Opened in 2012, D'Heaven Spa is a mid-range male bordello disguised as a massage parlour. There are two location in Jakarta in Kelapa Gading and a recently opened branch in Grand Wijaya (South Jakarta). It is a popular spa with Indonesians looking for value for money treatments and relief.
Considering the crackdown on online prostitution currently happening in Jakarta, I was surprised that the management of D'Heaven is advertising the sexual services of its spa everywhere on the internet.

It is not hiding that the massage is always naked, that the client can get "petik mangga" (play with balls) and that with the proper "tip", you can get more than just a massage. According to the information provided on Kaskus forum for instance (in Indonesian), a HJ will require a 100,000rp tip, a BJ will require a 200,000rp tip and FJ will cost you an additional 300,000rp tip.
This is just for the tip paid directly to the girl. You also have to pay for facilities and massage itself of course. You have several packages to choose from:

Deluxe room + Massage: 264,000rp for 90 minutes (2 session, 90 minutes) with additional session of 45 minutes for 60,000rp

VIP room + Massage: 324,000rp for 90 minutes (2 session, 90 minutes) with additional session of 45 minutes for 90,000rp
VIP Room
They even advertise a package "all-in", which includes sex. I imagine this package is more convenient for customers who don't want to negotiate the price of the extra directly with the lady.

Deluxe room + "all in": 579,000rp for 90 minutes (2 session, 90 minutes).
VIP room + "all in": 639,000rp for 90 minutes (2 session, 90 minutes).

The therapist will also provide clients with different shows:
Everyday at 3pm, they will go bathe in the pool area with customers.

From Monday to Friday at 5pm and from Saturday to Sunday at 1pm, they will do a show for customers as well, as below picture:

D'Heaven Hotel And Spa Jakarta Kelapa Gading

Rukan Bukit Gading Indah / Blok SB / No 5-6-7
Phone number: +62-21 2907 8822 - +62-21 2907 8823
To make a booking: +62-21 9205 5348
BB Pin: 291422ca
Website: D'Heaven Jakarta Website features the photos of the therapist so you can book in advance a specific girl.

D'Heaven II Grand Wijaya
Komplek Grand Wijaya Centre Blok F No. 37B - 40
BBM: 2AA381D1
Phone number: +62 (0) 21 722 9033
Instagram with pictures of girls:

Opening Hours:
Everyday from 10 am to 11pm

Photo Credit: All photos from and D'Heaven Facebook Page

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  1. There is one mistake in your field report: Petik Mangga does not mean touching boobs, it means the girl give you a handjob while playing with your balls...

  2. Wow this place also known in this site.
    Nice writing...

    You must try number 37.

  3. oh yeah jjust left his place all good here... very happy

  4. Can anyone suggest some more number of therapist which are good please?

  5. Are they operating during Ramadan?

  6. how far is it from harris hotel

  7. Few days back went there. Don't know which room I took but they add some tax in that. Girl was slim and gave me naked massage which is very good actually. After that I am turn on I have a amazing sex with a girl. She was completely into the act and gave me amazing forplay and unlimited french kisses which is rare in jakarta. One of the best sex experience in Indonesia for me. I took the number of the girl. At the end of the act I really got tired. It was so amazing. Real girlfriend experience. Soon go once again there.

  8. Hmmm, Likely a nice place :)

  9. Just finished at d'heaven. Note they only allowed me to choose the girls via pictures only. At 3pm i had to wait more than half hour for the girl. And once you enter there is a cover of 135k even if you did not use any facility. I paid 315k to the girl and 391k to the spa for full service in vip room. service was very good. I had no 57 who had gorgeous huge boobs.

  10. March 25 2016, Spent 700K for full service

  11. 2016/3/25 spend 700K for full service

  12. Anyone tried Grand Wijaya branch?

  13. Deluxe room + "all in": 579,000rp for 90 minutes (2 session, 90 minutes).
    VIP room + "all in": 639,000rp for 90 minutes (2 session, 90 minutes).

    can some one please clarify...."all in"..price mentioned above includes 2 session of FJ or only 1 session?

    1. 1 session is 45 minutes but you must buy 2 to get fj

  14. then you have 90 minutes fj? Does that include more than one shot?

  15. The worse ever, ripped off...slaugthering house....Is a BIG NO...NO...

  16. do they offer condoms before sex ? or should i bring it with me ?

  17. VIP all-in is 706,000rp not 639,000rp

  18. Good , honest and clean

  19. Have been there twice. First time was so so, some french kissing but the massage was not all that. Second time she gave me a decent massage and a very enthusiastic tit fuck.
    Personally, i think that is preferable for all. Could not be bothered with a capped blowjob myself.

  20. Has anyone been to d heaven 2 recently? Location still the same rates still the same for full service. Prices stated are all inclusive?
    I'm thinking of visiting the place

  21. May I know if can choose girl? Which girl to recommend?

  22. Went there today. It looks clean and good rooms.
    I could choose the girls via Smartphone.
    I took a simple full-body-massage. The woman took off her clothes except her underwear and then started the massage.

    The massage was just okay. After around 45minutes she said the massage-sessions is over and then asked me if i want bj or hj. I agreed to bj. She asked me if condom is okay. I was totaly agree with condom.
    Bj was pretty good.

    All in all it is too expensive for just massage + bj (630idr).

    All-In (i think this means fj)
    VIP = 800,000 idr
    Deluxe = 730, 000 idr

    Only Massage
    VIP = 473,000 idr
    Deluxe = 405,000 idr
    + extra for hj = ???
    + extra for bj = 225,000idr

    The difference between VIP and Deluxe rooms are the beds.

  23. Went there two days ago, so this is the most recent feedback! Went to the one at Grand Wijaya. The mamis there have too much attitude! Despite booking a girl there in advance, I was told she is already booked. First they all pretended to show as if they dont understand english, when i got a little wild and decided to cancel and go all of a sudden everyone understood english! the receptionist at the ground floor is the worst, one with light eye lenses. She thinks she is too hot, so when i was canceling and heading out, she asked why and i told her that they are unprofessional and rude, she chuckled and offered herself. First i thought ok, but then she laughed and told me where the door was. It was extremely rude and impolite. Rather go to New Kimochi Mabes, Mangga besar dua where atleast the manager is respectful. This was horrendous and completely de-recommended.

  24. do they offer condoms before sex ? or should i bring it with me ?

  25. I went here today for the first time and despite it being a Sunday evening it seemed that there were plenty of options. I didn't really look at that many photos and asked the friendly guy on the second floor for a slender girl with a good attitude and he recommended Wina who looked even better than her photo and fully delivered. She was clearly gunning for a second shot of full service and more money so we didn't spend much time on the massage but she fully deserved it and the intermission massage was decent. It wasn't cheap when you add up the room cost and tax but I still had to tip her for one of the best experiences I could expect from this place. Ask for Wina if you can.

    1. Hi was this Kelapa Gading or Grand Wijaya?