Los Morenitos.

Damaris  teaches in Hacienda in Senayan Arcadia, again with Chris. It is then followed by a DJ.

You also have Luisa who host a salsa/tango night in Yeyo on Jalan Senopati (Kebayoran Baru) with the band Primavera. Classes from 7pm to 9pm, music until 1am.

Yeyo Senopati
Phone number: +62 21 7228129
Email: yeyo.rsvp@gmail.com
Facebook: Yeyo Jakarta

You have two events, one with Luisa and one with Damaris.
Damaris is in Only One Club (often called O1) in FX Sudirman, 5th Floor, with the band Los Morenitos from 8pm to midnight.

Luisa is in Tempus (ex-Mistere) in Ritz Carlton hotel in Mega Kuningan with live music from Primavera. The entrance fee to Tempus is 100,000rp. Classes are from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. Primavera plays until 1am.

Several persons told me it is the best night for salsa in Jakarta. There is only one place to my knowledge, Amigos in Kemang (be careful there is also one in Bellagio) from 9pm to 1am. They have classes before that from 6pm to 9M (including classes for children from 6pm to 7pm). It is hosted by Luisa with Los Morenitos.

On Friday night, there is another Latin night hosted by Let's Salsa Indonesia (see below) with Iono and Rony Noor. It happens in Warung Bang Hoody on Jalan Pejaten Barat Raya (near Australian International School) starting 7.30pm. The DJ plays lating music, zouk and kizomba.

Warung Bang Hoody (WBH)
Phone number: +62-21 4083 2934
Email: warungbanghoodyjkt@gmail.com

Saturday is usually good also. It happens in the Caribbean restaurant Aruba in Pasaraya Mall (Blok M). It is again hosted by Luisa with Primavera band. Classes are held from 7pm to 9pm and the band plays until 1am.

Aruba restaurant
Phone number: +62 8 57 77 80 80 86
Email: info@arubajakarta.com
Website: Aruba Caribbean Jakarta

On Sunday, it starts at 6pm in the new branch of Hacienda restaurant in Pondok Indah Mall 3, you have classes by Damaris with live music from the band Los Paraguas.

If you are interested in salsa classes only, another alternative is to learn through "Let's Salsa Indonesia". They do not have a foreign teacher and they have mostly Indonesian students. They also organize events on a regular basis. Apart from Salsa, they can teach Bachata, Merengue, Reggaeton, Line Dancing, Rueda de Casino, Kizomba and Tango.

Other dances are becoming popular in Jakarta: Samba, Zumba, Flamenco, Pole Dancing, Burlesque, etc... If you have some information about events or classes, do not hesitate to share below! 

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  1. Jakarta100bars.com WROTE:
    If you are interested in salsa classes only, another alternative is to learn through "Let's Salsa Indonesia". They do not have a foreign teacher and they have mostly Indonesian students. They also organize events on a regular basis. Apart from Salsa, they can teach Bachata, Merengue, Reggaeton, Line Dancing, Rueda de Casino, Kizomba and Tango.
    EDITOR (Let's Salsa INDONESIA)
    Interested in salsa classes?, learn through "Let's Salsa Indonesia". We are local teacher but international speaking and have Indonesian students ALSO FOREGN. Also organize events on a regular basis. Apart from Salsa, teach Bachata, Merengue, Reggaeton, Line Dancing, Rueda de Casino & Kizomba

  2. Where can I find such classes for Saturday and Sunday apart from the places listed above.

    1. Hi, there is a salsa and tango class every Saturdays. You may be able to take private class if you preferred Sundays. If you are interested, i can email you some info.

    2. I am interested in tango.
      May i get the info for Private class please?

  3. I think Bang Hoody already closed. The place is for sale now.

  4. Can a new comer join salsa class on amigo' resto? I'm interested in salsa and live in cilandak south jkt. Is there a class nearby?

    1. Yes new comers are welcomed in all the venues listed above. The closest from Cilandak would be any of the salsa courses happening in Kemang.

  5. Can I have contact details for Let's Salsa Indonesia please? Please either post here or send mail to soraya.m.sheppard@gmail.com I will be appreciate. thanks!

