Elegant Spa & Shiatzu Manado

By Nyoman

Elegant Spa & Shiatzu is a Massage parlour "Plus Plus" located in Manado, right in front of Aryaduta Hotel, on Jalan Piere Tendean. This Spa is located steps away from Mega Mall, one of the biggest mall in Manado.

You have a choice of different treatments such as Reflexy, Traditional massage, Zhiatsu massage or Special Elegant Massage. At the end of the massage, the therapist will ask you if you want a happy ending (200 000 Rp to 300 000 Rp). This place is kind of the same place as Queen Spa and Shiatzu, also located in the area.
The place is pretty clean and all massage rooms have a shower cabins inside. Recommended if you want to relax if you happen to be in Manado.

Elegant Spa Manado
Jalan Piere Tendean Kwsn. Blue Banter blok C #6
in front of Aryaduta Hotel Manado
Phone: 0431-8819929

Opening Hours: Everyday from 09:00 until 11:00 PM

1 comment to '' Elegant Spa & Shiatzu Manado "

  1. My friend and I each booked a 60minute zhiatsu massage for 120000 each. Cons: cold as hell due to AC; way too much oil poored directly onto body, which we were hardly able to shower off after; no massage technique whatsoever, just unsuccesfully trying to rub the oil in; friend's massage finished after 20min, tried the same with me but I insisted on 60min for a while and after the "therapist's" 10th time saying "finish" i was pissed off and decided to go to the front desk to sort things out. After 10minutes of arguing we finally got half of our money back.
    Pro: warm shower...
    All in all I highly advise everyone to avoid this place at all costs!