Should Jakartans Be Shocked by this Topless Statue?

By Jakarta100bars
I was recently walking in the mall Artha Gading in Kelapa Gading and found this statue of a topless woman.

It made me laugh but I was thinking that in the US or Australia, some mom would have probably asked the management to remove it. See this story for instance about the Department of Justice spending $8,000 to cover topless statues. In Indonesia, kids, families and women with headscarves were walking next to it and nobody seemed to care.

Is it a sign that Indonesians can be more open-minded and less conservative than many foreigners?

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3 comments to '' Should Jakartans Be Shocked by this Topless Statue? "

  1. Haha true.... Many Indonesians are open minded... You only see demo when someone pays for it to happen...

  2. Actually, there are many old temple in Indonesia which has similar situation, and we just thinking that it is art and only history-artifact.

  3. No one give a damn because the statue is not that sensual