Cumi Cumi Spa (Bandung)

By Jakarta100bars
Cumi Cumi Spa is a new brand of affordable male spa located in Bandung. It is part of the OPA group which is behind the Octopuss Spas.

The facilities are complete (Sauna, Steam, Pool) and the price hard to beat, less than 20$ for a full treatment.

Cumi Cumi Spa
Jalan Jendral Sudirman No. 244, Bandung,West Java, Indonesia
Phone:+62 (0) 22 607 0117
Phone number: +62 (0) 82819036242

Website: Cumi Cumi Spa

4 comments to '' Cumi Cumi Spa (Bandung) "

  1. you mean male spa only men to men

    1. Male spa = spa for men only = spa plus plus

      It does not mean a gay spa.

  2. Do they offer plus plus here?

  3. The pool is big but very very dirty. The filth on the floor abd the walls show that it was bot cleaned for years.
    The steam and the dry sauna are ok.
    Providing towels and shorts is ok.
    The staff reception and bar are not understanding one word English. They are not friendly and not professional.
    The female massagists are not understanding one word English and not processional.
    The massage rooms are very good but you don't need to pay 5 euro extra for a cabin with shower because you can shower outside the room for free. Actually I did pay for a room with shower but I still had to shower outside the room.