This ranking of the 30 Hottest Filipina FHM Models is a follow-up to one of my most read articles Top 20 Hottest Indonesian FHM Models.

I also wrote it after spending a few weeks trying Manila Nightlife. We often say that Indonesian girls look similar to Filipinas/Pinays but, as you can see below, they are actually rather different. They tend to look more "European" and to have a fairer skin. The country is less conservative as well so it is not rare for some of the models below to do nude or topless shots.

I took most photos from the girls' Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account. Here are the 30 girls, ranked in no particular order. Don't hesitate to add a name in the comment section below if you think I forgot someone.

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AJ Sachi
Born in 1989, AJ Sachi is from Manila. She was FHM Babe in August 2012. She has some plastic surgery done and she did some nude shoots.

Instagram: ajsachi

Nicole Alexandria
She is certainly one of the hottest FHM models of all-time in the Philippines. She was the FHM 100% Hottie in January 2014 and appeared in several male magazines since, sometimes semi-nude. She is half Malaysian and she has been modeling since she was 15.

Lhea Bernadino
The 20-year-old model is one of the country's most beautiful women. She has already done some topless pictures and she is a ring girl for the Asian MMA competition PXC. Her first photoshoot with FHM was in 2013 when she was just 18.

Instagram: lheabernardino

Sam Pinto
Sam Pinto is a model who appeared on several ads on print and TV. She became famous as a participant of Pinoy Big Brother in 2010 and then she has been a regular in several other shows, sitcoms and movies. She was voted twice the Sexiest Women in the Philippines by FHM. She was born in 1989.

Instagram: sampinto

Ellen Adarna
Ellen Adarna was born in 1988 and she has been modeling for over 10 years already. With her perfect face, she was in the Top 10 finalists of the FHM Sexiest Filipinas for 5 years in a row. She is also an actress who appeared in over 30 movies and telefilms.

Instagram: maria.elena.adarna

Solenn Heussaff
30-year-old Solenn is mixed French (by her dad) and Filipina. She has done a bit of everything from TV hosting, reality shows, acting, modeling, singing, designing and painting. She was FHM cover girl in March 2011.

Instagram: solennheussaff

Crizelda Roberts
Born in 1996, 20-year old Crizelda is one of the most pretty Filipina girls I've ever seen. Not only that, she has a slim, tight body with a beautiful cleavage. She was featured on FHM magazine when she was just 18 as "New Crush".

Twitter: crizeldaroberts

Cindy Miranda
The super slim and classy Cindy was crowned Miss Filipina Tourism in 2013 (Binibining). Born on December 18th, 2013, she also appeared on the reality show Big Brother. She was the cover girl of FHM magazine in October 2015.

Instagram: mscindymiranda

China Roces
China Roces was born in Makati in January 1993. She is a smart girl who is a radio host on several popular shows in the Philippines. She is also an actress and model. She appeared in FHM in June 2014.

Instagram: chinaroces

Shane Ramos
Born in 1990 in Bulacan, she was FHM's January 2016 New Crush and Girl of the Month. A girl-next-door kind of beauty, she has been doing mostly modeling on motor shows and expositions until now.

Instagram: shaneramos14

Ann Mateo
Originally from Quezon City where she was born in 1993, Ann was FHM New Crush in May 2015. She does mostly product endorsing for a living.

Instagram: annbmateo

Maica Palo
She was FHM online Babe in February 2014 at 21 and FHM Idol in January 2016. I don't really like the face, but the rest is pretty awesome.

Instagram: maicapalo

Kim Domingo
Half French and half Filipino, Kim is a model and endorser for several products. She made the front page of FHM magazine in December 2015.

Instagram: therealkimdomingo

Alex Moreno
Openly a lesbian, she declared that she never slept with a man and that she was still technically a virgin. Men still love her apparently as she has done already 4 shoots with FHM!

Instagram: ladykisser082

Ashley Cayuca
She is the hot girlfriend of the basketball player Chris Lutz and the mother of a son. She is beautiful with sexy curves. She has at least 2 visible tattoos.

Facebook: ashley.cayuca

Aiko Climaco
Aiko Climaco was born in Quezon City in 1989. She appeared several times on the pages of FHM in 2014 and 2015. She is a popular figure in the Philippines as a part of the show Banana Sundae. She was also a singer in the band SexBomb Girls.

