In this review, I will present you the hottest, sexiest, most beautiful Indonesian girls who have been modeling for men's magazines such as FHM, Popular, Maxim, Male, Gress and Sooperboy.

The girls listed below come from all Indonesian ethnicities, but they are generally from Javanese, Bataknese, Sundanese or Manadonese descent. Some also have mixed blood. They are posing in lingerie, in bikini or simply wearing exciting dresses. Don't be a prude, even in conservative Indonesia, there is nothing against it.

There are probably more names to add to the list, don't hesitate to comment below if you think of someone.

Ratu Kirana
Though this Top 20 is not in any particular order, I must say that Ratu Kirana is my favorite. Born in 1988 and measuring 1,68m, she is the perfect incarnation of Indonesian beauty.
Photo Credit: Christian Sagala
Agista Diaes
Agista was born on August 1st, 1991 from a Japanese father and a Javanese mother. She wanted to become a doctor but chose a modeling career instead.
Photo Credit: Nico Nico Swimwear
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Nheyla Putri
Super cute Nheyla is one of the youngest models on this ranking. She was born on September 25th 1993 in Bogor and she measures 1,65m. You can see more of her photos on her personal twitter Nheyla Putri
Photo credit: Model Mayhem Nheyla Putri
Emma Kurnia
Emma was the winner of FHM Indonesia Girl's Next Door competition in 2011. She is modeling for magazine covers, TV commercials and music video clips. Born in Jakarta on July 17th, 1987, she also has some Japanese heritage. You can follow her on facebook: Emma Kurnia.
Photo source: MJE Photography

Tasia Deti Dahlia
Tasia is a young, 19 year-old model who is just starting her career. You can follow her and see more pictures on Model Mayhem: Tasia Deti.
Photo credit: Yogi Alfreda
Chacy Luna Callista
Chacy is a model, actress and singer. She forms half of the "Duo Sexy" band, which usually performs in nightclubs around Indonesia. She was born in Jakarta on November 25th, 1987. The photo below comes from her instagram account: Chacy Luna Callista.

Vania Chinka
This 21-year old, slim and slender model is currently living in Berlin. She recently did some sexy shoots with Maxim Indonesia. Her Instagram: @vaniachinka

Alisha Dara
Alisha Dara is from Medan and she was born on December 22nd, 1993. You can follow her twitter account here: Alisha Dara (this is where I took the picture).

Sisi Salsabila
Sisi Salsabil is also from Medan and probably a Batak. She was born on May 28th, 1989. The photo is from Maxim Magazine (I could not find the name of the photographer).

Mira Makrad
Mira was born in Jakarta on July 20th, 1993. At age 20, she was voted Upcoming Girl of the month by the magazine Sooperboy, which started her modeling career. She also appears on TV. She measures165cm. Follow her on twitter for more pics and information: Mira Makrad (this is where I took the following photo).

Giaz Honey Gomez
A model and a singer, Giaz is the second half of the Duo Sexy band with Chacy Luna Callista. She was born on June 15th, 1989. You can see more of her pics on her instagram account giazhoney.
Photo credit: Giaz's Twitter account

Devina Kirana Ayu
Devina has been modeling since she was a junior high school student. She later became a TV host for a cooking show. You can add her on facebook: Devina Kirana Ayu or twitter here.
Photo source: Male Magazine
Tya Maria
Tya Maria may be one of the most famous celebrities in this list. She plays regularly in sinetron and  movies. She was named by FHM the "hottest girl on TV". The following picture is from her instagram account: Tya Maria.

Maya Ningrum
The glamourous Maya is a model and a TV host. She was born in June 1993. You can follow her on instagram: Mayabarbb (from where I took the following photo).

Nisa Beiby
Nisa Beiby is a gorgeous girl from Medan with perfect body. She was born on September 8th, 1991.
Photo credit: Facebook Nisa Beiby

Zahra Jasmine
Zahra is an Actress and Model for both fashion shows and magazines. She measures 1,70m and she was born on May 22nd, 1988. The picture below comes from her facebook account: Zahra Jasmine Riana Bule.

Josie Putri
Though not my favorite, Josie is certainly a hottie who does mostly sexy lingerie and bikini shots. She was born on June 17th, 1993 in Jateng, Central Java and she measures 1,65m. The photo is from her facebook:

Julie Octha
Julie was a finalist for FHM Girl's Next Door in 2012 and she also modeled for Popular and Male Magazine. You can follow her private instagram here: Julie Octha (from where I took the picture).

Bibie Julius
Nadia Ervina alias Bibie Julius is a curvy and tattooed Sundanese girl from Bandung. Born on July 19th, 1994, she is already a popular actress and model. You can see her on some TV shows like "Empat Mata". She recently had a baby. The below pic is from her twitter: Bibie Julius Official.
The FHM Indonesia girl-next-door in 2016, I have no information about her but there are plenty more photos on her instagram: Dira89.

Rosmita Chaniago
Even though her family name is Filipino, Rosmita is an Indonesian Model living in Bali. With killer lips and eyes, she was also a famous party girl and could often be seen in clubs. Photo from her facebook account: Rosmita Chaniago.

Cicha Claudya
Last but not least, the sweet yet hot-looking angel Chicha is mainly a swimsuit and male magazine model. The following pic is from her instagram account: Cicha Claudia.
Modeling in Indonesia does not pay well so many girls cannot live from this activity only. For this reason, it is quite common to see them doing freelance work in clubs or bars, or during events. 

If you see them, don't hesitate to go introduce yourself, they are usually friendly (like all Indonesians) and even if they are not interested, they should stay polite.

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I just discovered the hot model Ferlauna Alona. Also a DJ, she is well-worth belonging on this list:

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  1. "Modeling in Indonesia does not pay well so many girls cannot live from this activity only. For this reason, it is quite common to see them doing " prostitution ?

  2. I work in this field with these men's magazines. And I can confirm that these girls are professional prostitutes who go under the "model" title and you can find them in their "agencies". No, they're not actually models.

    1. do you know?with whom i can get the informan?

    2. Shame on you . You see a couple of Women you have seen before and you brand All of these ladies as prostitutes . This page is showing beautiful Women from Indonesia. There is no "IM FOR SALE" sign above their heads in this photos. If they Have a second job as escorts that is their business. What I think you are particularly Unhappy because you are not on this Page

  3. If these FHM models and actresses are in fact prostitutes, then how much does it cost for one night? I'm not a client, just curious to know the price that some people are ready to pay for this kind of high end escort prostitution...

    1. A pimp was arrested last June by the police and he reported that some government officials pay thousands of dollars to sleep with the famous models, singers and sinetron actresses. This guy was a make up artist so it was easy for him to approach the girls and then connect them to those VIPs.

  4. Eka Yanuarti is a sexbomb but not (yet) a FHM model:

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