    1. Contact: Iono Salsa

  6. Please visit our web: www.lasalsaindonesia.com , for more information about Salsa class, Kizomba Class, weekly regular salsa social night. Thank you
    Iono Salsa

  7. Hello there,
    I will be in Jakarta from 25-3-2016 t0 4-4-2016 for holiday. I will be in Rasuna Icon hotel, Kuningan. I love to check out Salsa event Latin music as many as I can while I'm over there (although I haven't been active in Salsa dance in Sydney for awhilw now), I hope I can refresh in Jakarta.
    Thank you,

    Rani McManus

  8. To keep updated with Kizomba nights in Jakarta, you can also check the facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/KIZOMBAINDONESIA/

  9. UPDATED :


    Latin Nite at Resto Amigos in Bellagio Mall Mega Kuningan 9pm-12am with Live latin Band Los Morenitos, Host by Luisa and Anton
    There is class for Colombian and LA style salsa also 7-9pm


    Salsa Nite at Hacienda in Plaza Senayan Arcadia 9pm-12am, latin DJ Host by Damaris Morales & Rino Subandrio
    No Class

    Kizomba-Salsa Nite at LUC Bar & Grill in Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 33 Kebayoran Baru close to KFC and STM Penerbangan 9pm-12am with Latin live band Primavera, kizomba by DJ host by Luisa
    There is salsa class 7-8pm and Kizomba class 8-9pm

    Clique Salsa Social Nite at Clique Bar, Graha Sapphire Tower, Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong Blok M5 no.9A close to Atria Hotel and Summarecon Mall Serpong, host by La salsa Indonesia
    Class from 6-7pm beginner, 7.15pm-8pm free intro basic, 8.15-9pm Improvers Class, social dance start 9pm-end, by DJ Ottoplay


    Latin Nite at Hotel Ritz carlton Mega kuningan at Tempus club with Primavera band 9.30pm-1:00am host by Luisa & Anton.
    Salsa Class Columbian & LA Style from 8-9.30pm

    Kizomba Night at Lost & Found Club in Jl Taman Kemang Behind Kintamani Cafe start 7.30pm for class and continue with Kizomba social dance after, Host By V-Danse Virginnie

    Terraza Salsa Social Nite by La Salsa Indonesia at Terazza Lounge the 101 Hotel Sedayu JKT Jl. Dharmawangsa IX No.14 with DJ IONO play from 9pm-END
    Class beginner 7-8pm, improvers 8-9pm


    The Phenomenal Salsa Nite at Amigos resto Kemang host by Luisa 9pm-1am with live band Los Morenitos.


    Latin Nite at Aruba host by Luisa with Los Morenitos/Primavera live latin Band 9.30pm-1am
    Kizomba class 7-8.30pm, Salsa Class 8.30-9.30pm

    Latin Nite at Puri Denpasar Hotel start 8-12pm host by Luisa & Rino with DJ Latin Music
    Salsa Class Cuban Style 6-8pm, Salsa LA Style with Rino 6-8pm


    Tango Practica at Resto Amigos Bellagio Mega Kuningan 9.30pm-11pm host by Luisa with DJ
    class start 7.30-9.30pm


  10. Hi I have been learning Tango for a month now and i am enjoying it. For Tango lover there is class and event :
    Beginner class : every wednesday at 8pm at ray fitness center senopati south Jakarta
    beginner and improver class : every monday at 7pm at midtown lounge near scbd

    The fee is just 100k/attendance

    There is milonga as well every monday night at 8pm at midtown where u can meet all the tango dancers.

    All organized by Fuchong el tanguiro

    1. Hi, it this still available ? Any contact person? Or can you teach me? Thanks, can PM to sleewc@gmail.com

  11. I love tango and been practicing a lot and still love it.

    I have my tango class every monday and wednesday for beginner and improver class.

    Monday at 7pm at midtown bistro and lounge near scbd Jakarta
    wednesday at 8pm at rai fitness center senopati just oposite caribou coffee

    Only 100k/attendance and there is also milonga night after class every monday start at 8pm

    So enjoy the tango 😊

  12. Schedule already updated :
    Tuesday : Amigos Bellagio - Mega Kuningan Area
    Wednesday : Grannd kemang hotel -Kemang Area
    Thursday : Mandarin Hotel - Thamrin Area
    Friday : Amigos kemang
    Saturday : Aruba - Blok M area

  13. Today is Friday at what’s time I should be in Amigos kemang

  14. nice info. I would go to Aruba tonight for enjoying salsa dancing. Thanks anonymous. ^^

  15. I went to Mandarin hotel tonight for Salsa dancing (Thursday evening), but the receptionist told me there was no dancing. She actually seemed to have never heard about salsa actually, so I did ask her to check with the manager and he confirmed. Guess info got a bit outdated. Recommend to call hotel to check before going?

  16. Hola anything happening this Sunday?? Salsa social night please!

  17. Schedule already updated :
    Tuesday : Amigos Bellagio - Mega Kuningan Area
    Wednesday : Costess -Kuningan Area
    Thursday : Amigos Bellagio - Mega Kuningan Area
    Friday : Amigos kemang
    Saturday : Aruba - Blok M area