Instagram: aikolicious06

Kookai Sarmiento
The FHM 100% Hottie from August 2014 had the great idea to do some nude and topless shoots that can easily be found on Google. She still do some modeling and she is the owner of Habits by Kookai beauty salon.

Instagram: kookiisarmiento

Jahziel Manabat
Pinay model Jahziel is hot beyond reasonable. She usually makes sure in her photos that you can see her enormous rack. If she became a pornstar, she'd probably be world-famous overnight. She actually did a few topless and semi-nude shots. She was born in 1987 in Quezon City and was a participant in the reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother (2011).

Instagram: zajruiz

Abby Poblador
Abby sparked a controversy and generated a lot of interest after she publicly declared having "anal sex" with her lover, an executive in the Philippines Basketball Association. Apart from arousing almost every Filipinos, she is also a model, a playmate, a dancer and she made several appearances on TV. She did several nude pictures too.

Danielle Castaño
One of the most famous girls on this list, she is half American and half Filipino. She has been doing everything including TV, films, reality TV and modeling. She is also a beauty queen who went to the Miss World competition in 2008.

Twitter: lovedanicastano

Nina Saputil
Primarily a DJ, Nina Saputil was featured in FHM in March 2015 and August 2015 as an FHM Idol. She may have done some plastic surgery.

Instagram: iamdjnina/

Liza Soberano
The insanely gorgeous Liza Soberano just turned 18 in January 2016 and she already has a long career as an actress and model. She is half-American and she was born in California. 

Instagram: lizasoberano

Angela Gabrielle
Angela did the world a favor by doing some topless shoots that I won't post here but that you can easily find on internet. She is a small-sized Pinay hottie with a cute face who was FHM Model in November 2013.

Facebook: dubidudumdummm

Tricia Santos
Born in 1995, Tricia is a multi-talented woman who first rose to fame by appearing in the local version of Big Brother's reality TV show. She then became a university volleyball player and was featured in the online version of FHM in March 2015 as New Crush.

Andrea Torres
Andrea Torres is widely considered as one of the sexiest actresses in the Philippines. Her face is average so I think it mostly has to do with her generous boobs. She was born in 1990 and she has been in over 20 movies and TV shows so far. She was twice finalist of the FHM Top 100 Sexiest Women in 2014 and 2015. She was a runner-up to Jennylyn Mercado on that year.

Instagram: andreaetorres

Ritz Azul
More a cutie than a hottie, Ritz Azul is still very sexy, particularly if you look at her generous bra size (maybe a result of surgery?). She is very popular on TV and she appeared on dozens of shows since 2011. She was featured 3 times in the rankings of FHM sexiest Filipinas.

Instagram: ritz_azul

Maja Salvador
Maja Salvador is among the most famous actresses and models in the Philippines. Born in October 1998, she won the national award for Best Actress in 2011 for the movie Thelma. In total she has appeared in over 40 films and television shows. She also released two albums. Though not an FHM model, she was among the finalist of FHM Top 100 Sexiest Women twice.

Instagram: iammajasalvador

Micah Sosmeña
Micah is a beautiful girl with the body of a catwalk model. Currently working in the nightclub Valkyrie, she did shoots for FHM in May 2014 and September 2015. Her measurements are 32-24-33.

Instagram: itsmayka

Rachel Anne Daquis
Born in 1987, Rachel is a volleyball player who participated in the SE Asia Games while still a student. She was also a cover model for FHM in October 2014. She is thin, tall with beautiful legs and a cute face. She placed 8th in the Top 100 FHM models of 2015.

Instagram: rachdaquis13

Jennylyn Mercado
Though I'm not a huge fan, I must include Jennylyn Mercado here because she was voted FHM Sexiest Filipina Girl Alive in 2015. Born in 1987, she has been acting and singing for over a decade. She was 12 years in a row in the Top 20 Finest Filipinas rankings of FHM.

Instagram: mercadojenny

Ashley Vee
A super hot Pinay model currently living in the US. She has a huge following on her Instagram (almost 1 million people). She did a few implied nude shots and anyway, she rarely puts too much clothes on.

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